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Bilderberg Transactional Capital vs Stakeholder Capital, The Two Competing Power Philosophies Both Controlled by Elites

This introduction opens myriad issues of world powers using the world’s resources and peoples of this planet.   This video dispassionately lays out their two pronged one world order struggles.   Unlike my personal belief that there is good and evil in the world this Bilderberg group believes their brains and power grant them right of rule despite the methods they “must” use which involve manipulation of peoples, systems, and resources including deception, secrecy, theft, and brute power of war.



Bilderberg 2013: Andrew Kakabadse on How Elite Power Shapes the World
Tue, 04 Jun 2013,

Copy and paste into your browser to see this video;

Screen shot
Screen shot



The common denominator here in my humble opinion is that these two groups look upon themselves as being entitled to mold the world because of their brains to actually hold, take, and keep power and property.

It boils down to two philosophies of one world rule, both of which ignore and minimize individual rights and preclude benevolence and charity of the Biblical sense.  Right and wrong seem not to exist in this realm of world power play.

The philosophy of Communitarianism contrasted to Individualism is defined here;

The Anti Communitarian Manifesto
What is the Hegelian Dialectic? and The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, 2003, Seattle, Wyoming, Alaska.
Abstract: Background: Communitarianism is the theory that individual rights must be balanced against the rights of the “community.” Its many proponents insist that individual rights and liberties pose a real threat to the health and safety of the “community at large.” The founders of the Communitarian Network began “shoring up the moral, social and political environment” in the early 1990s. Today the communitarian theory is the basis for hundreds of new global rules and regulations eliminating individual rights, yet fewer than one percent of the affected population knows about it.
Results: The progression of recent history clearly shows a dedicated effort to lead the world into unknowingly accepting communitarian solutions. To understand how philosophical Communitarianism advanced itself, the authors traced it back to the original source. Using the works of the leading Communitarian theorists, they followed the path from Seattle Neighborhood Plans all the way to the International Court at the Hague.
Conclusion: The foundation for the communitarian theory is undisputedly the Hegelian dialectic; Part I, a tutorial on the Hegelian dialectic is fully substantiated by Jesuit priests, Renowned Marxists and Pope John Paul. Theoretical analysis, i.e.. (A) Communitarianism did not evolve naturally (B) and it was never a movement that arose out of U.S. society (C) therefore, communitarianism has no natural home in the United States., is further substantiated with 70 verifiable, solid references that overwhelmingly support it. Part II, also heavily referenced, outlines historical events leading to the global communitarian synthesis. The changing duality of the new legal system clearly indicates Communitarianism is a criminal enterprise whose aim is to destroy all legal institutions established under national and state constitutions. Both Part I and Part II establish the aims and shared goals of the lesser arms involved in the global communitarian insurrection, showing direct ties to the War on Terror business, the European Union’s integration under Communitarian Law, the emerging North American Free Trade Zone, UN Local Agenda 21, global sustainable development programs, Regionalization, Faith-Based Initiatives, Volunteer America, Community Oriented Policing, Rebuilding Community and Community Development.




Who Benefits? Boston Marathon Bombings Benefit Those Who Would Take Freedoms from Us All

Daisy Luther writes at;

Planting the Seed of Propaganda: Media Repeatedly Suggests Patriots Are Responsible for Boston Marathon Bombing


Ben Swann asks The Question we need answered.

Press for Truth answers;


Marathon Bombing Forshadowed in Family Man Cartoon




Family Man Cartoon, ‘Turban Cowboy’ – first shown on 17th of March

Update; the above blanked out video was taken down, I leave this blank space at proof of censorship.


Coincidence? Pretty freaking ODD! If so……….Evil lurks and plots and brags about planning the ‘events’ as we’ve seen countless times.

Rand Paul Filibuster and Terrible Media Coverage

In 13 hour Senate Filibuster Rand Paul asks ONE question of Obama Administration.

