Rain I Didn’t Get

Well, well, well, I woke up night, or rather 3 am in the morning Thursday, realizing that Issac, Tropical Storm, that is, wasn’t going to help my fall garden seeds with any appreciable rainfall. WAS this weather manipulation? Stranger things happen.

Looking at the flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coastal areas of ten to twenty inches of Issac rains and then seeing the promise of drought ending rains evaporate over my garden,  nefarious weather control experimenters at work once again? DROUGHT or FLOOD, what a ghoulish bunch of people would enjoy these fruits?

It stinks. Making bets on the misfortunes of these weather events is monstrous. I hope the Chicago Market Weather profiteers choke on their profits……Sick SOBs………God’s gonna get you one day………Never doubt it fools.

All I got from the concentrated manipulated course of Issac was the dry tropical winds for 3 days and a poor misting a few times. Once my front steps got actually wet for a few minutes before quickly evaporating into the drying blow of 15 mph edge winds from Issac’s passing to my left side. Yes, many of us have been robbed……our gardens and crops were denied of rain or flooded with too much……Yes, bad weather happens, but in today’s geoengineered world it often is by neo-god designs. But God Almighty is watching……He will have the last say.

Watch and learn.

Interview with the above film maker:



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