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Bilderberg 2012 Chantilly, Virginia, USA, Occupy Bilderberg Shines Light Upon Elite Meeting

Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants
May 31, 2012

Editor’s note: The Bilderbergers now post the participant list on their “official” website.

In the past, moles inside the organization would release the secretive list to journalists, most notably Jim Tucker of the American Free Press.

Bilderberg Meetings

Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 May-3 June 2012

Final List of Participants

ChairmanFRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group



London Guardian, Charlie Skelton, Report from Chantilly

 Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year’s annual conference  

……………… protestors had better stay on their best behaviour. And we’re expecting plenty of them – gathering under the activist umbrella: “Occupy Bilderberg

What a difference a year makes. Occupy Bilderberg? I love it. The Occupy movement seems finally to have realised that the problem isn’t the 1%, it’s the 0.001%. It’s the guys and gals and whatever David Rockefeller is who are meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, at the end of the week. Many hundreds of protestors have pledged to show up. And who knows, they may just manage to drag the mainstream news media with them.

Historically, one of the biggest problems people have had with Occupy is that its aims and demands have been a little, shall we say, “diffuse”. Not the case with Occupy Bilderberg. That’s the nail getting hit squarely on the head. Occupy Bilderberg is keyhole activism. Picking the exact right spot and sticking the scissors in.

“We refuse to pay for the banks’ crisis” was the cry from OccupyLSX back in the autumn. They demanded an end to “our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.” What Bilderberg represents is the fact that our democracy IS our corporations…………………………….



Why Does The Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group?




Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg






Will Bilderberg meeting be ‘occupied’?

…………………………… Radio host Alex Jones was thrown out of the 2008 Bilderberg conference and called upon the OWS protests to fill the streets of Chantilly in opposition to the Bilderberg presence. Groups are reportedly organizing car pools to be part of the protests, including car pools from the NATO Summit protest in Chicago to Chantilly, Virginia.

Bilderberg watcher Daniel Estulin, author of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” will not be in attendance this year because he is not permitted to travel into the U.S. But he is sending a representative in his stead. He believes the meetings are among the most important events to take place in the world every year.

“Bilderberg is not some group of demonic world leaders sitting around a table staring into a crystal ball,” Estulin told WND. “In the U.S., a lot of people mistakenly believe there are secret societies, a very small group controlling the dynamics of the entire world, instead of understanding Bilderberg as a processes-, ideas- and themes-shaping organization. “Bilderberg is not a bogeyman. But it is a powerful organization. It’s a medium for bringing together financial institutions – the largest, predatory institutions in the world – which acts in ways that are now the worst enemy of society.”……………………..World Net Daily.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012 The President Disappeared on Saturday and There’s a Bilderberg Meeting Coming Up: Coincidence?

Remember, if the President meets someone outside the White House, it isn’t logged in on WH records amd there is no record if the press aren’t there to record it.
Posted by Robert Wenzel



Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg



Security tighter than ever at Bilderberg conference  By Ben Wolfgang, The Washington Times, Wednesday, May 30, 2012

……………….. The conference gets its name from the first meeting in 1954 at the Bilderberg hotel in the Netherlands.

Critics say the organization’s benign description doesn’t come close to reality. It is at the Bilderberg’s annual meeting, they argue, that the world’s real rulers make major decisions with global implications, such as choosing future political leaders surreptitiously.

Some say the group also is laying the groundwork for an eventual one-world government, for plans to impose worldwide population control, and for using such global issues as climate change to repeal democracy or free speech………………………….



Bilderberg Conference starts today in Chantilly, Virginia  By Anne Sewell , May 31, 2012

………………….. One topic of discussion already confirmed to be up for debate will be ecological issues and Agenda 21 – part of Bilderberg’s efforts to usher in a post-industrial revolution……………..



Agenda 21 To Be Discussed at Bilderberg Confab  By Paul Joseph Watson

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The attendance of Alberta Premier and global warming alarmist Alison Redford at this year’s Bilderberg conference, during which she will discuss “ecological challenges,” confirms that Agenda 21 and the bid to re-brand the stuttering climate change power grab will be core issues at the elitist confab set to take begin tomorrow. “According to a government news release, Redford will meet with a number of individuals to discuss topics like monetary policy, ecological challenges and responsible development of natural resources,” reports CBC News.

