No Spy, No Fly Ex Marine Reveals Hidden ‘Perp’ Program Behind FBI’s No Fly List

We are in the beginnings of a closed society of suspicion and fear. We are being turned into snitches and neighborhood spies and ‘perps’.  Abe Mashal’s story is in his book, No Spy No Fly,

Here is an in depth interview with him which tells how he was put on the ‘No Fly List’ because he is an American Muslim Ex Marine married to an American Christian woman with four children, a clean law abiding life, and a good reputation with everyone in his life, and a successful business that involves frequent flying.  Abe Mashal was recruited by FBI to spy for them in an unofficial but paid ‘off the books‘ position.

This story is widely reported in the main stream press, but this interview will give his story and much more of how it is important for every citizen to hear what can happen to any of us.







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