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Libya Before “Democracy”, the Real Story



Earth Summit Rio+20 Craig Rucker Attends

Here are video reports as the first attendees participate in the pre-convention convention of Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012, June, from Craig Rucker, CFACT.


 The future we dread

Marked-up draft of UN Rio+20 agenda reveals shocking “sustainability” wish list.

An American family of four could owe the UN $1,325 per year.

The UN defines “climate change” as being man-made: Orwell could not have done it betterGreen Guru James Lovelock: ‘So-called sustainable development is meaningless drivel’

 Flashback April 2012: ‘Gaia’ scientist James Lovelock reverses himself: I was ‘alarmist’ about climate change & so was Gore! ‘The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago’      Article here



If you wonder how serious the Earth Summit Rio+20 is to those who make treaty and law and policy for our USA witness who is going;

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton To Head U.S. Delegation to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development

Press Statement
Victoria Nuland
Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
June 12, 2012

(…)In addition to Secretary Clinton, Administrator Jackson, and Special Envoy Stern, the U.S. delegation will include the following U.S. Government representatives:
Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., Ambassador of the United States to Brazil
Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality
Kerri-Ann Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens, U.S. Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council
Carlos Pascual, Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Department of State
Reta Jo Lewis, Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs, Department of State
Kris Balderston, Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Department of State
Don Steinberg, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development
Elizabeth L. Littlefield, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (…)


The good news about this entire all encompassing subject matter’s being challenged by many is found here at Climate Depot with all the links to the comprehensive back stories;






Men Fail Us, But Truth Will Set You and Me Free! Bilderberg 1966 Documents


Here’s the goods that prove The Globalist Conspiracy, Hello!

Basic attendees list for Bilderberg 1966

This may enlighten when you see names and look underneath their facades of US officials wanting “World Peace”, “International Goodwill”, Etc. Etc. Etc.

Information for 1966 invitees on travel, etc., including Prince Bernhard’s letter, the basic agenda, and an extended attendee list

– Handwritten minutes taken down by Sen. Fred Harris during each 1966 Bilderberg speaker, including repeated statements demonizing nationalism


(…) ‘WE ARE GOD’S GIFT TO MAN’ – A separate file of just David Rockefeller’s 1965 speech to the International Industrial Conference in San Francisco, wherein he concludes by boldly stating “What we are is God’s gift to man; What we become is man’s gift to God.







Bilderberg 2012 Chantilly, Virginia, USA, Occupy Bilderberg Shines Light Upon Elite Meeting

Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants
May 31, 2012

Editor’s note: The Bilderbergers now post the participant list on their “official” website.

In the past, moles inside the organization would release the secretive list to journalists, most notably Jim Tucker of the American Free Press.

Bilderberg Meetings

Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 May-3 June 2012

Final List of Participants

ChairmanFRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group



London Guardian, Charlie Skelton, Report from Chantilly

 Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year’s annual conference  

……………… protestors had better stay on their best behaviour. And we’re expecting plenty of them – gathering under the activist umbrella: “Occupy Bilderberg

What a difference a year makes. Occupy Bilderberg? I love it. The Occupy movement seems finally to have realised that the problem isn’t the 1%, it’s the 0.001%. It’s the guys and gals and whatever David Rockefeller is who are meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, at the end of the week. Many hundreds of protestors have pledged to show up. And who knows, they may just manage to drag the mainstream news media with them.

Historically, one of the biggest problems people have had with Occupy is that its aims and demands have been a little, shall we say, “diffuse”. Not the case with Occupy Bilderberg. That’s the nail getting hit squarely on the head. Occupy Bilderberg is keyhole activism. Picking the exact right spot and sticking the scissors in.

“We refuse to pay for the banks’ crisis” was the cry from OccupyLSX back in the autumn. They demanded an end to “our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.” What Bilderberg represents is the fact that our democracy IS our corporations…………………………….



Why Does The Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group?




Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg






Will Bilderberg meeting be ‘occupied’?

…………………………… Radio host Alex Jones was thrown out of the 2008 Bilderberg conference and called upon the OWS protests to fill the streets of Chantilly in opposition to the Bilderberg presence. Groups are reportedly organizing car pools to be part of the protests, including car pools from the NATO Summit protest in Chicago to Chantilly, Virginia.