Redford’s attendance at the clandestine meeting of global power brokers is costing Canadian taxpayers $19,000 dollars. Her appearance represents yet another example of how Bilderberg is not merely a talking shop but an active consensus-making forum for people in positions of power…………………………


Education What Is It? What Could It Be?

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms


Just Saying…………….

Agenda 21’s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity, Lord Monkton’s Calm Clear Coherent Explanaton

Here is a fine introductory to the UN’s Agenda 21 Globalist Eugenicist Plan to Reduce the world’s population from 7 billion down to 1 billion or less. The plan aspires to end  progress for the 99% and to incrementally starve, sterilize, and reverse, reduce, and revoke their creativity into a serfdom class of a manageable population ruled by a guarded technocracy of the 1% who hold the keys to the goods of the earth. Their vehicles are climate change and world peace via world governance by the technocratic oligarchy.

We’re So Not Having This Conversation, But Maybe We Should; 5 Wired Stories

There is a “normal” world in which the 99% live, but we’re so not having this conversation, but maybe we should, to help the 99% to waken out of the matrix. Here are a few of the 1% projects for the 1% and dreamed up by the 1% to lord over and manage the 99%, and/but carried out with 99%ers tax dollars.

5 Wired Stories 

#1 For thinking people and those created (in the image of God) folk of flesh and blood who fancy themselves to be writers;

Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?

Computer algorithim writing to make up 90%of news stories in 15 years

#2  Upstart Virginia aerospace firm Mav6 is offering to install guided missiles on the massive robotic spy blimp it’s building for the Air Force. The idea would only be slightly terrifying, if the massive airship were headed to Afghanistan, as originally planned. But Mav6 and its CEO, a respected retired Air Force general, are also promoting the giant airship for homeland security missions over U.S. soil. In that way, today’s war blimp could become tomorrow’s all-seeing, lethal Big Brother.

Capable of hovering at 20,000 feet for a week at a time while carrying radars, cameras, radio links and computer processors — the “most powerful” of their type in existence — the Blue Devil 2 airship can also be fitted with “weapons modules,” according to marketing material provided by Mav6.

Here’s the Plan to Fly Missile-Packed Blimps Over Your Home

#3 For years, U.S. government agencies have told the public, veterans and Congress that they couldn’t draw any connections between the so-called “burn pits” disposing of trash at the military’s biggest bases and veterans’ respiratory or cardiopulmonary problems. But a 2011 Army memo obtained by Danger Room flat-out stated that the burn pit at one of Afghanistan’s largest bases poses “long-term adverse health conditions” to troops breathing the air there.

Leaked Memo: Afghan ‘Burn Pit’ Could Wreck Troops’ Hearts, Lungs

#4 Shades of Michael Chrichton!  they (Darpa) want the capability for “on-demand production”  of whatever bio-product suits the military’s immediate needs.

To do it, Darpa will need to revamp the process of bio-engineering — from the initial design of a new material, to its construction, to its subsequent efficacy evaluation. The starting point, and one that agency-funded researchers will have to create, is a library of “modular genetic parts”: Standardized biological units that can be assembled in different ways — like LEGO — to create different materials.

Darpa, Venter Launch Assembly Line for Genetic Engineering

#5 Did you hear the one about the New York state lawmakers who forgot about the First Amendment in the name of combating cyberbullying and “baseless political attacks”?

Proposed legislation in both chambers would require New York-based websites, such as blogs and newspapers, to “remove any comments posted on his or her website by an anonymous poster unless such anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post.”

New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speech

Now aren’t these 5 Wired Stories more interesting than America’s Got Talent, Idols, Etc.? But I forget, We’re So Not Having This Conversation! 

Alex Prays in Name of Jesus Christ for God to Bring Judgement on CPS for Hurting Children

The entire 56 minute video contains information all parents need to know.


Very disturbing but necessary for parents to be able to protect their families. Know the enemy and know the CPS is it.


The prayer part begins 29:09.

