Rio +20 Maurice Strong 82 Year Old Green Godfather

Here he is at Rio+20 Maurice Strong 82 years old and make no mistake the old Green Godfather has many other plans for using the global corporations to create his dream of global governance. In the FOX video linked article;  linked here.  Strong acknowledges the primary powers of corporations over the still needed compliance of official governing bodies of the nations of the world.


Mr. Strong was instrumental in the previous Earth Summit run-up,   Stockholm+40, April 23-25, 2012, meeting preparatory to Rio+20 meeting of hundreds of high officials from nations all over the world. See previous article; sustainable philosophy begun officially in Sweden in 1972 40 years ago at the first Earth Summit Sweden 1972



The FOX article; Godfather of Global Green Thinking Steps Out of Shadows at Rio+20  and the accompanying video of Maurice Strong’s long history of UN environmentalism to create global governance with the direct aid of the corporations of the world, mega financial banks as well as industrial manufacturers  taking over the governmental institutions of nations through fractional banking and taxation of the labors and products produced by the mass of humanity worldwide.


 Nonetheless, on Monday evening, Strong was introduced as a “very special guest of honor” at a “Corporate Sustainability Forum” organized by the U.N. Global Compact, a corporate group that has signed onto a variety of U.N. social and development goals. In a brief address, Strong lauded the assembled executives as “the most important meeting of Rio + 20,” and noted the number of corporate representatives attending from “the country where I live, which is called China.”

“If we are going to achieve the world we want, and not just the world we are going to get if we stay on the same course, it’s got to be led by the business community,” he said. “The real actors, the people who are going to make the change are the people in this room.”

While Strong’s presence is low-key, there is no doubt the U.N. has brought him to Rio in an official capacity, if nothing else as a living relic of the successful 1992 Earth Summit, where Strong served as conference secretary general. Strong has recently described himself as a “senior advisor to the secretary general” of the Rio + 20 conference, a high-level Chinese bureaucrat named Sha Zukang, who is also a top member of the U.N. Secretariat.

Documents examined by Fox News show that the Beijing office of the United Nations Development Program has paid Strong’s way, with a $13,000 round-trip air ticket from Beijing to New York to Rio and back. His hotels and living expenses are also being picked up, in what amounts to a three-week Rio + 20 junket.


The immediate success of the conference in issuing signed documents of agreement has been lessened by the exposure of their agenda to cease all development, progress, and populations of the earth through carbon taxes which they would like to levy upon all carbon emissions worldwide especially the developed world. None the less it is the UN Agenda 21 that is the vehicle through which these elite movers and shakers at Rio+20 will continue their efforts to make inroads into the local communities of the world toward the goal of green global governance.





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