Grave But Information is Freedom, Stay Free!

Here is a lot of updated information on the state of preparedness in officialdoms who serve to protect. This is grave information, but freedom is preserved with information so do not be afraid to know. Take heart and share in matter of fact light sharing manner. Remember that cockroaches always scatter when you turn on the light unless you ignore them and let them overrun a place before taking your shoe and smashing them. Exposure to light always discourages vermin, don’t let them breed in secret, they won’t go away just because you shut your eyes. It is gross to see the first cockroach scurrying over your countertop or sucking the juices out of a cantaloupe as I experienced seeing several doing once on moving into a new home once upon a time when I turned on the light at midnight to get a glass of water. Seeing that grossed me out, but it put me into action to get the exterminator out who baited all around the house and in the cracks of the kitchen. Believe me, I didn’t want to pay the price of the service, but it was well worth it to be rid of those roaches and avoiding their infestation and keeping peace of mind for a drink of water and sanitation of my home being secured from vermin and bugs is priceless.


In a parallel way this video gives unpleasant information that our society that is being overrun by the military industrial complex of corporations and bankers who have begun a bolder phase in their quest for living out in the open on our very kitchen countertops so to speak.  If we act and clean them out now we won’t be forever afraid to get a drink of water or to live as free individuals. Yeah, this is corny, I know that, but it’s my plea for anybody out there who may not feel up to dealing with the not nice realities of this moment in time. My advice to every squeamish fearful person is to just take a deep breath and remember that turning away and running away from bugs just lets them multiply and soon you won’t have a home at all, so get going on your eradication plan. Pick up a ‘shoe’ or your voice to call for help because those bugs covet your cantaloupe too much to go away by themselves. God bless you and fear Him instead of mankind, right is might and no weapon formed against you can prevail if you stop being afraid of what you’ll see when you turn on the light.







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