Scientifically Planned TV “Escapism” Educates the World through Fear and Melodramatic Emotional Anti- Life Programming Crime Dramas and Soap Operas

Scientifically tailored TV for every country and every culture in the world use ‘transitional’ characters, to educate the masses through melodramatic emotional anti-life programming Crime Dramas and Soap Operas.

TV entertainment is anything but harmless escapism. It is powerfully reshaping the entire world population’s minds,  embedding fear, distrust, and revulsion towards having children and family relationships.


Population Control Propagandist: “We Get Very Little Opposition From The Public”

[…] US-based Population Media Center, produces soap operas worldwide with the aim of reducing populations[…]

[…]The president of the Population Media Center makes clear: the strategy employed by the Media Center in its international programs is based on anincremental introduction of “reproductive health” issues. The justification given for its infilitrations: global agreements on population such as the 1994 Cairo Conference on Population, organized as part of Agenda 21. Ryerson explains (1:05):[…]“When we go into a country, we explain to them we are there to help them promote their policies”. Reason he gives for this statement: because those nation are signatories to global “agreements” like the UN population summit in 1994.[…]


This is top level propaganda , these educators and social scientific experiments in TV mind influences are anything but harmless escapist entertainments, as these professional professors attest in the above video.


To further cheapen the life value sensibilities of TV viewers of the world there are the ‘escapist’ violent Crime Dramas that present intimate examination of narcissistic  psychotic  personalities. How extensive are the effects that these have on normal minds, let alone upon unstable and or young minds, only heaven knows.

On TV: What makes serial killers so darn entertaining? Television » Big characters, escapism fuel proliferation of shows about multiple murderers.       By Scott D. Pierce, The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published Jan 30 2013

[…]”Part of what we do on television is provide escapism,” said Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “Escapism comes in many forms. It could be laughter. It could be fantasy. It is also your worst nightmare come to life.”[…]

[…]Give ’em what they want » It’s easy to place the blame for the proliferation of serial killers on producers and network executives, but the fact is that if viewers didn’t tune in, the shows would go away. Quickly.[…]

[…]”We’re in the business of being in people’s homes every week,” he said. “And if you don’t fall in love with those characters, if we don’t nail the core relationships at the heart of it, we’ve failed.”

Even if those characters are serial killers.[…]






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