Piers Morgan Got Shellacked by Alex Jones

Piers Morgan got shellacked, he didn’t even land a glove on Alex Jones. Jones knew he had to talk fast and get as much information out as possible before they could cut him off so he came out swinging and never let up.

Alex has one thing on his agenda and that is to warn about the peril to freedom that is working night and day to destroy the United States of America. He did not have the luxury of being polite and ‘civil’ because that time has passed with green carded guests like Piers Morgan castigating and scoffing at our Constitution on CNN, and anti-gun legislation fomenting in the state of Illinois and the US Senate.

No, you are wrong!  I tell those of you who will criticize the emotional defense of our right to bear arms. Alex Jones should NOT have act otherwise toward the man who has been loathingly running down our country’s Second Amendment. Jones took the opportunity to look Piers Morgan in the eye and to speak plainly as a man with passionate love for freedom. Despite the fact that it was not smooth nor comfortable to watch, as Alex Jones was putting his heart and soul into every syllable he was able to get out in his Paul Revere like attempt to crack open the minds of the sleeping citizens of America to the real insidious pusillanimous attacks of Morgan and Senator Feinstein and all the others who wish the destruction of this Republic.

After he attempted to play the ‘spider to the fly’ to Infowar’s Alex Jones and not even being able to slur Jones because he couldn’t get a word in edgewise,  Piers Morgan bent over backwards being polite to Sheriff Arpaio after his out of control interview with Alex Jones.

He tried to make his same anti-gun argument, but got nowhere with Arpaio either, that Morgan was absolutely not able to make in his Jones interview because Alex was like a 1776 revolutionary front-line soldier defending against Pier’s Redcoat attacks upon his host country the USA’s  Second Amendment.

Piers Morgan’s vicious interviews with Arpaio and Pratt alone are evidence of how necessary Alex Jones’ handling of his own interview time with him truly was and how that was the only way not to be mocked and overrun and subjected to Morgan’s bully tactics. It was especially galling to Morgan for Alex to put on his condescending mock British accent in closing the second part of the interview which I think was the straw that canceled the third part of the show for debating with Alan Dershowitz (which Morgan went on with minus Jones).


Also notice that the White house communicated with Piers Morgan about making an official statement on that Petition to have him deported. It is transparent that the Jones interview upset the plan to marginalize the whole affair and it spurred them to respond at this very moment! Not a coincidence.

After the interview Alex Jones and Rob Dew filed this video reporting the reactions of CNN staff and Morgan and a Producer of the show being in a state of tears saying that it wasn’t supposed to ‘go this way!’


The interview that started the whole thing along with the White House Petition to deport Piers Morgan was with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America in which Morgan very, very, very rudely told Mr. Pratt, “You are an unbelievably stupid man” and continued on to make several outrageous charges and crassly and demeaning remarks as snidely as any below the belt hitting bully could. Yet Larry Pratt won that interview completely with calm determination and cool belief in his defense of the right to bear arms.



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