Wake Up



2 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. Hi Musemater,

    I used to think it my responsibility to sound off about this and get everybody “on board” about things that are wrong with this world and this country… but I really don’t see this as something I am called to do from scripture. I see these things as a temperature reading of where we are at. Jesus said we can “discern the sky” but we don’t see what is going on all around us. I see the homosexual weddings at the national cathedral as a huge trumpet call of warning. The national cathedral hasn’t taught anything truly from the Lord (I haven’t attended, but I am guessing here, that it has probably been just as anti-christ as our nation, and mirrors it’s spiritual vacuum) in probably quite a long time, however, I think the Lord uses these events to help us understand where we are on His timetable. Time for us to have our lamps ready, wicks trimmed, and filled with holy oil, burning brightly to meet the Lord at His coming. 🙂


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