In a Nutshell, World Government? Start Here

In a nutshell, World Government works the way Tony Cartalucci postulates in his first blog post for his Land Destroyer blogspot and back up wordpress blogs.  Common sense tells me here’s a basic nut to teach young people how the world government works through the elite institutions of government and corporations through these networked citizens of the shadow rulers of the commerce and social customs of the world. I say to teach young people because of their teachableness and their willingness and energy for having a good future, but I would also include older people who have a care for them.

Mr. Cartalucci’s writings and well documented essays could serve as educational material in a homeschool social studies course or a supplementary course for those unfortunate students who cannot be homeschooled.  I have found his contributions invaluable in articulating the complex systems of world governments as they really function, thereby taking the confusion and mystery out of the way. The below excerpt introduces his fine clear minded viewpoint. Follow the links for much, much more.

World Government?    from Tony Cartalucci

 Posted on May 28, 2009  “……………….. Let’s take a look at a more “realistic” postulation on how power and policy is distributed and implemented. Remember, this is a “postulation,” and there is plenty of room for debate.

#1. The Bilderberg Group is a yearly meeting between the world’s most powerful leaders and policy makers, along with executives from the largest companies on earth. They make decisions at these yearly meetings, which are then passed onto either #2. the already existing cogs of world government, the WTO, UN, or World Bank – or onto #3. & #4., regional think tank groups chock-full of elitists and policy wonks. Here they work out the details for implementation as well as how politicians will sell these policies to the public.

#5. Here we have the government – who sells the policy to the public as well as making it “legitimate” via law. We also have corporations that are used either to exploit the policy or at times help implement it. These corporations generally have members of the elitists and think tanks sitting on their boards of directors.

#6. Recruitment. Corporations, media groups, the military, and universities are a buffer zone between the people and the elitists. They draw from the masses into their lowest ranks many people to serve their designs. They also serve as mouth pieces for the elitists, justifying and legimizing the policy being handed down. Talented individuals are often cultivated or co-opted by the elite as they rise up through the levels of this machine and approach the levers of power. By the time they reach real power, the establishment has enough dirt on them, enough leverage over them, to keep them in line and policy on course…………….”

World Government?

Tony Cartalucci wordpress blog

Tony Cartalucci blogspot blog



Sadly  you’ll probably waste your money if you sacrifice and spend your money on the “quality” private higher learning institution, Liberty University in Virginia, that the Falwells, Sr. and Jr.,  value “traditional” political values of the false right left paradigm and ignore the only constitutional candidate running for president. The commencement speech of the presumptive candidate of the right Mitt Romney serves to rubber stamp the evangelicals into line with the Republican party machine despite the facts of Ron Paul actually being revealed as the winner of 5 states’ delegates to the convention in Tampa. So what’s that about?


Well, as I’ve “been there, done that”,  having left the corporate Southern Baptist membership after 25 years of wondering why their direction never quite took America into a “Moral Majority” I got wise 5 years ago and learned the true history that is never taught in their private schools. The Internet is the true source for history and anyone may at this time learn the things they were denied by their public and or private schools.


It is tragic that the vehicle most respected by the evangelical “christian” world, Liberty University, (it is a mockery for it to claim the word “liberty” in their name), loves power and influence enough to vote for the “lesser of two evils” yet again while the actual member of their Southern Baptist membership who upholds the United States Constitution, Ron Paul, does not even register upon their brains as still in the race for president. Liberty University’s leadership has sold their inheritance for a pot of stew just like Esau in the Old Testament.


The point is not that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and not a Christian, but that Falwell and company reject Ron Paul the only candidate with a care for freedom and liberty.


Use the opportunity to learn from the Internet while you still can.




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