Bilderberg watcher Daniel Estulin, author of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” will not be in attendance this year because he is not permitted to travel into the U.S. But he is sending a representative in his stead. He believes the meetings are among the most important events to take place in the world every year.

“Bilderberg is not some group of demonic world leaders sitting around a table staring into a crystal ball,” Estulin told WND. “In the U.S., a lot of people mistakenly believe there are secret societies, a very small group controlling the dynamics of the entire world, instead of understanding Bilderberg as a processes-, ideas- and themes-shaping organization. “Bilderberg is not a bogeyman. But it is a powerful organization. It’s a medium for bringing together financial institutions – the largest, predatory institutions in the world – which acts in ways that are now the worst enemy of society.”……………………..World Net Daily.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012 The President Disappeared on Saturday and There’s a Bilderberg Meeting Coming Up: Coincidence?

Remember, if the President meets someone outside the White House, it isn’t logged in on WH records amd there is no record if the press aren’t there to record it.
Posted by Robert Wenzel



Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg



Security tighter than ever at Bilderberg conference  By Ben Wolfgang, The Washington Times, Wednesday, May 30, 2012

……………….. The conference gets its name from the first meeting in 1954 at the Bilderberg hotel in the Netherlands.

Critics say the organization’s benign description doesn’t come close to reality. It is at the Bilderberg’s annual meeting, they argue, that the world’s real rulers make major decisions with global implications, such as choosing future political leaders surreptitiously.

Some say the group also is laying the groundwork for an eventual one-world government, for plans to impose worldwide population control, and for using such global issues as climate change to repeal democracy or free speech………………………….



Bilderberg Conference starts today in Chantilly, Virginia  By Anne Sewell , May 31, 2012

………………….. One topic of discussion already confirmed to be up for debate will be ecological issues and Agenda 21 – part of Bilderberg’s efforts to usher in a post-industrial revolution……………..



Agenda 21 To Be Discussed at Bilderberg Confab  By Paul Joseph Watson

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The attendance of Alberta Premier and global warming alarmist Alison Redford at this year’s Bilderberg conference, during which she will discuss “ecological challenges,” confirms that Agenda 21 and the bid to re-brand the stuttering climate change power grab will be core issues at the elitist confab set to take begin tomorrow. “According to a government news release, Redford will meet with a number of individuals to discuss topics like monetary policy, ecological challenges and responsible development of natural resources,” reports CBC News.

Redford’s attendance at the clandestine meeting of global power brokers is costing Canadian taxpayers $19,000 dollars. Her appearance represents yet another example of how Bilderberg is not merely a talking shop but an active consensus-making forum for people in positions of power…………………………

In a Nutshell, World Government? Start Here

In a nutshell, World Government works the way Tony Cartalucci postulates in his first blog post for his Land Destroyer blogspot and back up wordpress blogs.  Common sense tells me here’s a basic nut to teach young people how the world government works through the elite institutions of government and corporations through these networked citizens of the shadow rulers of the commerce and social customs of the world. I say to teach young people because of their teachableness and their willingness and energy for having a good future, but I would also include older people who have a care for them.

Mr. Cartalucci’s writings and well documented essays could serve as educational material in a homeschool social studies course or a supplementary course for those unfortunate students who cannot be homeschooled.  I have found his contributions invaluable in articulating the complex systems of world governments as they really function, thereby taking the confusion and mystery out of the way. The below excerpt introduces his fine clear minded viewpoint. Follow the links for much, much more.

World Government?    from Tony Cartalucci

 Posted on May 28, 2009  “……………….. Let’s take a look at a more “realistic” postulation on how power and policy is distributed and implemented. Remember, this is a “postulation,” and there is plenty of room for debate.

#1. The Bilderberg Group is a yearly meeting between the world’s most powerful leaders and policy makers, along with executives from the largest companies on earth. They make decisions at these yearly meetings, which are then passed onto either #2. the already existing cogs of world government, the WTO, UN, or World Bank – or onto #3. & #4., regional think tank groups chock-full of elitists and policy wonks. Here they work out the details for implementation as well as how politicians will sell these policies to the public.

