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Speculations on USCOTUS Ruling as Political Ploy by Republican Appointed Justice Roberts to Get Romney Elected


This Election Just Became About Obamacare
11:06 AM, Jun 28, 2012 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON

Roberts to the rescue for Romney
By Joseph Curl

(…) Chief Justice Roberts has given Mitt Romney a key attack: The president is a tax-and-spend liberal bent on expanding government to unprecedented levels. And the presumed Republican nominee knows it: “If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama,” he said from a rooftop in Washington overlooking the Capitol. “What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected president.”(…)

The silver lining? Now Obama owns his tax hikes

By Charles Hurt

Justice Roberts,  “Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our nation´s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”


This is all too convoluted and political for mere mortals to see where these powerful governmental opponents are leading us unless we look at history and examine those games of past governing regimes.


In efforts to make some scene out of the USCOTUS ruling upon Obamacare by the 5 to 4 finding with Justice Roberts the ‘conservative’ appointment breaking the 4 to 4 party-line tie decision.  I began thinking, running these confusing political ploys around in my mind and then I found this article by searching the term, “choose your enemies carefully”, it was buried on the eleventh search page, but I think it is very apropos today as the governing parties left and right in this country have taken nearly every ‘imagine’ and made them all apply to life in the USA, 2012.

Orwell’s Nightmare: Imagine a Country Where. . .

(…) A place where “secrecy” and “national security” were used to control debate;

Where legitimate secrecy, was subject to political use and abuse;

Where “legislators” were mere mouthpieces for and rubberstamps of whoever was in power;

Where you lived and died with the permission of the government;

A place where foreign policy was more important than domestic concerns;

Where fear was used as a political weapon and an acceptable means of control;

Where the best medical care was reserved for the influential;

Where wealth was concentrated in the top 5%;

A place where there was no middle class — just a small economic and political elite, and the working poor.(…)

This is from a speech by former CIA officer Jim Marcinkowski, now running for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District.

These remarks were delivered in Washtenaw County, Michigan on February 8, 2006

He was referring to the now dissolved Soviet Union, against which America presented itself as a vibrant and inspiring contrast — well, most of the time.

We have become a nation led by those contriving fear, selling fear, validating fear, legitimated by fear — and we run the risk of becoming what we fought for decades.

— Steve Clemons, Sunday, Feb 12 2006


Funny thing here is that no matter which candidate is elected it is still the NWO candidate taking the USA further into the matrix of global governance. Seems we have between these a Hobson’s Choice. But friends, there are other choices which are not political and go outside that box……….. Just saying.



Grave But Information is Freedom, Stay Free!

Here is a lot of updated information on the state of preparedness in officialdoms who serve to protect. This is grave information, but freedom is preserved with information so do not be afraid to know. Take heart and share in matter of fact light sharing manner. Remember that cockroaches always scatter when you turn on the light unless you ignore them and let them overrun a place before taking your shoe and smashing them. Exposure to light always discourages vermin, don’t let them breed in secret, they won’t go away just because you shut your eyes. It is gross to see the first cockroach scurrying over your countertop or sucking the juices out of a cantaloupe as I experienced seeing several doing once on moving into a new home once upon a time when I turned on the light at midnight to get a glass of water. Seeing that grossed me out, but it put me into action to get the exterminator out who baited all around the house and in the cracks of the kitchen. Believe me, I didn’t want to pay the price of the service, but it was well worth it to be rid of those roaches and avoiding their infestation and keeping peace of mind for a drink of water and sanitation of my home being secured from vermin and bugs is priceless.


In a parallel way this video gives unpleasant information that our society that is being overrun by the military industrial complex of corporations and bankers who have begun a bolder phase in their quest for living out in the open on our very kitchen countertops so to speak.  If we act and clean them out now we won’t be forever afraid to get a drink of water or to live as free individuals. Yeah, this is corny, I know that, but it’s my plea for anybody out there who may not feel up to dealing with the not nice realities of this moment in time. My advice to every squeamish fearful person is to just take a deep breath and remember that turning away and running away from bugs just lets them multiply and soon you won’t have a home at all, so get going on your eradication plan. Pick up a ‘shoe’ or your voice to call for help because those bugs covet your cantaloupe too much to go away by themselves. God bless you and fear Him instead of mankind, right is might and no weapon formed against you can prevail if you stop being afraid of what you’ll see when you turn on the light.





