Must Read Local Drone Story,by MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune, Lakota, ND, 7-22-2012

UND first college in the country to offer a four-year degree in unmanned aircraft piloting. It now has 23 graduates and 84 students

majoring in the program, which is open only to U.S. citizens.

It works with Northland Community College in Thief River Falls, Minn., which developed the first drone maintenance training center in the country and proudly shows off its own full-size Global Hawk.

The university also serves as an incubator for companies that might want to expand the industry. In five days, Unmanned Applications Institute International, which provides training in operating drones, can teach a cop how to use a drone the size of a bathtub toy.


Drones=tools with many uses good and evil. What can be done will be done, yet this applies to all tools and certainly the guidelines of responsibility are found within the US Constitution. 


2 thoughts on “Must Read Local Drone Story,by MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune, Lakota, ND, 7-22-2012

  1. “…the size of a bathtub toy” is about the size of the miniature spy orbs that were in the newer tv series “V”, and I think there was something similar in Star Wars and also in the original Tron there was “Bit” that followed the main character, not throughout the movie, just a couple of scenes, little cameos to give a hint of something that comes “out of nowhere”…the fantasy seems to hint at something that insiders probably know a whole lot more about and only want to give glimpses.

    1. Yes, all the strangeness of ‘modern life’ makes more and more sense as we are made privy to what that upper stratosphere of our ‘intelligentsia’ class have been playing with for half a century or more.

      Now we in the ‘common man’ class are to be wowed and cowed into acceptance and compliance from the weight of sheer raw technological abilities.

      There’s just one ‘fly in the ointment’ though, and that is the fact that there really isn’t such a human being as a ‘common man’. That is why neither vision of the future, “1984, Orwell” nor “Brave New World, Aldous Huxley” will prevail. Praise God for individual responsibility and uniqueness!


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