#5. Here we have the government – who sells the policy to the public as well as making it “legitimate” via law. We also have corporations that are used either to exploit the policy or at times help implement it. These corporations generally have members of the elitists and think tanks sitting on their boards of directors.

#6. Recruitment. Corporations, media groups, the military, and universities are a buffer zone between the people and the elitists. They draw from the masses into their lowest ranks many people to serve their designs. They also serve as mouth pieces for the elitists, justifying and legimizing the policy being handed down. Talented individuals are often cultivated or co-opted by the elite as they rise up through the levels of this machine and approach the levers of power. By the time they reach real power, the establishment has enough dirt on them, enough leverage over them, to keep them in line and policy on course…………….”

World Government?

Tony Cartalucci wordpress blog

Tony Cartalucci blogspot blog



Sadly  you’ll probably waste your money if you sacrifice and spend your money on the “quality” private higher learning institution, Liberty University in Virginia, that the Falwells, Sr. and Jr.,  value “traditional” political values of the false right left paradigm and ignore the only constitutional candidate running for president. The commencement speech of the presumptive candidate of the right Mitt Romney serves to rubber stamp the evangelicals into line with the Republican party machine despite the facts of Ron Paul actually being revealed as the winner of 5 states’ delegates to the convention in Tampa. So what’s that about?


Well, as I’ve “been there, done that”,  having left the corporate Southern Baptist membership after 25 years of wondering why their direction never quite took America into a “Moral Majority” I got wise 5 years ago and learned the true history that is never taught in their private schools. The Internet is the true source for history and anyone may at this time learn the things they were denied by their public and or private schools.


It is tragic that the vehicle most respected by the evangelical “christian” world, Liberty University, (it is a mockery for it to claim the word “liberty” in their name), loves power and influence enough to vote for the “lesser of two evils” yet again while the actual member of their Southern Baptist membership who upholds the United States Constitution, Ron Paul, does not even register upon their brains as still in the race for president. Liberty University’s leadership has sold their inheritance for a pot of stew just like Esau in the Old Testament.


The point is not that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and not a Christian, but that Falwell and company reject Ron Paul the only candidate with a care for freedom and liberty.


Use the opportunity to learn from the Internet while you still can.


Slick Hollywood KONY PsyOp Twists Peace into War Cry, That is So Sick!

100 Million views KONY How Did That Happen in a Few Days?

Getting folks on the peace wagon to raping another part of Africa, THINK please, how long will “good Christians” go along with the warmongers?

It appears that many are catching on, but those mega views of the propaganda KONA represent a massive attempt to continue the Plan to ravage the African continent yet further to enable the NWO.

I’ve read about and  loved the marvelous peoples of Africa and admired their continuance despite the modern puppet democracies and the colonial age abuses and now Bill Gates et al endeavoring to kill with vaccinations and sterilizations and GMO seeds.  Haiti the closest  people  the western hemisphere has to African roots rejected their Monsanto (Monsatan) seeds after the earthquake and burned them in massive bonfires recently, and many Kenyan parents have hidden their children from the vaccinations. It is Christian Ugandans who will die, just as it was Christian Ivory Coastians  last April who died in thousands when western backed forces ousted their duly elected leader who would not kowtow enough to colonial pillaging of their oil. Oil, oil, oil the west covets this and the gold, uranium, diamonds, and rich agricultural land. Such riches and such beauty never to be allowed to benefit their rightful citizens.

Hello! Hello! Hello! American citizens, especially those who claim Christ, wake up, stop being Idiots lead about by warmongering crooks and criminals who rob all of us and most of all take from the poorest even the little that they have. God is gonna judge us if we fall for the KONA, April 20, Hitler birthday “peace” initiative.  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”? I don’t know about that this time we may see a gathering out the tares from the wheat. I dunno……….Mass mind control……….Chills me to the bone……………

Previous Posts on the Injustices Put Upon Peoples of African Origin (Do your own research, you’ll be chilled too by how deep the genocide runs)       about toxic dumping in Africa


Hollywood hypnosis Ms Jolie spokesperson for CFR and UN called into accountability for her role in ravages against African peoples in Uganda. She is a psychic vampire, some  call her a useful idiot, but that would be the most generous thing you could with knowledge call her. The links in this last article alone will dispel any doubt that KONY 2012 is an assault upon the 3rd world peoples of Africa that would cause their blood to flow into the streets and fields that are coveted by the warmongering elite.