Rio+20 Fails Goes Too Far, Light Up Christ in Green Lights

Nature Article here.


 Negotiators achieve early agreement at Rio summit

But environmentalists decry proposed text, citing lack of ambition, inspiration and commitment.
Jeff Tollefson
19 June 2012

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s iconic statue of Christ has gone green to celebrate the Earth Summit taking place there — but critics wonder if the agreement that emerged today is beyond redemption.


(…) In the run-up to the Earth Summit taking place in Rio de Janeiro this week, Brazilian officials on 19 June unveiled a text agreed by negotiators that looks set to become the final agreement to emerge from the meeting. The 49-page document, which touches on all of the major issues surrounding sustainable development but requires very little in the way of concrete commitments from governments, will be taken up by world leaders when they gather at the 20–22 June Rio+20 meeting.

Environmentalists immediately blasted the text,(…)

Entire article here.

Climate Depot Reports on Earth Summit 2012 Rio+20’s Fail to Wreck Control Over the Globe


 Climate Depot Featured at UN Earth Summit: ‘Failure here is good for the world’s poor people. We need to redefine sustainable development as oil, gas, coal’

Morano: ‘Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment & poor people. Carbon based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in history of our planet’
Friday, June 22, 2012

RIO DE JANEIRO – Climate Depot’s Executive Editor Marc Morano addressed the UN’s Rio +20 Earth Summit on June 20 and 21. Following a video presentation by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Morano addressed a packed room at a CFACT press conference at the UN complex in Rio, followed by a hostile q and a session. (Selected video highlights available here.)

Selected Highlights of Morano’s statement to UN: “What a difference 20 years makes. This is a mockery of where we were 20 years.

I challenge UN activists, environmentalists, Greenpeace, and the media to ask Sec. Hillary Clinton what the objective here in Rio is for the U.S. Her objective is nothing more than to check a box and get the hell out of town. She is going to be conning people if you believe she is here for substantive agreement.


We are witnessing an historic moment in history of UN. UN IPCC chair Pachauri is now saying global warming is but a secondary problem to sustainability. The UN is now saying saving species is a greater urgency than global warming. They have now thrown global warming under the bus in favor of species extinction.


Failure here is good for the world’s poor people. Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment and poor people. Carbon based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet.

James Lovelock, the father of the modern green movement says “sustainable development” is “meaningless drivel”.

I will go further and say we need to redefine sustainable development as oil, gas, coal — energy that works and energy that lifts people out of poverty.”

[End Morano statement.]

Entire Article here.


Climate Depot List of News Links;

UK Telegraph: ‘Earth Summit is a washout…Even the skies wept’ — ‘Produced an inconsequential agreement that will not take action on any of the urgent issues’

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton urged leaders at the Rio+20 summit to take sensible steps in solving global environmental problems & promoting sustainable development

Cheers! Rio Earth Summit dismissed as ‘hoax that achieved nothing’: Oxfam declares: ‘They came, they talked, but they failed to act’

Rio+20 Earth summit concludes with few commitments — Countries agree to develop long-term sustainability goals – but without timelines

NYT: ‘Should Air-Conditioning Go Global, or Be Rationed Away?’ — Is A/C a modern-day right like clean water…or an unsustainable luxury that we should give up or ration?’

Celebs speak out at Rio earth summit


Climate Depot










Rio +20 Maurice Strong 82 Year Old Green Godfather

Here he is at Rio+20 Maurice Strong 82 years old and make no mistake the old Green Godfather has many other plans for using the global corporations to create his dream of global governance. In the FOX video linked article;  linked here.  Strong acknowledges the primary powers of corporations over the still needed compliance of official governing bodies of the nations of the world.


