Miss USA Answers Twitter Question “Carefully”

Miss USA 2012, Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, received Twitter question and answered ‘carefully’


 (…)In the final round, Culpo had to answer a question from Twitter, a first for the pageant, which was held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. She was asked, “Would you feel it would be fair that a transgender woman wins the Miss USA title over a natural-born woman?”

She took a pause and said that she has embraced the Miss Universe Organization’s decision to allow transgender competitors to compete in the pageant. “I do think that that would be fair, but I can understand that people would be a little apprehensive to take that road because there is a tradition of natural-born women, but today where there are so many surgeries and so many people out there who have a need to change for a happier life, I do accept that because I believe it’s a free country,” she told the audience.(…)  emphasis added.

She topped field of 51 beauty queens after voicing support for transgender contestants


I watched the last hour of the Miss USA Beauty Pageant last evening as a window into the state of these competitions and our society’s acceptable trends in the ‘modern world’. I was immediately taken by the completely staged and scripted events and the ‘carefully’ videoed presentations of the entrants. The contestants were mostly professional pageant entrants who had vast experience in the business of displaying their physical features from head to toe, as well as training in answering pleasingly. Spontaneity was not a part of this game of world class beauty and poise that epitomizes the Miss USA Pageant.   There was not a moment of truth, freshness, or true beauty. Let me sum up by saying that the entire event was as phony as its Las Vegas, Nevada, location, and Mr. Donald Trump its organizer and promoter.


It was quite an eye opener to see the United Nation’s Agenda to rewrite the human roles of gender in action as this event illustrates.




5 thoughts on “Miss USA Answers Twitter Question “Carefully”

  1. I wonder how they chose the Twitter question she was to answer, there must have been many(?) …..and who wrote it?

    Yeah, all of it is staged and hyped. I hardly watch t.v. anymore.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Channel surfing to find something to watch with my mom between a couple of very corrupting programs that evening was very instructive.

      At the time we watched the pageant we switched between that and a “Law and Order” episode on pedophile-by-step-father defended by a militant lawyer representing the legitimacy of that idea, while that was being ‘condemned’ by the gay medical investigator (of course we know that that is the way the whole reprehensible idea gets introduced into the general viewer’s mind, and gets us to believe that there are only a few bad alternate lifestyle type people and that being a ‘normal’ gay person is fine while planting the seeds of perversion and wicked acts how Hollywood works).

      The Miss USA pageant was wholly ‘fixed’. So my mother, my husband, and I were crash coursing the magnitude and velocity of the propaganda to trash morality in gender and traditional roles. It is as they say, “hard core’ re-education via the TV.

      Yep, I’m glad I unsubscribed from the DISH & Cable a couple of years ago, I don’t miss that in my house at all! Saturday night watching TV with my mom was quite a confirming experience.

      1. I’ve noticed that more and more television shows have “gay” characters or story lines that touch on that topic. It is a “sign of the times”. I’m reading (almost finished) “Rasputin” by Bryan Moynahan. Rasputin influenced the last of the Romanovs, well, mostly the tzarina Alexandra who then pushed her husband to do what she wanted, and she always wanted what Rasputin wanted. It was a time of corruption and decadence, much like today, and it all came tumbling down with the Bolshevik Revolution. I think something is going to give here soon too, the signs are all around us.

      2. I read on that too, fascinating window on the changing tides of 100 years ago that continue to sweep us today.

        Have you seen the 1966 Bilderberg meeting minutes handwritten by Senator Fred Harris that were given by archivist to Alex Jones this past week? They are such a reveal, it explains why third world countries were never developed and NATO’s today power as the military giant it is waging all these ever increasing wars. Sheesh! To think that powers at work in the world back in the Tzar’s day are wrecking this ‘modern’ havoc is quite true even though it is almost unthinkable for the average person! (:

  2. Have you seen the 1966 Bilderberg meeting minutes handwritten by Senator Fred Harris that were given by archivist to Alex Jones this past week?

    No, I’ll have to look for them. There’s a book called Tragedy and Hope written by Carroll Quigley which I had begun to read online (it is next to impossible to find the complete thousand plus page version in print, or extremely expensive if you do locate one) but get sidetracked after page one hundred and something… but it is supposed to outline what has happened the last couple hundred years regarding the spread of western civilization and how it has treated it’s non-western subordinates. If you haven’t read it either, but are interested in having a look, it can be found here:

    http: //archive.org/details/ TragedyAndHope
    (remove spaces)


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