"The End is Near!" When Chocolate Is Now Under GMO Threat!

They are going too far! Now besides having to look out for bad ingredients and additives we have the very perfect comfort food of all time going GMO!


New initiatives seek to genetically modify 70% of the global cocoa supply, highlighting the necessity for consumers to select only high-quality organic chocolate products in order to avoid this threat.

Using genetically modified cocoa tree hybrids, scientists are already spreading the news about their new ‘tastier’ modified chocolate.

The campaign to use genetically modified cocoa tree hybrids is a product of a collaboration involving the USDA, Mars chocolate manufacturer, and even IBM.

The funding for the initiative comes from Mars, involving scientists based at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Department of Agriculture and Science in addition to the inclusion of researchers working at IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Center. End Excerpt.

NO THANK YOU! Now, Sleeping Citizens, will you ‘wake up and smell the’ chocolate?

Follow the Money, World "Democracy", NOT, What Happened in Africa When Africans Started Banking Their Own Money

The Arab Spring, my left foot!

The long conflict in Libya has come to an end.  Regime change? Hardly. Rather, new puppet heads are being installed by the same puppeteers to be exploited more efficiently.   After the dust settles (and the impoverishment & setting back into the stoneage of the North Africans in Libya, Egypt, & Tunisia) the new heads will no doubt be more cooperative toward their NATO banker masters.

Old style African strongmen will not be tolerated. In the insane timeline of  (I hate to have to use their phraseology because I think they get a great big charge out of hearing us say it) “The New World Order”, the Age of Industry is over. Now they are on the move to eliminate a few billion useless eaters worldwide through wars, famines, and destruction to bring about their Order out of Chaos.

In the Satan possessed minds of the highest echelon of bankers and corporate holders of 80 % of the world’s riches Africa has run out of usefulness.  The sympathy angle that was used the last 50 or 60 years to elicit the churches of the world’s charity and that enabled the NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) to make sure true development was stymied in the vast majority of African nations and left the impression that the continent is incapable of running their own business. The ineptitude of those charitable missions combined with the underhanded corrupt European sponsored African leaderships of their nations has insured their downfall as independent peoples.

Talk about being set up to fail! Colonialism miraculously faded away in a quick series of withdrawals with absolutely no preparation of the peoples to self govern in the late 1950s and 1960s. The reasons given for this shedding of presence were that it was too expensive to maintain empire after the ravages of World War 2. But magnanimously the “compassionate” former colonial powers volunteered to help set up their new nations while they secured the natural resources and riches.

 It worked out very well for the ex rulers because they no longer pretended to be directly responsible for anything that occurred in Africa, they could be looked upon as benevolent givers of aid and education and financial management while they helped themselves to the choicest parts and left the undesirable problems on the plates of the newly empowered national heads.

It is well documented that the colonial age masters of Africa never really left off their domination, pillage, and raping of the Dark Continent. The history is voluminous.

The trouble began with the competition for the African wealth first by the USSR, and the rising Muslim nations, and with the entrance of China with their quest for oil, food, and fresh water. These are all in the public record. But now I will focus upon my main subject for this post of the Africans wanting to do their own banking.

Rothschilds Stage Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt To Kill Islamic Banks In Emerging North African Markets
PwP Exclusive ©Feb 9 2011
Background: Tunisia has undergone increasing economic liberalization over the last decade: In the 2010-2011 World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, it was ranked as the most competitive country in Africa, as well as the 32nd most economically competitive country globally. North Africa’s large Muslim populations are a vast business opportunity for Islamic banking and other businesses.

Jacob Rothschild, senior member of the British branch of the Rothschild dynasty

Contrary to popular belief, the world’s finances are controlled by privately-owned “central banks” masquerading as federal government banks in nearly every country in the world [The U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, ruled that The Federal Reserve (U.S.’ central bank) was privately owned in 680 F.2d 1239, LEWIS v. UNITED STATES of America, No. 80-5905].