“Do you have the Constitutional power to use a drone to kill a US citizen on US soil?”

“No.” Should have been the answer, but instead we get legalese that proclaims power to provisionally decide to kill a US citizen on US soil with a drone.

Mike Adams says,

[…]The American “battlefield” doctrine and the NDAA

In defending the drone assassination powers of the President, you might hear language used that says drones will “only be used on the battlefield.” That seems to imply they will only be used in the Middle East, right?

Wrong. The USA has been legally defined as the new “battlefield” by the NDAA. That’s theNational Defense Authorization Act which also allows for the arrest and indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, without legal representation and even without them ever being charged.

The USA is the new “battlefield,” and when you combine the NDAA and the DOJ’s new drone killing justification memo, you now have the claimed legal framework for any American on U.S. soil to be arrested, detained, tortured or blown to bits without warning and without even a single shred of evidence being presented against him.

Yes, this is America today. Right now. You are living under a military dictatorship and most of you don’t even realize it yet. Even liberals and progressives are starting to wake up to Obama’s tyranny, by the way. On Democracy Now, Daniel Ellsberg recently described Obama’s actions as a “systematic assault on the Constitution.”

Who are the terrorists?

Of course, anyone who raises these points will be immediately dismissed with the claim that all this new power in the hands of the President will only be used “against terrorists.”

Okay, then who are the terrorists, exactly? It turns out they are YOU!

As Judge Napolitano recently explained:

The [Janet Napolitano DHS] memorandum said that people who are pro-life, people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, returning veterans, people who think the government is too big and the IRS is too powerful, could be characterized as domestic terrorists. That could characterize two-thirds of the country. (Click here to see related video.)   […]

[…]All that is necessary to justify the murder of American citizens without trial is labeling them “terrorists” even with no evidence to support such a claim. The drone killings require no evidence. They only require the signature of one man.

Who is likely on the drone strike target list in the USA

So who is most likely to be assassinated by President Obama once drone strikes are fully unleashed in the USA?

• Journalists.
• Political opponents.
• Anti-government protesters. (One Hellfire missile takes ‘em all out.)
• Online activists.
• Veterans.
• Gun owners and gun shops.
• Constitutionalists and libertarians.

Drone strikes are completely silent because the Hellfire missiles arrive faster than the speed of sound. You don’t even hear the missile until after the explosion. The blast radius of a Hellfire missile is 15 – 20 meters, and everything inside that radius is completely obliterated. This is more than enough to destroy entire homes, apartments and office buildings, not to mention vehicles and even light bunkers.

World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah actually voiced his concern about Obama being reelected, saying that he believed Obama would “kill journalists” if he won a second term. Farah is not being paranoid. He’s right on the money with where this is going. Copy and paste, to read his article this link,   published right before the 2012 election.


I think Mike Adams sees this issue very clearly, will enough US citizens wake up to the warning bells ringing through his and Joseph Farah’s and many others including the Rand Paul Senate Filibuster to save what is left of the Republic? Or will the slow murder of the US Constitution continue to its last gasp with an ignominious endgame?



It’s Not Easy Being Green, Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony Outfit Color Choice

I have been a Hillary watcher since she came onto the national stage during her husband’s first presidential candidacy (The Real Hillary Clinton Midwest Today, June 1994, article here) and throughout their ‘co-presidency’ of eight years all the way through her own campaign for president and her present governmental post in the Obama administration. Often times I have been riveted by her clothing choices as being quite harsh and heavily weighted for particular emotional impact at moments of political importance, I know that in governmental circles that everything is important to convey the right messages.

I’ll never forget the image of her pictured in pink and black while sitting underneath the portrait of Abraham Lincoln, that was to me a wondrously feminizing vision of power, and it called out comment from many on just that idea of a 1st Lady being more than just a beautiful help-meet for her Presidential husband. Who knows? Public appearance conveys indelible images and ideals quickly and painlessly and Hillary seems to have always dressed either consciously or unconsciously with color for the occasion.  And now I am struck by Hillary Clinton’s choice of rich bright green outfit color for her Benghazi testimony 

I see in the above photo that the green of Hillary’s jacket is the exact greenish blue of the Luscher Color Test.

