It’s Not Easy Being Green, Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony Outfit Color Choice

I have been a Hillary watcher since she came onto the national stage during her husband’s first presidential candidacy (The Real Hillary Clinton Midwest Today, June 1994, article here) and throughout their ‘co-presidency’ of eight years all the way through her own campaign for president and her present governmental post in the Obama administration. Often times I have been riveted by her clothing choices as being quite harsh and heavily weighted for particular emotional impact at moments of political importance, I know that in governmental circles that everything is important to convey the right messages.

I’ll never forget the image of her pictured in pink and black while sitting underneath the portrait of Abraham Lincoln, that was to me a wondrously feminizing vision of power, and it called out comment from many on just that idea of a 1st Lady being more than just a beautiful help-meet for her Presidential husband. Who knows? Public appearance conveys indelible images and ideals quickly and painlessly and Hillary seems to have always dressed either consciously or unconsciously with color for the occasion.  And now I am struck by Hillary Clinton’s choice of rich bright green outfit color for her Benghazi testimony 

I see in the above photo that the green of Hillary’s jacket is the exact greenish blue of the Luscher Color Test.

Here’s a color interpretation speculation based upon the  Luscher Color Test theory, a psychologically  revealing and somewhat flawed way to access people’s personalities through their color choices. Of course this is an inexact test method that can be manipulated to any outcome by anyone who is familiar with the psychological impact of color.  I firmly believe that those whose business is advertising and politics are well aware of this communication tool, so just for the fun of it here’s the Luscher Color Test theory Personality Traits & Issues from Color Preference.

Green – Represents “Elasticity of Will” and is concentric, passive, defensive, autonomous, retentive, possessive, and immutable. Its affective aspects are persistence, self-assertion, obstinacy, and self-esteem.

Seeing the below video, it seems that the color choice reflects this?

Yes, I know this isn’t an earth shattering inquiry, but it is always instructive to question and watch the wheels of power turning through the theatre of politics. Edward Bernays, the father of Propaganda would be intrigued!


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green, Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony Outfit Color Choice

  1. Very interesting, Muse, and I think that Hillary probably does pride herself in understanding things pertaining to psychology and how to manipulate everything to her advantage. I hadn’t thought of it so I’m glad you posted about this.

    1. Hi Susan, Good to hear from you! Yes, as Shakespeare said,
      “All the world’s a stage,
      And all the men and women merely players:…”
      Methinks Hillary is especially aware of her spotlight in this instance and working hard at her performance. It is quite revealing once we learn the tools of the stage, isn’t it?


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