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Obamacare Already Employs Serco, British Company Under Investigation for Fraud

British outsourcing giant Serco has managed to construct a corporate state running parallel to the governments in Europe, Australia and the US. Now they are lined up to oversee large compartments of Obamacare in the US.

There’s only one problem: Serco is currently under investigation in the UK for invoicing fraud – billing the UK government for phantom services, including charging for electronic tagging of prisoners who did not exist. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…




Discussion of History of British/US connections:   Unemployment, Prison/Slave Labor, Communitarianism, Etc.

Episode 5 of Sunday Wire Radio Show with host Patrick Henningsen aired Sunday Oct 6th

This week’s theme: ‘Spies, Lies and Common Law’

This week THE SUNDAY WIRE talked with former MI5 whistleblower and author David Shayler, for a frank discussion about 9/11 and 7/7, as well as realities of Common Law in the 21st century, followed by regular contributor and pundit Basil Valentine and his rant on elitists in Britain. The final hour we spoke with Brian Gerrish of the UK Column to discuss the shadow state in Britain and elite’s plans for a One World Government who are now constructing a corporate state in Europe and the US – this show is guaranteed to stimulate the mind!



Background stories:

Serco gave NHS false data about its GP service 252 times

Private firm admits altering data about out-of-hours doctor service in Cornwall, prompting call for review of contract

Private health contractor’s staff told to cut 999 calls to meet targets

Leaked email from Serco managers tells workers to manipulate computer system to ‘stop the clock’ on emergency calls

NHS lab failings followed Serco-led takeover

Joint venture between King’s College and St Thomas’ hospitals and Serco dogged by computer faults


Coal Power Clean Plants Threatened with Closure

The war against coal has over the years been made complex and confusing, and climate change that has been proven to be beyond anthropocentric (man centered) control, contributes greatly to the de-industrialization, jobs bleeding, and povertization of the USA.


Despite the debunking of man made global warming, see any number of scientific references here;

there is an economic battle over coal that pits our need for affordable electric power against the profiteering carbon based trading industry that has effectively closed x coal powered electricity generating plants.


We have the coal, we have the need, we have the technology, so are we going to let the lights go out?

Wake up! In Proverbs 6:10-11, we are told,

“10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:

11 So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.”


Here’s one more coal story, just one of thousands;

Coal-state Republican warns Obama’s climate plan could harm economy

Massive Exports of U.S. Coal and Petroleum to China, Keystone Pipeline, Kansas City Southern Railway Transportation Networks

Massive exports of U.S. coal and petroleum product mined and drilled from USA fields find their lucrative way into ships bound for the booming Chinese energy market via U.S. pipeline and railway networks.

The energy trade, who benefits and how much?

It is not the supply and demand that we were taught about in public school, rather it is global high finance and power brokering.

Most of us worry about the price of a gallon of gasoline, our gas and electric bill, and energy derived products (in other words, everything we consume).

We say we are too busy ‘making a living’ and so we settle for the main stream ‘news’ media’s glossy sound bites of conflicting politically motivated explanations, and we still don’t understand why our energy prices never get more affordable despite expanding pipelines, port systems, and the energy resource gluts of coal, oil, and natural gas within our nation.

And let us just admit that if we don’t understand the system it is only because we settle for easy explanations and neglect to use our own powers of mining and drilling the rich resources of the inter-webs.   So with that said, FYI, here are a few articles of interest that shed some light on this critical quality of life subject area.

In 2012, 16.7 million tons of thermal coal — the kind of coal that is used to generate electricity and is found in the Powder River Basin — was exported through Gulf Coast ports, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  Wyoming,  LAURA HANCOCK Star-Tribune staff writer, February 07, 2013

With so much emphasis on shipping Powder River Basin coal to China through the Pacific Northwest, other markets and shipping routes might be easy to miss.

But coal, including some from the basin, is shipped to China through the Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of energy friendly states in the South such as Texas and Louisiana.

There has even been talk of shipping coal through Mexico.

The Gulf

According to Platts U.S. Coal, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., there are two coal ports along the Gulf of Mexico: U.S. United Bulk Terminal LLC in Davant, La., and McDuffie Coal Terminal in Mobile, Ala.

Four ports in the Gulf are operating but expanding to ship more coal: Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminal in Houston; Convent Marine Terminal in Convent, La.; Burnside Bulk Marine in Darrow, La., and International Marine Terminals in Sorrento, La.