Here’s a color interpretation speculation based upon the  Luscher Color Test theory, a psychologically  revealing and somewhat flawed way to access people’s personalities through their color choices. Of course this is an inexact test method that can be manipulated to any outcome by anyone who is familiar with the psychological impact of color.  I firmly believe that those whose business is advertising and politics are well aware of this communication tool, so just for the fun of it here’s the Luscher Color Test theory Personality Traits & Issues from Color Preference.

Green – Represents “Elasticity of Will” and is concentric, passive, defensive, autonomous, retentive, possessive, and immutable. Its affective aspects are persistence, self-assertion, obstinacy, and self-esteem.

Seeing the below video, it seems that the color choice reflects this?

Yes, I know this isn’t an earth shattering inquiry, but it is always instructive to question and watch the wheels of power turning through the theatre of politics. Edward Bernays, the father of Propaganda would be intrigued!

Why Is ‘New Zealand and US Tsunami Test’ Gone Viral at This Particular Time?

“WHAT?  Everybody’s thinking it, I’m just saying it!” (Pirates of the Caribbean)


WHO? wants this story EVERYWHERE?




Implications For Fukushima? The US And New Zealand Secretly Tested The First Tsunami Bomb Posted on January 3, 2013 by SilverVigilante

[…] The tests demonstrated that a series of ten large offshore blasts could potentially cause a 33-foot tsunami to destroy coastline.

Operation “Project Seal” has been top secret, and the device was a cousin of sorts to the nuclear bomb. Around 3,700 bombs were exploded during the tests, leading off in New Caledonia and later at Whangaparaoa Peninsula, in the vicinity of Auckland.[…]



New Details Emerge on World War II ‘Tsunami Bomb’ Project By Patrick Goodenough January 3, 2013

[…]The aim of the project, in the dry language of the archived documents, was “the investigation of the potentialities of inundation by means of artificially produced tidal waves for offensive purposes” – in other words, to see whether a bomb or series of bombs could generate a tsunami capable of wreaking havoc on an enemy coastal city.[…]

[…]Thomas Leech, an Auckland University professor seconded to the army, carried out tests to find out what shape and size of bomb or series of bombs, detonated in water of what depth, would have the desired effect.[…]

[…]Leech concluded that 2,000 tons of high explosive, divided into ten equal amounts and detonated as a group around five miles offshore in a location where the seabed was favorable, could potentially create a wave of 30 to 40 feet.

The papers do not name a target for the envisaged weapon, but when the New Zealand government first unlocked the files in 1999 an 87 year-old survivor of the team said it was obvious to those involved that the aim was “to flood Japan.”[…]

[…]In 1950 secret reports were still being produced in New Zealand about the World War II experiments. Leech in one document discussed the possibility of having some of his top students work on filling in some of the gaps left in the earlier findings, under the cover of regular oceanography and wave studies.

The papers do not indicate whether that ever happened but Leech left the university that same year and returned to his native Australia. He was awarded a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for his secret research on a weapon, and died in 1973.

In 1961, the U.S. Navy motivated a request for the final “Project Seal” report to be downgraded from “secret” to “restricted” by arguing that the data would be “extremely helpful” in military studies being carried out.