Though it is a carefully guarded secret, the Rothschilds and their associates own most the shares in the central banks (Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence, Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing, House of Representatives, 1976, Charts 1-5) (Mullins, Eustice Secrets of the Federal Reserve 1983). With extremely little government input, the economies of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and Algeria are strictly controlled by the Rothschild’s central banks and their International Monetary Fund.


Islamic banks have been eating into Rothschild profits in the Middle East because: they don’t charge interest (Shariah Law), they are growing very rapidly among the world’s exploding Muslim populations, and (in these catastrophic economic times) they are more stable than western banks………………………………

………………………..Deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali’s son-in-law, Sakher El Materi, opened Tunisia’s first Islamic bank, Zitouna Bank, on May 26, 2010. Zitouna Bank is the first Islamic bank in the Maghreb region [North Africa]. The bank was a first step toward Ben Ali’s new program of extensive reforms, “Tunisia, a Pole for Banking Services and a Regional Financial Centre”, which would have undermined the power and the profits of the Central Bank of Tunisia (privately-owned by the Rothschilds and their associates)……………………..End Excerpt
link to February 2008 photo message board page of projects that reveals the high flown plans that were sold to the North African nations to excite them into trusting that they would be allowed to participate in the 21st century’s richest epoch. This was built up at the same time that the entire world was leveraged into over building projects and securitized  debt obligations which has today left the entire world in bankruptcy, and lead to the banker bailouts.

One of the posts said, “In 12 months a tsunami of new projects emerged. With an astronomical investments comming from the Emirates, Tunis will be within the next 20 years one of the biggest and important cities in all the mediterranean and african region as a business and financial platform .

Tunisia is small country with 10 million inhabitants well educated and very prosper ( average growth of 5.6 % per year for the last 20 years) .
Known as the Perl of The Maghreb and the Green State . Tunisia is renewing with her glorious past and with Carthage .

Stay Tuned , Tunis and Tunisia are back on the map of the NEW WORLD!
Last edited by Tounsi; February 14th, 2008

Just 2 examples of how unrealistic those hopes have proven to be here;
link that admits an 80% decrease of Spanish tourists to Tunisia this year.

and  Excerpt;
“The problems for hotels are numerous in Tunisia often built with advantages loans and to persons not in the hotel industry. The hotels are often built with too many rooms and said rooms end up being sold for next to nothing to tour companies which then results in the hotel having less money to renovate/train > standards go lower > less money > etc.

It is also important to remember that some of the hotels in Tunisia are/where owned by members of the departing regime (even Colonel Gadaffi had a couple) so bills never got paid, who was going to be brave enough to go chase the payment? This now leaves Tunisian hotels in a downward spiral over capacity, too expensive to buy for foreign investors, massive outstanding loans….and unpaid bills that are now getting enforced…….” End Excerpt

And finally here are a couple of links of the continuing deflation of the hopes of North African peoples being the free to enjoy their countries wealth and the manipulation from afar by the central bankers of the world.
Soros and U.S. Trained Activists in Libya Egypt Bahrain Syria Tunisia Etc To Kill Islamic Banking And Take Over Central Banks

Africans Never Seem to Get the Use of their Riches, Even Agricultural Wealth Being Stolen

Colonization never ended in Africa, the puppet “democracies” served to enrich the colonial European nations (and the USA corporations get their share) in the cruelest pretense of freedom ever perpetrated, below is evidence of the extreme disregard for Africans as human beings. Here is example of real racism. Disgusting continuation of the past 50 years of pretended African self-rule. So add this to what we already know about Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc. Need we ask why Africa is still the dark continent? How many million have been killed, robbed, sterilized, infected with diseases, & defamed?

God is watching.

  •, Wednesday 8 June 2011
  • US universities in Africa ‘land grab’

    Institutions including Harvard and Vanderbilt reportedly use hedge funds to buy land in deals that may force farmers out.

    Harvard and other major American universities are working through British hedge funds and European financial speculators to buy or lease vast areas of African farmland in deals, some of which may force many thousands of people off their land, according to a new study.