Four ports are planned: Port of Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, Texas; Armstrong Coal Terminal in Myrtle Grove, La.; Mobile River Terminal in Mobile, Ala., and Tampaplex in Tampa, Fla.

“Our sources have told us that the mining companies in the Powder River Basin, what they are doing when they get a contract, they will ship the coal down from the Powder River Basin to one of the terminals in the Gulf,” said Regina Johnson, managing editor for Platts U.S. Coal, a publication read by investors and executives. “And then from there it will leave the Gulf and head off to wherever is going in Europe and Asia.”

In 2012, 16.7 million tons of thermal coal — the kind of coal that is used to generate electricity and is found in the Powder River Basin — was exported through Gulf Coast ports, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

That total didn’t account for river ports in places such as Ohio.

The numbers do not mean all the coal came from the Powder River Basin.

“I believe the last big contract I heard about somebody signing, I think it was Peabody in July 2012,” Johnson said.

Indeed, Houston-based Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. will export 5 to 7 million tons of coal a year from Peabody Energy Corp. mines in the Powder River Basin, Colorado and Illinois Basin, starting first with Powder River Basin and Colorado coal in 2014. The deal goes through 2020, according to a statement from Kinder Morgan, which is spending $400 million to expand its Gulf ports to handle a total of 27 million short tons a year.

In January 2012, Kinder Morgan signed a deal with Arch Coal Inc. Specific tons were not announced. The coal will be both thermal and metallurgical coal – which is used in making steel – from Arch mines in Appalachia, the Powder River Basin, the Western Bituminous Region and the Illinois Basin.


Kansas City Southern Railway Co. has rail lines in Mexico that stretch to a few port cities, including a port in Lazaro Cardenas in the central state of Michoacan.

“It’s about 360 miles southwest of Mexico City,” Johnson said.

A new coal terminal is being developed at Lazaro Cardenas called Terminales Portuarias del Pacifico, which will open with a 3 million ton yearly capacity. Six tons will be transported after the second phase is completed.

“They would like to ship whatever coal they get from the U.S.,” Johnson said. “Nobody has told us of deals going through.”

Doniele Carlson, a Kansas City Southern spokeswoman, confirmed no Powder River Basin coal is being exported south of the border at this time.

Within the United States, Kansas City Southern transports 25 to 40 million tons of Powder River Basin coal per year.

“We do transport PRB coal to nine coal utilities on our line,” Carlson wrote in an email. “We interchange with Union Pacific and BNSF Railway over Kansas City, Mo., for most of that business.”

Original article linked here.


Hummmmmmmmm, this sounds to me to mean that corporate owners and global markets are profiting, but the U.S. citizen’s energy bills are unaffected… tax relief….not many jobs….no benefit from giving tax breaks and incentives to build the pipelines, railways, and ports to transport our national resources to supply the world’s manufacturing centers.

Hummmm, are we getting drained and given the bill for it at the same time? All that coal powering Chinese coal burning power plants for the industries we lost to their cheap labor force, we are losing in all ways at once!

I always wonder what will become of this perverted relationship between the USA and China when our purchasing power is so diminished that we can not afford their cheap goods.




Rising China and Thoughts on Economies and Populations

Looks to me as if Jim Rodgers prognostications about China, Singapore, and Asia as being the center of financial power are coming true.

Here are two supporting financial stories and a third interesting sociological story;


Fears of Hard Landing Dead as China Economy Rebounds

2012-11-22 —

“”It’s slightly surprising to see dramatic improvement in new export orders. We can’t see where this demand is coming from. If we’d seen a material improvement in the U.S. and euro zone it might make sense but there’s been no real change in global economy,” [Thornton] said.”

Hummmm, it has been noted that at a certain point China would no longer need the US and the rest of the consuming nations to support and finance their eminence in material world power. The above article indicates that China has another paradigm that is not well known to common main stream economists of the West, the China dragon is indeed able to sustain itself with the raw materials and technologies they have bought and developed and copied from the rest of the world as well as their own rich resources.


China Will Build the Tallest Building In the World in Just 90 Days

These are the company headquarters in China. They call them Broad Town. Yes, that’s a huge pyramid at the bottom.