“Project Seal” is back in the spotlight because of the release of Secrets and Treasures, a new book by New Zealand author Ray Waru, based on a two-year trawl though the New Zealand government archives.[…]



AlterNet / By Laura Gottesdiener Researcher: U.S. Tested and Perfected a “Tsunami Bomb”

[…]”It was absolutely astonishing,” he (New Zealand author Ray Waru) told the AFP. “First that anyone would come up with the idea of developing a weapon of mass destruction based on a tsunami … and also that New Zealand seems to have successfully developed it to the degree that it might have worked.”[…]

Interesting bit of trivia the author threw into the story;

[…]Tsunami Bomb later became the name of a short-lived California punk band in the late ’90s and early 2000s.[…]



Report: U.S., New Zealand tested ‘tsunami bomb’ in WWII

Caption for the above link with photo;

A city official photographed a tsunami breeching a sea barrier on March 11, 2011, sending water into the Japanese city of Miyako. The Telegraph newspaper reports that the U.S. and New Zealand tested a ‘tsunami bomb’ during World War II.(Photo: Toru Yamanaka, AFP/Getty Images)



‘Tsunami Bomb’ Created by US Military Marc Lallanilla, Life’s Little Mysteries Assistant Editor Date: 03 January 2013

[…]The military has a long and honorable history, but part of that history includes some weapons’ experiments that in hindsight seem downright wacky, and some even evil.[…]



US reportedly tested secret ‘tsunami bomb’ off New Zealand coast Published January 02, 2013

Caption for photo illustrating story;

May 25, 2001: A giant wave lashes a popular promenade in Bombay, India. (AP Photo/Sherwin Crastto)



‘Tsunami Bomb’ In Development During World War II, Documents Note The Huffington Post | By Meredith Bennett-Smith Posted: 01/02/2013

[…]The tsunami-as-weapon idea had been floated even earlier than 1944, according to The Herald, which reported that they considered sending Leech to Bikini Atoll to watch the early atomic bomb tests.

Neil Kirton, a former colleague of Leech, said that, “Whether it could ever be resurrected … Under some circumstances I think it could be devastating.” (This quote has since surfaced on various conspiracy theory blogs. This link supplied by author Meredith Bennett-Smith)

I wonder why she felt that was germane to the story, oh well, it is interesting that the information has been kicking around the Internet for years and just NOW it’s coming to light….and the link mentions Tom Bearden, Lt Colonel US Army (Retired). Ane Congressman Nick Begich Sr. and US House Majority Leader Hale Boggs who disappeared in Alaskan plane crash.

Hummmmm…….WHAT does that mean? Anything? Nothing?

Ms Bennett-Smith also sees fit to close her article with this unconnected paragraph;

[…]The news of “Project Seal” follows renewed interest in a top secret plan to detonate an atomic bomb on the moon Ms Bennett-Smith’s link to her article 11/28/2012 . That plan, researched during the Cold War, was designed as a show of force to the Soviets, who were fresh off their Sputnik triumph.[…]


which, again, I have to question her judgment on how that belongs in this story.

(I am now even more wondering if there is not a concerted effort to viralize this story.What?Who?Why?)

And in closing this running account of some of the articles published on this viral story I post one more and notice that the photograph used to illustrate their version.

U.S. and New Zealand tested top secret ‘tsunami bomb’ during WWII — like something out of ‘James Bond’ by Erik Ortiz/NY Daily News, Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Caption under photograph used to illustrate;

Waves come ashore in Cannon Beach, Ore., in March 2011. In 1944, the United States partnered with New Zealand to test man-made tsunamis, according to New Zealand author Ray Waru.

[…]It was a bombshell experiment … that ended up a wipeout.

During World War II, the United States and New Zealand reportedly ran tests of a so-called “tsunami bomb” — in which explosives were launched into the Pacific waters in the hopes of creating waves capable of destroying small cities.[…]

Me thinks we should all be wary and look around us and see what other story(s) might be getting swept away as a result of this loud sensational story.

“Hey, Hey! What, What!”



















What Cannot Modern Man Accomplish? BIG Science, BIG Ideas Revealed in Stories, Parables, and Fiction

I wax philosophical here as a very limited small minded inquirer into the ‘What Cannot Modern Man Accomplish? BIG Science, BIG Ideas Revealed in Stories, Parables, and Fiction’ and I restate the old wisdom that Fact is stranger than Fiction.