Mr. Strong was instrumental in the previous Earth Summit run-up,   Stockholm+40, April 23-25, 2012, meeting preparatory to Rio+20 meeting of hundreds of high officials from nations all over the world. See previous article; sustainable philosophy begun officially in Sweden in 1972 40 years ago at the first Earth Summit Sweden 1972



The FOX article; Godfather of Global Green Thinking Steps Out of Shadows at Rio+20  and the accompanying video of Maurice Strong’s long history of UN environmentalism to create global governance with the direct aid of the corporations of the world, mega financial banks as well as industrial manufacturers  taking over the governmental institutions of nations through fractional banking and taxation of the labors and products produced by the mass of humanity worldwide.


 Nonetheless, on Monday evening, Strong was introduced as a “very special guest of honor” at a “Corporate Sustainability Forum” organized by the U.N. Global Compact, a corporate group that has signed onto a variety of U.N. social and development goals. In a brief address, Strong lauded the assembled executives as “the most important meeting of Rio + 20,” and noted the number of corporate representatives attending from “the country where I live, which is called China.”

“If we are going to achieve the world we want, and not just the world we are going to get if we stay on the same course, it’s got to be led by the business community,” he said. “The real actors, the people who are going to make the change are the people in this room.”

While Strong’s presence is low-key, there is no doubt the U.N. has brought him to Rio in an official capacity, if nothing else as a living relic of the successful 1992 Earth Summit, where Strong served as conference secretary general. Strong has recently described himself as a “senior advisor to the secretary general” of the Rio + 20 conference, a high-level Chinese bureaucrat named Sha Zukang, who is also a top member of the U.N. Secretariat.

Documents examined by Fox News show that the Beijing office of the United Nations Development Program has paid Strong’s way, with a $13,000 round-trip air ticket from Beijing to New York to Rio and back. His hotels and living expenses are also being picked up, in what amounts to a three-week Rio + 20 junket.


The immediate success of the conference in issuing signed documents of agreement has been lessened by the exposure of their agenda to cease all development, progress, and populations of the earth through carbon taxes which they would like to levy upon all carbon emissions worldwide especially the developed world. None the less it is the UN Agenda 21 that is the vehicle through which these elite movers and shakers at Rio+20 will continue their efforts to make inroads into the local communities of the world toward the goal of green global governance.



Space Mirrors Will Reduce Rainfall in Americas and Eurasia by 10 to 20%

New Scientist June 18_2012 Article linked here.



 (…)Previous studies have shown that geoengineering cannot restore both temperature and rain to previous levels, linked here. (…)

(…) Hauke Schmidt of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, and his colleagues played out the same simple scenario in four different climate models. In each one, he quadrupled carbon dioxide levels from pre-industrial levels, linked here. (…)

(…) Article linked here.



WORD to the wise here,

I rather think that would mean a reduction of agriculture and food, and causing thirst and harm of living beings. I hope the scientists and their financiers will extrapolate life as more important than playing God to ‘help’ the earth with their experiments to cool the globe.

This research is only possible through the public purse and is after all financed by the trusting unscientific mass proletariat  through taxation of their labor and goods. It is cruel to violate that trust, cruel and criminal. Tread carefully because to whom much is given much is required of them.


Earth Summit Rio+20 Craig Rucker Attends

Here are video reports as the first attendees participate in the pre-convention convention of Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012, June, from Craig Rucker, CFACT.


 The future we dread

Marked-up draft of UN Rio+20 agenda reveals shocking “sustainability” wish list.

An American family of four could owe the UN $1,325 per year.

The UN defines “climate change” as being man-made: Orwell could not have done it betterGreen Guru James Lovelock: ‘So-called sustainable development is meaningless drivel’

 Flashback April 2012: ‘Gaia’ scientist James Lovelock reverses himself: I was ‘alarmist’ about climate change & so was Gore! ‘The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago’      Article here



If you wonder how serious the Earth Summit Rio+20 is to those who make treaty and law and policy for our USA witness who is going;

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton To Head U.S. Delegation to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development

Press Statement
Victoria Nuland
Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
June 12, 2012

(…)In addition to Secretary Clinton, Administrator Jackson, and Special Envoy Stern, the U.S. delegation will include the following U.S. Government representatives:
Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., Ambassador of the United States to Brazil
Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality
Kerri-Ann Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens, U.S. Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council
Carlos Pascual, Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Department of State
Reta Jo Lewis, Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs, Department of State
Kris Balderston, Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Department of State
Don Steinberg, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development
Elizabeth L. Littlefield, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (…)


The good news about this entire all encompassing subject matter’s being challenged by many is found here at Climate Depot with all the links to the comprehensive back stories;






Men Fail Us, But Truth Will Set You and Me Free! Bilderberg 1966 Documents


Here’s the goods that prove The Globalist Conspiracy, Hello!