Singapore is world’s least emotional country, poll finds

Never mind its temperate 28C weather, low unemployment rate and high per-capita GDP – Singapore is the most emotionless society in the world, according to a new Gallup poll, beating the traditionally po-faced Georgia, Lithuania and Russia in a survey of more than 150 nations.

Asking respondents questions such as “Did you feel well-rested yesterday?”, “Were you treated with respect all day yesterday?” and “Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?”, the survey found that Singaporeans were the least likely to reveal experiencing any emotions at all.

Just 36% of Singaporeans reported feeling positive or negative emotions on a daily basis, while 60% of Filipinos recorded regularly feeling both – the highest response rate of any country worldwide.

“If you measure Singapore by the traditional indicators, they look like one of the best-run countries in the world,” Gallup’s Jon Clifton was quoted as saying in a Bloomberg report on the survey. “But if you look at everything that makes life worth living, they’re not doing so well.”




Lots to muse upon here, quality of life issues, how shall we then live?

It is a wonder how determined the planners of the world order via UN Agenda 21 are to stack and pack humanity into ever de-humanizing cities and towers when there is abundant land to be developed on this beautiful blue ball called Earth for according to one theory at least 35 billion people with present technologies (if wars were eliminated and the ‘greater good’ was really the goal of governments and ptb).

Here’s a few links on population theories;

 Joel Cohen, who actually wrote a book on it, notes, the only reasonable answer is, “It depends.” The problem is so complex, with so many variables (think only about the vast discrepancy in resource consumption between one person and the next), that no one can actually give any serious answer to it.



China signed onto the population control band wagon to gain the industry and technology and financial powers to pull themselves into the modern world. Henry Kissinger and bankers of the western world cabal made them a deal they could not resist.  Fast forward to today, the Asian shift has succeeded. What happens next bears watching and studying how Asia’s and China’s leaders play their pieces  the world’s game of world order(s) now that the United States has been de-industrialized.

Is China about to scrap its one-child policy?

Government think tank urges leaders to allow two children per family by 2015

# Unpopular birth restrictions introduced in 1980 when population was rapidly expanding

# Has led to huge gender imbalance – as parents favour boys over girls – and contributed to aging workforce

# Proposal to phase out the policy put forward by officials close to the Chinese government

# Two-child policy planned for 2015 and all birth restrictions could be lifted by 2020

Yes indeed, lots to muse upon in the ‘modern world’ we live in today.

Rio+20 Fails Goes Too Far, Light Up Christ in Green Lights

Nature Article here.


 Negotiators achieve early agreement at Rio summit

But environmentalists decry proposed text, citing lack of ambition, inspiration and commitment.
Jeff Tollefson
19 June 2012

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s iconic statue of Christ has gone green to celebrate the Earth Summit taking place there — but critics wonder if the agreement that emerged today is beyond redemption.


(…) In the run-up to the Earth Summit taking place in Rio de Janeiro this week, Brazilian officials on 19 June unveiled a text agreed by negotiators that looks set to become the final agreement to emerge from the meeting. The 49-page document, which touches on all of the major issues surrounding sustainable development but requires very little in the way of concrete commitments from governments, will be taken up by world leaders when they gather at the 20–22 June Rio+20 meeting.

Environmentalists immediately blasted the text,(…)

Entire article here.

Climate Depot Reports on Earth Summit 2012 Rio+20’s Fail to Wreck Control Over the Globe


 Climate Depot Featured at UN Earth Summit: ‘Failure here is good for the world’s poor people. We need to redefine sustainable development as oil, gas, coal’

Morano: ‘Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment & poor people. Carbon based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in history of our planet’
Friday, June 22, 2012

RIO DE JANEIRO – Climate Depot’s Executive Editor Marc Morano addressed the UN’s Rio +20 Earth Summit on June 20 and 21. Following a video presentation by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Morano addressed a packed room at a CFACT press conference at the UN complex in Rio, followed by a hostile q and a session. (Selected video highlights available here.)

Selected Highlights of Morano’s statement to UN: “What a difference 20 years makes. This is a mockery of where we were 20 years.

I challenge UN activists, environmentalists, Greenpeace, and the media to ask Sec. Hillary Clinton what the objective here in Rio is for the U.S. Her objective is nothing more than to check a box and get the hell out of town. She is going to be conning people if you believe she is here for substantive agreement.


