Why Is ‘New Zealand and US Tsunami Test’ Gone Viral at This Particular Time?

“WHAT?  Everybody’s thinking it, I’m just saying it!” (Pirates of the Caribbean)


WHO? wants this story EVERYWHERE?




Implications For Fukushima? The US And New Zealand Secretly Tested The First Tsunami Bomb Posted on January 3, 2013 by SilverVigilante

[…] The tests demonstrated that a series of ten large offshore blasts could potentially cause a 33-foot tsunami to destroy coastline.

Operation “Project Seal” has been top secret, and the device was a cousin of sorts to the nuclear bomb. Around 3,700 bombs were exploded during the tests, leading off in New Caledonia and later at Whangaparaoa Peninsula, in the vicinity of Auckland.[…]



New Details Emerge on World War II ‘Tsunami Bomb’ Project By Patrick Goodenough January 3, 2013

[…]The aim of the project, in the dry language of the archived documents, was “the investigation of the potentialities of inundation by means of artificially produced tidal waves for offensive purposes” – in other words, to see whether a bomb or series of bombs could generate a tsunami capable of wreaking havoc on an enemy coastal city.[…]

[…]Thomas Leech, an Auckland University professor seconded to the army, carried out tests to find out what shape and size of bomb or series of bombs, detonated in water of what depth, would have the desired effect.[…]

[…]Leech concluded that 2,000 tons of high explosive, divided into ten equal amounts and detonated as a group around five miles offshore in a location where the seabed was favorable, could potentially create a wave of 30 to 40 feet.

The papers do not name a target for the envisaged weapon, but when the New Zealand government first unlocked the files in 1999 an 87 year-old survivor of the team said it was obvious to those involved that the aim was “to flood Japan.”[…]

[…]In 1950 secret reports were still being produced in New Zealand about the World War II experiments. Leech in one document discussed the possibility of having some of his top students work on filling in some of the gaps left in the earlier findings, under the cover of regular oceanography and wave studies.

The papers do not indicate whether that ever happened but Leech left the university that same year and returned to his native Australia. He was awarded a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for his secret research on a weapon, and died in 1973.

In 1961, the U.S. Navy motivated a request for the final “Project Seal” report to be downgraded from “secret” to “restricted” by arguing that the data would be “extremely helpful” in military studies being carried out.

“Project Seal” is back in the spotlight because of the release of Secrets and Treasures, a new book by New Zealand author Ray Waru, based on a two-year trawl though the New Zealand government archives.[…]



AlterNet / By Laura Gottesdiener Researcher: U.S. Tested and Perfected a “Tsunami Bomb”

[…]”It was absolutely astonishing,” he (New Zealand author Ray Waru) told the AFP. “First that anyone would come up with the idea of developing a weapon of mass destruction based on a tsunami … and also that New Zealand seems to have successfully developed it to the degree that it might have worked.”[…]

Interesting bit of trivia the author threw into the story;

[…]Tsunami Bomb later became the name of a short-lived California punk band in the late ’90s and early 2000s.[…]



Report: U.S., New Zealand tested ‘tsunami bomb’ in WWII

Caption for the above link with photo;

A city official photographed a tsunami breeching a sea barrier on March 11, 2011, sending water into the Japanese city of Miyako. The Telegraph newspaper reports that the U.S. and New Zealand tested a ‘tsunami bomb’ during World War II.(Photo: Toru Yamanaka, AFP/Getty Images)



‘Tsunami Bomb’ Created by US Military Marc Lallanilla, Life’s Little Mysteries Assistant Editor Date: 03 January 2013

[…]The military has a long and honorable history, but part of that history includes some weapons’ experiments that in hindsight seem downright wacky, and some even evil.[…]



US reportedly tested secret ‘tsunami bomb’ off New Zealand coast Published January 02, 2013 FoxNews.com

Caption for photo illustrating story;

May 25, 2001: A giant wave lashes a popular promenade in Bombay, India. (AP Photo/Sherwin Crastto)



‘Tsunami Bomb’ In Development During World War II, Documents Note The Huffington Post | By Meredith Bennett-Smith Posted: 01/02/2013

[…]The tsunami-as-weapon idea had been floated even earlier than 1944, according to The Herald, which reported that they considered sending Leech to Bikini Atoll to watch the early atomic bomb tests.

Neil Kirton, a former colleague of Leech, said that, “Whether it could ever be resurrected … Under some circumstances I think it could be devastating.” (This quote has since surfaced on various conspiracy theory blogs. This link supplied by author Meredith Bennett-Smith)

I wonder why she felt that was germane to the story, oh well, it is interesting that the information has been kicking around the Internet for years and just NOW it’s coming to light….and the link mentions Tom Bearden, Lt Colonel US Army (Retired). Ane Congressman Nick Begich Sr. and US House Majority Leader Hale Boggs who disappeared in Alaskan plane crash.

Hummmmm…….WHAT does that mean? Anything? Nothing?

Ms Bennett-Smith also sees fit to close her article with this unconnected paragraph;

[…]The news of “Project Seal” follows renewed interest in a top secret plan to detonate an atomic bomb on the moon Ms Bennett-Smith’s link to her article 11/28/2012 . That plan, researched during the Cold War, was designed as a show of force to the Soviets, who were fresh off their Sputnik triumph.[…]


which, again, I have to question her judgment on how that belongs in this story.

(I am now even more wondering if there is not a concerted effort to viralize this story.What?Who?Why?)

And in closing this running account of some of the articles published on this viral story I post one more and notice that the photograph used to illustrate their version.

U.S. and New Zealand tested top secret ‘tsunami bomb’ during WWII — like something out of ‘James Bond’ by Erik Ortiz/NY Daily News, Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Caption under photograph used to illustrate;

Waves come ashore in Cannon Beach, Ore., in March 2011. In 1944, the United States partnered with New Zealand to test man-made tsunamis, according to New Zealand author Ray Waru.

[…]It was a bombshell experiment … that ended up a wipeout.

During World War II, the United States and New Zealand reportedly ran tests of a so-called “tsunami bomb” — in which explosives were launched into the Pacific waters in the hopes of creating waves capable of destroying small cities.[…]

Me thinks we should all be wary and look around us and see what other story(s) might be getting swept away as a result of this loud sensational story.

“Hey, Hey! What, What!”





















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