Hollywood Vaccine Propaganda circa 1950

We have records of how Hollywood propaganda was from the very first used by the elite class to form desired attitudes and beliefs in the common people. I have found a veritable gem that is not in the least bit subtle in introducing the common person to be vaccinated as the common sense “right” thing expected of all decent people.  ” The Killer That Stalked New York”, 1950, from Columbia Movies is just one example of the “educational” values of the “Silver Screen”.

“Collage from The Killer That Stalked NY”


It is no wonder that we live in a dream world prison society today. For as long as the Hollywood hypnotic moving pictures media has had to reshape the minds of the peoples of the “modern” world we have indeed been influenced at the basic levels of our souls into a common mass mind. Individual thinking is discouraged and disinfected against by life long inoculations of mass media movies, TV, medicine, and public education. If anyone does not fit into the mold of the greater good they are marked for re-education and or incarceration. The Brave New World is here. Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bearnaise would be delighted to see the fruits of his labors to manipulate mankind toward thinking we are simply another species of animal.

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Heavy handed  Hollywood propaganda has produced has indeed changed all aspects of human expectations. The fashionable and acceptable normal behaviour are far from traditional human existence patterns.  It is hard for most people to even imagine life before the “modern” age. But not so fast, Mr. Freud’s Nephew, many people still believe they are made in the image of God. Even one hundred years of motion pictures cannot stamp out the spirit that lives in man who believes in God. That is a mystery that will never be solved for those who blind themselves with unbelief in the Creator.



Links to information about the unpopular and obscured facts about vaccinations that Hollywood propaganda,  mass media, and governmental authorities do not want the common person to know:

Article from Robert F. Kennedy, 2009


Educated Families Increasingly Refusing Vaccinations


Vaccination Exposed


It is a Matrix like realization to discover that our entire lives we have lived inside the Hollywood propaganda machine and that our earliest attitudes have been inculcated into our very DNA of beliefs.. Even those of us who claim to be Christians. But the hope of awakening lives. We can one by one unplug from the addictions of the Hollywood propaganda machine by seeing their products without the blinding glint of mass manipulation by their flickering screens of lying images burned upon our psyches.



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