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NY Mayor Bloomberg, “drinking water is safe, we put in extra chlorine…”

At Tuesday’s morning after Sandy news conference, NY city mayor, Bloomberg told us that the “drinking water is safe, we put in extra chlorine”.

Should we believe him? Does chlorine cancel out all the toxic run off and chemicals and sewage that flowed out of the ocean, rivers, ponds, ditches, and highways, yards, and business, residence,  and industrial properties into the water supply?

I wouldn’t drink it.

Memory tells us of another safety assurance about the safety of the air after the twin towers disaster by EPA administrator Christine Whitman. That proclamation proved to be false.

Mayor Bloomberg also took the news conference as an opportunity to with no evidence whatsoever speculate upon whether “global warming” was to blame for Sandy’s intensity. Bloomberg patently urges us to trust and obey the authorities. He indicated that more official powers and regulations would make you safer and that Sandy will lead to consideration of more restrictions and regulations.

No doubt this will be an excellent opportunity to institute more of UN Agenda 21. Stay tuned to local planning boards, city, county, and regional regulations for building and useages of properties private and public.

Stay calm and only drink water you know is safe, don’t drink from the tap. Look out for yourself, you have a brain, use your common sense. Do a bit of research on water safety too when you have the time, get your information for yourself and trust your ability to make good decisions with your own research.


This NYTimes article shows how ready and willing big government is to make all our decisions for us, this one touts;  here

A Big Storm Requires Big Government
Published: October 29, 2012

(…)Most Americans have never heard of the National Response Coordination Center, but they’re lucky it exists on days of lethal winds and flood tides. The center is the war room of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where officials gather to decide where rescuers should go, where drinking water should be shipped, and how to assist hospitals that have to evacuate.


Here’s the rest of the story that the NYTimes leaves out;  here.

(…) A 1992 study by the Cox Newspapers Group found that during 1982-1992 FEMA’s budgets included only $243 million for disaster relief but $2.9 billion for black ops, according to Harry Helms, author of Inside the Shadow Government: National Emergencies and the Cult of Secrecy.

“Not only is it the most powerful entity in the United States, but it was not even created under Constitutional law by the Congress,” writes Harry V. Martin.

Since Carter’s pen stroke in 1979, we have learned quite a bit about FEMA, none of it reported by the New York Times, however.

During the Reagan regime, the agency acquired a new mandate, namely COG, or Continuity of Government. In April, 1984, Reagan signed Presidential Directive 54, authorizing FEMA to conduct a simulation of a “state of domestic national emergency,” codenamed Rex 84, or Readiness Exercise 1984. Rex 84 called for suspending the Constitution, declaring martial law, placing military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detaining large numbers of American citizens considered to be “national security threats.”

Rex 84 was based on a plan cooked up at the Army War College by FEMA boss Louis Giuffrida. It proposed the detention of 21 million “militant” Americans. The military had concurrent plans to impose martial law, most notably Operation Garden Plot and Lantern Spike.(…)




PBS Sour Grapes ‘Climate of Doubt’

PBS again engaged in pseudo journalism, who is surprised? I call, ‘Sour Grapes’ on them and wish to heaven that both sides had been interviewed properly with the questions that were asked being allowed answered by the ones to whom they were put.

But no, instead we were given emotionalism, camera tricks, blurring of signature of a well respected physicist on a key document, Why did PBS FRONTLINE electronically alter the signature of one of the world’s most distinguished Physicists in their report “Climate of Doubt’? and editing of responses sequences and respondents to present a tale of woe once again have played into the hands of those who would de-fund PBS.  If this is their idea of quality broadcasting I believe they may have to suffer the withdrawal of support from the public purse.

The most egregious misrepresentation of the program to me is the 97 percent nonsense as this critique from  here,  notes;

 The 97 percent nonsense. Hockenberry brought it up maybe a half-dozen times. Not once did he allow the many skeptics he interviewed explain why the stat is a joke (and it would have taken 8 seconds of air time). Hockenberry should be embarrassed to have bought the bunk enviro-left has been pushing with this fake stat. Would anyone else be able to get away with claiming the answer to a loaded question by 77 hand-picked scientists equals “97 percent of all climate scientists”? Heartland would never hear the end of it if we tried that. Our credibility would be shot, and rightly so. In fact, Hockenberry did take a swipe at our credibility with a criticism of the Oregon Petition and challenging questions to Fred Singer about it. Again, no such challenge to the alarmists about their 97 percent hooey.

