Ron Paul on Big Government’s Power Grab in Wake of Disasters

The last thing the victims of Sandy need is more big government.

It is instructive to hear FEMA officials say that they have to take time to organize their rescue and aid programs to “make things go quicker”. Is that not an oxymoronic statement?

Their insistence upon control causes unnecessary delays and costs lives and much suffering while FEMA runs up and down the roads with clipboards making lists of what and where to go to work.

While the local communities and neighbors already know the needs and territories, they don’t have to stop up the works for days or weeks to be able to help clean and rescue and feed those in need.

Also read Aaron Dykes article;


(…)Mainstream media have echoed this uncritical endorsement, giving FEMA preemptive praise for its efforts in Sandy. ‘FEMA is the solution,’ and other bold claims are made to ensure the public does not break out of the illusion that FEMA is its loving savior.

But FEMA remains an agency capable only of a mismatched response, too slow to handle the most immediate needs to contain potential chaos, but always on pace for a gradual power grab after the fact, actually feeding off a greater disaster.

Once again, this bloated government agency can’t and won’t help the masses in a disaster. Yet politicians throughout the corporate-owned two party system are lining up to meet any request for FEMA funds, already approaching $12 billion plus, despite its track record of failure.(…)

(…)Congressman Ron Paul weighed in as a lonely voice willing to critique FEMA’s history of inefficiency and naked power grabs, while defending the centuries of local aid organized within the community in simply helping each other:(…)



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