Two Party System Sets US Into Perpetual False Freedom to Elect Change

Jesse Ventura gets a lot of freedom to tell whomever will listen that the two party system has for the past 20 years shut out any possibility of real change in government.


Interestingly he points out that 4 years ago there began US commercials  about Mormonism pointing out that the religion of our new ‘change’ agent choice, Mitt Romney,  is traditional family values incarnate.  And now it has been admitted within the Ron Paul campaign that their choice not to criticize Romney was made in Michigan for unexplained reasons. (???)

Headquarters of the GOP seem to have influenced someone in Paul’s camp not to go against their already chosen Romney. I surely hope it wasn’t Ron Paul himself, but in any case, we who supported him were burned by his hope of changing the GOP from within.

Now Jesse Ventura holds himself out for 2016, but, Hello! Who knows what will happen to our country by then? Will we have a voice of any kind by then?  Anyhow according to the rules of the illuminatti game the victim must always be told what is going to happen to them and as the saying goes, ‘The victim must invite the vampire inside.’ We have been told and told and told and told and told and told………………Frankly I wonder………………With ‘good’ Christians obsessing upon getting Obama out of office at all costs, are they just rushing into the foyer to admit the Romney vampire into the house?



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