Critique of PBS Frontline’s ‘Climate of Doubt’ by Jim Lakely on October 24, 2012


Former Alaskan Chaplain Lindsey Williams Bends Ears with “Insider Elite’s Startling” Info

Former Alaskan Pipeline Chaplain Lindsey Williams has not ceased making DVDs and getting his air time on radio/internet programs, I know nothing of his sincerity or motivation other than these few things that are there for all to see and evaluate.

Chaplain Lindsey Williams has a consistent message and he speaks it verbatim on all these radio broadcasts and he makes DVDs for sale on a regular basis that contain nothing that could not be gotten from reading the financials and current events news and studying historical records. He also recommends buying gold and getting out of currency.

He gets always air time, why?

I don’t know, but I do know from the comments left after youtube videos that he’s been on that there is a lot of dissatisfaction and weariness that he was on some of these shows again.  Someone wants Williams to be on air and they have power to make that happen, now I ask, who and why?

Lindsey Williams Schedule
3:00 pm Lindsey Williams – Schedule – America News Network – 11th October 2012
10:00 am Lindsey Williams – Schedule – Alex Jones Show – 12th October 2012


Lindsey Williams portents to school us upon current information (in light of elite insider conversation with his elite friend) on the QE3 $40 Billion per month that was announced September 13, 2012. But that was well and thoroughly discussed by every economic commentator from all sides. Here is an especially good article;

Fed Undertakes QE3 With $40 Billion Monthly MBS Purchases

and this one excellently explains;

Why QE3 Won’t Jumpstart the Economy—and What Would, September 24, 2012, by Ellen Brown

I highly recommend reading the above two articles to understand the quantative easing of the Federal Reserve.


But let’s get back to Chaplain Williams’ territory and examine his teaching compared to;

Salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ through hearing of the Word of God, in other words, whoever believes on Jesus Christ.

But Chaplin Lindsey Williams tells us that it comes through repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus into your heart.

That is the major tell that Williams is preaching another gospel. 



Williams has been preaching his message of financials and oil and markets a long time. Is there anything being told here that isn’t already told elsewhere?

Here is a  partial listing of these broadcasts found here:

“Lindsey Williams Menu” on


Audio Interviews
Lindsey Williams – Pastor Butch Paugh – July 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – July 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – August 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – October 2008
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – November 2008
Lindsey Williams – Jeff Rense – December 2008
Lindsey Williams – Jeff Rense – January 2009
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – February 2009 (1)
Lindsey Williams – The Prophecy Club – February 2009(…)……………………………………….


Lindsey Williams – Jeff Rense – March 2012
Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – March 2012 (2)
Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Rick Adams – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – The Prophecy Club – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Radio Liberty – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – The John Moore Show – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Coast to Coast AM – May 2012
Lindsey Williams – Global Freedom Report – June 2012
Lindsey Williams – Global Freedom Report – July 2012
Lindsey Williams – Flow Of Wisdom Radio – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Radio Liberty – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Proof Negative Show – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – John McGowan Presents – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – The Pete Santilli Show – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Global Freedom Report – August 2012
Lindsey Williams – Deep Earth Bunker Radio – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – GoldSeek Radio – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – Radio Liberty – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – Deep Earth Bunker Radio – September 2012 (2)
Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – September 2012
Lindsey Williams – GoldSeek Radio – September 2012 (2)


I got the distinct impression that Alex Jones’ broadcast of today, October 9, 2012, on which Williams had a short segment, was either tightly controlled  to preclude and attenuate much of Lindsey Williams’ “startling” message from his “elitist friend” or it was just a matter of time constraints.

Perhaps congratulations are in order to Alex Jones for reining in the chaplain from dominating his radio show broadcast and alienating the Jones audience?

Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?



China’s Ai Weiwei

Here’s a link to der Spiegel’s articles on Ai Weiwei, China’s dissident artist.

Here is some of his story written from June 2007 onwards in more that 2 dozen articles in the German der Spiegel International

Much, much more is available on the Internet to research into this most human artist who thrives despite his government’s harsh disapproval and disruption of his freedom to expression. Ai Weiwei’s art may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit that his is a voice that should not be silenced because he shows that humanity cannot be extinguished even under oppression.