We are witnessing an historic moment in history of UN. UN IPCC chair Pachauri is now saying global warming is but a secondary problem to sustainability. The UN is now saying saving species is a greater urgency than global warming. They have now thrown global warming under the bus in favor of species extinction.


Failure here is good for the world’s poor people. Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment and poor people. Carbon based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet.

James Lovelock, the father of the modern green movement says “sustainable development” is “meaningless drivel”.

I will go further and say we need to redefine sustainable development as oil, gas, coal — energy that works and energy that lifts people out of poverty.”

[End Morano statement.]

Entire Article here.


Climate Depot List of News Links;

UK Telegraph: ‘Earth Summit is a washout…Even the skies wept’ — ‘Produced an inconsequential agreement that will not take action on any of the urgent issues’

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton urged leaders at the Rio+20 summit to take sensible steps in solving global environmental problems & promoting sustainable development

Cheers! Rio Earth Summit dismissed as ‘hoax that achieved nothing’: Oxfam declares: ‘They came, they talked, but they failed to act’

Rio+20 Earth summit concludes with few commitments — Countries agree to develop long-term sustainability goals – but without timelines

NYT: ‘Should Air-Conditioning Go Global, or Be Rationed Away?’ — Is A/C a modern-day right like clean water…or an unsustainable luxury that we should give up or ration?’

Celebs speak out at Rio earth summit


Climate Depot










In a Nutshell, World Government? Start Here

In a nutshell, World Government works the way Tony Cartalucci postulates in his first blog post for his Land Destroyer blogspot and back up wordpress blogs.  Common sense tells me here’s a basic nut to teach young people how the world government works through the elite institutions of government and corporations through these networked citizens of the shadow rulers of the commerce and social customs of the world. I say to teach young people because of their teachableness and their willingness and energy for having a good future, but I would also include older people who have a care for them.

Mr. Cartalucci’s writings and well documented essays could serve as educational material in a homeschool social studies course or a supplementary course for those unfortunate students who cannot be homeschooled.  I have found his contributions invaluable in articulating the complex systems of world governments as they really function, thereby taking the confusion and mystery out of the way. The below excerpt introduces his fine clear minded viewpoint. Follow the links for much, much more.

World Government?    from Tony Cartalucci

 Posted on May 28, 2009  “……………….. Let’s take a look at a more “realistic” postulation on how power and policy is distributed and implemented. Remember, this is a “postulation,” and there is plenty of room for debate.

#1. The Bilderberg Group is a yearly meeting between the world’s most powerful leaders and policy makers, along with executives from the largest companies on earth. They make decisions at these yearly meetings, which are then passed onto either #2. the already existing cogs of world government, the WTO, UN, or World Bank – or onto #3. & #4., regional think tank groups chock-full of elitists and policy wonks. Here they work out the details for implementation as well as how politicians will sell these policies to the public.

#5. Here we have the government – who sells the policy to the public as well as making it “legitimate” via law. We also have corporations that are used either to exploit the policy or at times help implement it. These corporations generally have members of the elitists and think tanks sitting on their boards of directors.

#6. Recruitment. Corporations, media groups, the military, and universities are a buffer zone between the people and the elitists. They draw from the masses into their lowest ranks many people to serve their designs. They also serve as mouth pieces for the elitists, justifying and legimizing the policy being handed down. Talented individuals are often cultivated or co-opted by the elite as they rise up through the levels of this machine and approach the levers of power. By the time they reach real power, the establishment has enough dirt on them, enough leverage over them, to keep them in line and policy on course…………….”

World Government?

Tony Cartalucci wordpress blog

Tony Cartalucci blogspot blog



Sadly  you’ll probably waste your money if you sacrifice and spend your money on the “quality” private higher learning institution, Liberty University in Virginia, that the Falwells, Sr. and Jr.,  value “traditional” political values of the false right left paradigm and ignore the only constitutional candidate running for president. The commencement speech of the presumptive candidate of the right Mitt Romney serves to rubber stamp the evangelicals into line with the Republican party machine despite the facts of Ron Paul actually being revealed as the winner of 5 states’ delegates to the convention in Tampa. So what’s that about?


Well, as I’ve “been there, done that”,  having left the corporate Southern Baptist membership after 25 years of wondering why their direction never quite took America into a “Moral Majority” I got wise 5 years ago and learned the true history that is never taught in their private schools. The Internet is the true source for history and anyone may at this time learn the things they were denied by their public and or private schools.


