False Flag in Boston Marathon, Dozens of ‘Brothers’


Note the ‘black capped’ man is dressed very similarly to the below ‘brothers’ of the Craft security corporation. The suspect in FBI video above bears striking sameness to them in all but his boots which aren’t khaki colored but dark colored instead. Now what’s up with that? And that raises another question in my mind of whether the above video could have been ‘blue screened’ onto the scene as they do in Hollywood movies. Hey, hey, what, what????

Also these changing threads to the stories are weaving the man in the ‘white cap’ into a relationship with the ‘brothers’ who are clearly involved with the Marathon security detail that is photographed repeatedly from numerous sources as being all along the Marathon route from start to finish, especially concentrated at the finish line!

And now we are told that the ‘brother’ in the ‘black cap’ is dead.

Well the story that ‘brothers’  one of which was first identified as being from India and of Islam belief, but now identified as being of Chechen Russian origin just keeps on changing.      http://www.storyleak.com/media-flips-boston-suspect-sunil-tripathi-to-dzhokar-tsarnaev/

And now here is a set of ‘brothers’, from the security corporation, Craft, who are here at the Boston Marathon finish line for all the world to see in the photos of many ‘brothers’.

(But keep in mind that the AUTHORITIES have told us that we must not look at or pay any attention to any photos on the internets, but we must instead ONLY LOOK AT THE PHOTOS That they give us!)  http://www.infowars.com/fbi-ignores-men-with-backpacks-at-scene-of-boston-bombings/


The Craft Communications Van with Numerous 'Brothers' Dressed Alike!
The Craft Communications Van with Numerous ‘Brothers’ Dressed Alike!

4 thoughts on “False Flag in Boston Marathon, Dozens of ‘Brothers’

  1. Hi Mater,

    I’ve been looking at these things too, and the stuff about Connecticut and the Batman movie gunman, he was a very bright student who “suddenly went wrong” both of those boys had fathers who were going to testify in a bank fraud investigation…very odd, lots of strange happenings going on. My husband doesn’t want me to look into this stuff, and I know it won’t be stopped until the Lord does it when He comes, however, I do want to remain watchful, not joining any side in all of this, just watching and praying. 🙂

  2. This Youtuber makes some observations about tax day and Boston, and how they were honoring the Sandy Hook victims at this event. She doesn’t get all of it right, she thought the patriots would get the blame for it. However, this is interesting. It was first “thought” that it was the patriots somehow involved but they then made it about Muslims. With the Oklahoma bombing, I remember that they first “thought” it was caused by Muslims, but then “found out” it was a militia (patriots) that was behind it. Interesting how they loop it back and forth, isn’t it?
    Anyway, here’s the link to the video:


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