I believe that Fiction being organized into a coherent story with beginning, middle, and ending is much easier to communicate through than Facts which are patently harder to examine, quantify, and know as a mathematical set with anything like finality and confidence. And this is why human beings love stories. The best fictional writers always draw upon reality and what is possible, weaving their stories together with these threads of genuine universal truths.

The greatest story teller of all time, Jesus Christ, communicated genuine universal truths to his disciples through plain speaking, but through Parables did he communicate unto the crowd.

One example of a Modern Man as story teller of genuine universal truths, Michael Crichton, illustrated and illuminated BIG Science, BIG Ideas, through his fictional writings as well as his factual essays and lectures which are found all over the Internet. I mourn the loss of his revelations and high abilities to communicate the strangeness of technological advancements to the crowd through his fictional writings.

I wonder whether Crichton knew of the historical archival records out of New Zealand that nonfictional writer Ray Waru revealed in his book, Secrets and Treasures:  Our Stories Told Through the Objects at Archives New Zealand.

Crichton, who died in 2008, was an avid researcher and deeply interested man of wide education so it is possible that he could have come across something like  ‘Project Seal’ and or the archives which were written about in this article;  Tsunami bomb NZ’s devastating war secret By Eugene Bingham 5:01 AM Saturday Sep 25, 1999

Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal.

An Auckland University professor seconded to the Army set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945.

Professor Thomas Leech’s work was considered so significant that United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.

Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Papers stamped “top secret” show the US and British military were eager for Seal to be developed in the post-war years too. They even considered sending Professor Leech to Bikini Atoll to view the US nuclear tests and see if they had any application to his work. Our Stories Told Through the Objects at Archives New Zealand&objectid=14727

Whether he had knowledge of those archives or not Michael Crichton wrote a fictional account in his story of a plot to use a tsunami making device for a political end in his 2004, Science Fiction, Techno-thriller, Dystopian Novel, State of Fear.

Overview from;

State of Fear is, like many of Crichton’s books, a fictional work that uses speculative science and technological innovations as fundamental storyline devices. The debate over global warming serves as the backdrop for the book. Crichton supplies a personal afterword and two appendices that link the fictional part of the book with real examples of his thesis.[…]

[…]In the finale of the story, the group travels to a remote island in the Solomons to stop the ELF’s “piece de resistance”, a tsunami that will inundate the coastline of California[…]200px-MichaelCrighton_StateOfFear

Now my emphasis in this post is not the debate over global warming and I will reserve that aspect of the novel for another time. I rather want to state the obvious fact that Michael Crichton has demonstrated in his writings that he was very well informed about scientific and medical research and that he wrote his novels with well documented background material as inspiration for them.

Despite their fabulous entertaining aspects Crichton’s writings contain reams of facts in the areas of science and politics and history all into the mixture of his novels that serve as the basis of further research and inquiry into the marvelous What Cannot Modern Man Accomplish.

Michael Crichton because of his vast intellectual honesty and brilliant mind was very much a thorn in the side of those who would politicize science, his voice is greatly missed, especially now that things such as ‘Project Seal’ are becoming widely known. I close this post with the Author’s Afterword/appendices from wikipedia;

[…]In Appendix I, Crichton warns both sides of the global warming debate against the politicization of science. Here he provides two examples of the disastrous combination of pseudo-science and politics: the early 20th-century ideas of eugenics (which he directly cites as one of the theories that allowed for the Holocaust) and Lysenkoism.

This appendix is followed by a bibliography of 172 books and journal articles that Crichton presents “…to assist those readers who would like to review my thinking and arrive at their own conclusions.” (State of Fear, pp, 583).[…]



“We will be climate choosers…” Will We ‘Fix the Weather?

NPR article link


Will We ‘Fix’ The Weather? Yes. Should We Fix The Weather? Hmmm

by Robert Krulwich
October 30, 2012 2:13 PM

Because I’m at home, wind raging outside, trees bending, leaves flying, a hurricane descending, subways suspended, my day upended, I can’t stop thinking: “What is Maureen Raymo thinking?”