It is tragic that the vehicle most respected by the evangelical “christian” world, Liberty University, (it is a mockery for it to claim the word “liberty” in their name), loves power and influence enough to vote for the “lesser of two evils” yet again while the actual member of their Southern Baptist membership who upholds the United States Constitution, Ron Paul, does not even register upon their brains as still in the race for president. Liberty University’s leadership has sold their inheritance for a pot of stew just like Esau in the Old Testament.


The point is not that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and not a Christian, but that Falwell and company reject Ron Paul the only candidate with a care for freedom and liberty.


Use the opportunity to learn from the Internet while you still can.


Now Wall Street Gets Its Turn to Experience Unemployment

Two major indicators;


Morgan Stanley to cut 1,600 jobs
By Lauren Tara LaCapra

(Reuters) – Morgan Stanley will cut 1,600 employees in the first quarter, the bank said on Thursday, as it trims costs in a difficult period for trading and banking revenue.

The job cuts will come across all staff levels and geographic areas, spokesman Mark Lake said, including investment banking, trading and back-office functions.

Morgan Stanley is one of the last big Wall Street banks to announce major job cuts as analysts have begun slashing fourth-quarter earnings estimates.

 Other banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc , JPMorgan Chase & Co , Bank of America Corp and Citigroup Inc have already outlined plans to cut thousands of jobs this year……………..



Chicago pit traders are up in arms against a CME Group (CME.O) plan to use electronic trading to set grain and livestock closing prices, a move they fear will drive another nail in the coffin of open-outcry dealing.

CME Group, already under fire from many traders for its delay in getting money returned to customers after the October bankruptcy of brokerage MF Global, said that next March or April it would begin incorporating deals from its electronic Globex trading platform into final prices.

For many, the change appeared an inevitable reflection of the growth in electronic trade, which now accounts for the vast majority of transactions on both the Chicago Board of Trade, the world’s biggest grain exchange, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which offers contracts tied to cattle and hogs.

But to the cadre of pit brokers and dealers who thrive on the final frenetic minute of floor trading used to set the official end-of-day prices, the change was a rallying cry to defend a way of life that is nearly extinct…………..


How near the end of our economic system are we? It looks to me like very near.

Ever since NAFTA passed and manufacturing began to bleed away to slave labor countries the common American worker has known that the corporations have no need of them at a living wage.

Then the jobs that we were told would be our future bread and butter in the computer and technology world began to be farmed out to these low wage fields also. We were baffled at not being able to speak to someone who could understand English to help us with our technical problems. All the courses and IT certification efforts had been yet another waste of time, education, and money leading to another dried up career.

The height of insults came when it was revealed that our unemployment checks were processed overseas, effectively making even more people join the unemployment rolls.

Wall Street has been shrinking ever since the beginning of the 2008 bail-out crisis. But the trading has gone on and those who lost their jobs were just the ones not smart enough to survive the culling.

Now the herd is being seriously culled via the electronic trading systems.

How is that feeling having to step aside for an algorithm?

Can’t be good.  Now is the time those on this cattle car need to turn into human beings who care for more that themselves and start holding those corporate bankers up to the light of day instead of hedging bets and making hay while they still have a digitally printed dollar because

Traders, you’re next.  How does it feel to realize that you’re expendable too?

To Monetize, Great Definition & Example from Fun with Dick & Jane

I embed these videos here today to serve as educational tools to learn or teach about our current economic situation in pretty clear and entertaining ways. Every high school student could understand this, it really isn’t rocket science, but I know it isn’t being taught to many at all.:(

What Does Monetize Mean?
1. To convert into money.

From RT America, Capitol Account, Word of the Day with Lauren Lyslet,

From “Fun with Dick & Jane”, 2:14 thru 6:45
Dick gets to go on TV to be grilled about his company’s implosion (that he hasn’t been told about, yet is being assigned to deal with the public about) and he learns on air, then goes to work afterward to see chaos and wants an explanation then gets this;

“Sooooo Dick finally wants to know what’s going on. Me thinks somebody made a boo boo,…….. maybe we didn’t know how to use Quicken, yeah that could be it…………….We took our shifting losses & we put them into companies that we actually owned & then the balance sheet, it showed profit, but actually there was debt……”