Men Fail Us, But Truth Will Set You and Me Free! Bilderberg 1966 Documents


Here’s the goods that prove The Globalist Conspiracy, Hello!

Basic attendees list for Bilderberg 1966

This may enlighten when you see names and look underneath their facades of US officials wanting “World Peace”, “International Goodwill”, Etc. Etc. Etc.

Information for 1966 invitees on travel, etc., including Prince Bernhard’s letter, the basic agenda, and an extended attendee list

– Handwritten minutes taken down by Sen. Fred Harris during each 1966 Bilderberg speaker, including repeated statements demonizing nationalism


(…) ‘WE ARE GOD’S GIFT TO MAN’ – A separate file of just David Rockefeller’s 1965 speech to the International Industrial Conference in San Francisco, wherein he concludes by boldly stating “What we are is God’s gift to man; What we become is man’s gift to God.









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