Basic attendees list for Bilderberg 1966

This may enlighten when you see names and look underneath their facades of US officials wanting “World Peace”, “International Goodwill”, Etc. Etc. Etc.

Information for 1966 invitees on travel, etc., including Prince Bernhard’s letter, the basic agenda, and an extended attendee list

– Handwritten minutes taken down by Sen. Fred Harris during each 1966 Bilderberg speaker, including repeated statements demonizing nationalism


(…) ‘WE ARE GOD’S GIFT TO MAN’ – A separate file of just David Rockefeller’s 1965 speech to the International Industrial Conference in San Francisco, wherein he concludes by boldly stating “What we are is God’s gift to man; What we become is man’s gift to God.







European Geosciences Union Publishes Study, Geoengineering Could Disrupt Rainfall Patterns

Geoengineering Could Disrupt Rainfall Patterns

Geoengineering Could Disrupt Rainfall Patterns

ScienceDaily (June 6, 2012) — A geoengineering solution to climate change could lead to significant rainfall reduction in Europe and North America, a team of European scientists concludes. The researchers studied how models of Earth in a warm, CO2-rich world respond to an artificial reduction in the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface.

The study is published June 6, 2012,  in Earth System Dynamics, an Open Access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). (…) Emphasis added.


ESD pdf


Solar irradiance reduction to counteract radiative forcing from a
quadrupling of CO2: climate responses simulated by four earth
system models
H. Schmidt1, K. Alterskjær2, D. Bou Karam3, O. Boucher4,*, A. Jones4, J. E. Kristj´ansson2, U. Niemeier1, M. Schulz5,
A. Aaheim6, F. Benduhn7, M. Lawrence7,**, and C. Timmreck1
1Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany
2University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
3Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et l’Environnement, CEA, CNRS, UVSQ, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
4Met Office Hadley Centre, Exeter, UK
5Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo, Norway
6Cicero, Oslo, Norway
7Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany
*now at: Laboratoire de M´et´eorologie Dynamique, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace/CNRS, Paris, France
**now at: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany
Correspondence to: H. Schmidt (
Received: 13 January 2012 – Published in Earth Syst. Dynam. Discuss.: 25 January 2012
Revised: 8 May 2012 – Accepted: 14 May 2012 – Published: 6 June 2012


In this study we compare the response of four
state-of-the-art Earth system models to climate engineering
under scenario G1 of two model intercomparison projects:
GeoMIP (Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project)
and IMPLICC (EU project “Implications and risks of engineering
solar radiation to limit climate change”). In G1,
the radiative forcing from an instantaneous quadrupling of
the CO2 concentration, starting from the preindustrial level,
is balanced by a reduction of the solar constant. Model responses
to the two counteracting forcings in G1 are compared
to the preindustrial climate in terms of global means
and regional patterns and their robustness. While the global
mean surface air temperature in G1 remains almost unchanged
compared to the control simulation, the meridional
temperature gradient is reduced in all models. Another robust
response is the global reduction of precipitation with
strong effects in particular over North and South America
and northern Eurasia. In comparison to the climate response
to a quadrupling of CO2 alone, the temperature responses are
small in experiment G1. Precipitation responses are, however,
in many regions of comparable magnitude but globally
of opposite sign.


See complete pdf  here.



Also see;

Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter

  01 June 2012 by Jeff Hecht

Blue skies would fade to hazy white if geoengineers inject light-scattering aerosols into the upper atmosphere to offset global warming. Critics have already warned that this might happen, but now the effect has been quantified.

Releasing sulphate aerosols high in the atmosphere should in theory reduce global temperatures by reflecting a small percentage of the incoming sunlight away from the Earth. However, the extra particles would also scatter more of the remaining light into the atmosphere. This would reduce by 20 per cent the amount of sunlight that takes a direct route to the ground, and it would increase levels of softer, diffuse scattered light, says Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California.

That would have knock-on effects for life – and human technology.(…)