    Researchers say foreign investors are profiting from “land grabs” that often fail to deliver the promised benefits of jobs and economic development, and can lead to environmental and social problems in the poorest countries in the world.

    The new report on land acquisitions in seven African countries suggests that Harvard, Vanderbilt and many other US colleges with large endowment funds have invested heavily in African land in the past few years. Much of the money is said to be channelled through London-based Emergent asset management, which runs one of Africa’s largest land acquisition funds, run by former JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs currency dealers.

    Researchers at the California-based Oakland Institute think that Emergent’s clients in the US may have invested up to $500m in some of the most fertile land in the expectation of making 25% returns.

    Emergent said the deals were handled responsibly. “Yes, university endowment funds and pension funds are long-term investors,” a spokesman said. “We are investing in African agriculture and setting up businesses and employing people. We are doing it in a responsible way … The amounts are large. They can be hundreds of millions of dollars. This is not landgrabbing. We want to make the land more valuable. Being big makes an impact, economies of scale can be more productive.”

    Chinese and Middle Eastern firms have previously been identified as “grabbing” large tracts of land in developing countries to grow cheap food for home populations, but western funds are behind many of the biggest deals, says the Oakland institute, an advocacy research group.

    The company that manages Harvard’s investment funds declined to comment. “It is Harvard management company policy not to discuss investments or investment strategy and therefore I cannot confirm the report,” said a spokesman. Vanderbilt also declined to comment.

    Oakland said investors overstated the benefits of the deals for the communities involved. “Companies have been able to create complex layers of companies and subsidiaries to avert the gaze of weak regulatory authorities. Analysis of the contracts reveal that many of the deals will provide few jobs and will force many thousands of people off the land,” said Anuradha Mittal, Oakland’s director.

    In Tanzania, the memorandum of understanding between the local government and US-based farm development corporation AgriSol Energy, which is working with Iowa University, stipulates that the two main locations – Katumba and Mishamo – for their project are refugee settlements holding as many as 162,000 people that will have to be closed before the $700m project can start. The refugees have been farming this land for 40 years.

    In Ethiopia, a process of “villagisation” by the government is moving tens of thousands of people from traditional lands into new centres while big land deals are being struck with international companies.

    The largest land deal in South Sudan, where as much as 9% of the land is said by Norwegian analysts to have been bought in the last few years, was negotiated between a Texas-based firm, Nile Trading and Development and a local co-operative run by absent chiefs. The 49-year lease of 400,000 hectares of central Equatoria for around $25,000 (£15,000) allows the company to exploit all natural resources including oil and timber. The company, headed by former US Ambassador Howard Eugene Douglas, says it intends to apply for UN-backed carbon credits that could provide it with millions of pounds a year in revenues.

    In Mozambique, where up to 7m hectares of land is potentially available for investors, western hedge funds are said in the report to be working with South Africans businesses to buy vast tracts of forest and farmland for investors in Europe and the US. The contracts show the government will waive taxes for up to 25 years, but few jobs will be created.

    “No one should believe that these investors are there to feed starving Africans, create jobs or improve food security,” said Obang Metho of Solidarity Movement for New Ethiopia. “These agreements – many of which could be in place for 99 years – do not mean progress for local people and will not lead to food in their stomachs. These deals lead only to dollars in the pockets of corrupt leaders and foreign investors.”

    “The scale of the land deals being struck is shocking”, said Mittal. “The conversion of African small farms and forests into a natural-asset-based, high-return investment strategy can drive up food prices and increase the risks of climate change.

    Research by the World Bank and others suggests that nearly 60m hectares – an area the size of France – has been bought or leased by foreign companies in Africa in the past three years.

    “Most of these deals are characterised by a lack of transparency, despite the profound implications posed by the consolidation of control over global food markets and agricultural resources by financial firms,” says the report.

    “We have seen cases of speculators taking over agricultural land while small farmers, viewed as squatters, are forcibly removed with no compensation,” said Frederic Mousseau, policy director at Oakland, said: “This is creating insecurity in the global food system that could be a much bigger threat to global security than terrorism. More than one billion people around the world are living with hunger. The majority of the world’s poor still depend on small farms for their livelihoods, and speculators are taking these away while promising progress that never happens.”