She teaches at Columbia University, up the block from where I live. She’s a paleoclimatologist. Her focus is climate change, and in a book I am reading, she says someday soon we won’t be climate victims, we will be climate choosers. We will engineer the climate we want. (…)  (…)Geoengineers shouldn’t be the ones who clean up human messes, and there’s no guarantee geoengineers won’t make mistakes too. Technology won’t give us a free ride.

But in the long run, geoengineering — tinkering with air, oceans, the skies — will help us survive on a changing planet. Maureen Raymo is hardly alone in her prediction. More and more eminent scientists agree with her, that if the human race survives, the engineers will get smarter, the tools will get better, and one day we will control the climate. But what then?(…)


click the link below for entire article and very interesting videos;






Rising China and Thoughts on Economies and Populations

Looks to me as if Jim Rodgers prognostications about China, Singapore, and Asia as being the center of financial power are coming true.

Here are two supporting financial stories and a third interesting sociological story;


Fears of Hard Landing Dead as China Economy Rebounds

2012-11-22 —

“”It’s slightly surprising to see dramatic improvement in new export orders. We can’t see where this demand is coming from. If we’d seen a material improvement in the U.S. and euro zone it might make sense but there’s been no real change in global economy,” [Thornton] said.”

Hummmm, it has been noted that at a certain point China would no longer need the US and the rest of the consuming nations to support and finance their eminence in material world power. The above article indicates that China has another paradigm that is not well known to common main stream economists of the West, the China dragon is indeed able to sustain itself with the raw materials and technologies they have bought and developed and copied from the rest of the world as well as their own rich resources.


China Will Build the Tallest Building In the World in Just 90 Days

These are the company headquarters in China. They call them Broad Town. Yes, that’s a huge pyramid at the bottom.


Singapore is world’s least emotional country, poll finds

Never mind its temperate 28C weather, low unemployment rate and high per-capita GDP – Singapore is the most emotionless society in the world, according to a new Gallup poll, beating the traditionally po-faced Georgia, Lithuania and Russia in a survey of more than 150 nations.

Asking respondents questions such as “Did you feel well-rested yesterday?”, “Were you treated with respect all day yesterday?” and “Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?”, the survey found that Singaporeans were the least likely to reveal experiencing any emotions at all.

Just 36% of Singaporeans reported feeling positive or negative emotions on a daily basis, while 60% of Filipinos recorded regularly feeling both – the highest response rate of any country worldwide.

“If you measure Singapore by the traditional indicators, they look like one of the best-run countries in the world,” Gallup’s Jon Clifton was quoted as saying in a Bloomberg report on the survey. “But if you look at everything that makes life worth living, they’re not doing so well.”




Lots to muse upon here, quality of life issues, how shall we then live?

It is a wonder how determined the planners of the world order via UN Agenda 21 are to stack and pack humanity into ever de-humanizing cities and towers when there is abundant land to be developed on this beautiful blue ball called Earth for according to one theory at least 35 billion people with present technologies (if wars were eliminated and the ‘greater good’ was really the goal of governments and ptb).

Here’s a few links on population theories;

 Joel Cohen, who actually wrote a book on it, notes, the only reasonable answer is, “It depends.” The problem is so complex, with so many variables (think only about the vast discrepancy in resource consumption between one person and the next), that no one can actually give any serious answer to it.



China signed onto the population control band wagon to gain the industry and technology and financial powers to pull themselves into the modern world. Henry Kissinger and bankers of the western world cabal made them a deal they could not resist.  Fast forward to today, the Asian shift has succeeded. What happens next bears watching and studying how Asia’s and China’s leaders play their pieces  the world’s game of world order(s) now that the United States has been de-industrialized.

Is China about to scrap its one-child policy?

Government think tank urges leaders to allow two children per family by 2015

# Unpopular birth restrictions introduced in 1980 when population was rapidly expanding

# Has led to huge gender imbalance – as parents favour boys over girls – and contributed to aging workforce

# Proposal to phase out the policy put forward by officials close to the Chinese government

# Two-child policy planned for 2015 and all birth restrictions could be lifted by 2020

Yes indeed, lots to muse upon in the ‘modern world’ we live in today.

Former Alaskan Chaplain Lindsey Williams Bends Ears with “Insider Elite’s Startling” Info

Former Alaskan Pipeline Chaplain Lindsey Williams has not ceased making DVDs and getting his air time on radio/internet programs, I know nothing of his sincerity or motivation other than these few things that are there for all to see and evaluate.

Chaplain Lindsey Williams has a consistent message and he speaks it verbatim on all these radio broadcasts and he makes DVDs for sale on a regular basis that contain nothing that could not be gotten from reading the financials and current events news and studying historical records. He also recommends buying gold and getting out of currency.

He gets always air time, why?

I don’t know, but I do know from the comments left after youtube videos that he’s been on that there is a lot of dissatisfaction and weariness that he was on some of these shows again.  Someone wants Williams to be on air and they have power to make that happen, now I ask, who and why?

Lindsey Williams Schedule
3:00 pm Lindsey Williams – Schedule – America News Network – 11th October 2012
10:00 am Lindsey Williams – Schedule – Alex Jones Show – 12th October 2012


Lindsey Williams portents to school us upon current information (in light of elite insider conversation with his elite friend) on the QE3 $40 Billion per month that was announced September 13, 2012. But that was well and thoroughly discussed by every economic commentator from all sides. Here is an especially good article;

Fed Undertakes QE3 With $40 Billion Monthly MBS Purchases

and this one excellently explains;

Why QE3 Won’t Jumpstart the Economy—and What Would, September 24, 2012, by Ellen Brown

I highly recommend reading the above two articles to understand the quantative easing of the Federal Reserve.


But let’s get back to Chaplain Williams’ territory and examine his teaching compared to;

Salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ through hearing of the Word of God, in other words, whoever believes on Jesus Christ.

But Chaplin Lindsey Williams tells us that it comes through repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus into your heart.

That is the major tell that Williams is preaching another gospel. 



Williams has been preaching his message of financials and oil and markets a long time. Is there anything being told here that isn’t already told elsewhere?

Here is a  partial listing of these broadcasts found here:

“Lindsey Williams Menu” on


Audio Interviews
Lindsey Williams – Pastor Butch Paugh – July 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – July 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – August 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – October 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – November 2008
Lindsey Williams – Jeff Rense – December 2008
Lindsey Williams – Jeff Rense – January 2009
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – February 2009 (1)
Lindsey Williams – The Prophecy Club – February 2009(…)……………………………………….


Lindsey Williams – Jeff Rense – March 2012
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – March 2012 (2)
Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Rick Adams – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – The Prophecy Club – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Radio Liberty – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – The John Moore Show – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Coast to Coast AM – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Global Freedom Report – June 2012
Lindsey Williams – Global Freedom Report – July 2012
Lindsey Williams – Flow Of Wisdom Radio – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Radio Liberty – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Proof Negative Show – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – John McGowan Presents – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – The Pete Santilli Show – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Global Freedom Report – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Deep Earth Bunker Radio – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – GoldSeek Radio – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – Radio Liberty – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – Deep Earth Bunker Radio – September 2012 (2)
Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – GoldSeek Radio – September 2012 (2)


I got the distinct impression that Alex Jones’ broadcast of today, October 9, 2012, on which Williams had a short segment, was either tightly controlled  to preclude and attenuate much of Lindsey Williams’ “startling” message from his “elitist friend” or it was just a matter of time constraints.

Perhaps congratulations are in order to Alex Jones for reining in the chaplain from dominating his radio show broadcast and alienating the Jones audience?

Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?