No Spy, No Fly Ex Marine Reveals Hidden ‘Perp’ Program Behind FBI’s No Fly List

We are in the beginnings of a closed society of suspicion and fear. We are being turned into snitches and neighborhood spies and ‘perps’.  Abe Mashal’s story is in his book, No Spy No Fly,

Here is an in depth interview with him which tells how he was put on the ‘No Fly List’ because he is an American Muslim Ex Marine married to an American Christian woman with four children, a clean law abiding life, and a good reputation with everyone in his life, and a successful business that involves frequent flying.  Abe Mashal was recruited by FBI to spy for them in an unofficial but paid ‘off the books‘ position.

This story is widely reported in the main stream press, but this interview will give his story and much more of how it is important for every citizen to hear what can happen to any of us.





2010 Document of World Bank Outlines Population Control Predicates for Loans

World Bank’s Reproductive Health Action Plan 2010-2015


sovereign nations must implement population reduction objectives as outlined by the World Bank and UN Population Fund




Eugenics Reports


India Zero Tolerance: Pranab Mukherjee said that books with cartoons of leaders will be withdrawn and “appropriate action taken against those who indulge in such acts”

Zero Tolerance Free Speech and Expression Censorship Mounts World Wide


Threatened in India, Now Political Cartoons of Leaders Being Censored in Textbooks

From the Comments on the below article;

End of the Republic.

by poster, Observer | 15-May-2012

India is slowly but surely taking steps away from Democracy. First Internet freedom. Now this. So much for “India story”… Its more like “India Tragedy”… “The end of the Republic” All these “changes” are slow creeping in through the back door. In a Republic , Freedom of Speech and expression do not exist due to the Generosity of the Politicians. These are fundamental rights that are enshrined in the Constitution. Hmm … So much for the Constitution of India

The Indian Express : Tue May 15 2012

 …………………..But what’s most disturbing is the unanimity with which all political leaders in Parliament agreed — no, competed — to show zero tolerance. The Ambedkar cartoon was just a first flimsy excuse, the entire tradition of political caricature may be under threat. Other anodyne cartoons in the NCERT political science curriculum featuring Jawaharlal Nehru, A.B. Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh are said to have incurred the “strong displeasure” of a section of MPs. Lampooning leaders will now bring heavy consequences. Given that many MPs — from Arun Jaitley to Ram Vilas Paswan — have strong memories of the Emergency, and of defying it, it is indeed sad that they now seem so comfortable simply whiting out material from a textbook. We rely on the good sense of our legislators to uphold free expression, and this inability to see an old cartoon for what it is makes them more laughable than anything dreamt up by a satirist.

What explains this eruption of intolerance now?……………………….

This smacks of UN Agenda 21 consensus pressure to control dissent by  unconstitutional political correctness acts to squelch opposition to government. Read Rosa Koire’s book, Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 for the way it infiltrates into local communities as well as regions and countries of the world.

Cover of Rosa Koire’s book Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21

Without freedom of speech and expression there is no freedom that cannot be taken away. I would add that this generation may not willingly give away the rights of the next generation by agreeing to go along with slavery and tyranny and gagging of expression. This generation may indeed burden the next generation with illegal debts and enslavements, but every generation is responsible for their actions and may throw off that unearned bondage with courage and will.

In a Nutshell, World Government? Start Here

In a nutshell, World Government works the way Tony Cartalucci postulates in his first blog post for his Land Destroyer blogspot and back up wordpress blogs.  Common sense tells me here’s a basic nut to teach young people how the world government works through the elite institutions of government and corporations through these networked citizens of the shadow rulers of the commerce and social customs of the world. I say to teach young people because of their teachableness and their willingness and energy for having a good future, but I would also include older people who have a care for them.

Mr. Cartalucci’s writings and well documented essays could serve as educational material in a homeschool social studies course or a supplementary course for those unfortunate students who cannot be homeschooled.  I have found his contributions invaluable in articulating the complex systems of world governments as they really function, thereby taking the confusion and mystery out of the way. The below excerpt introduces his fine clear minded viewpoint. Follow the links for much, much more.

World Government?    from Tony Cartalucci

 Posted on May 28, 2009  “……………….. Let’s take a look at a more “realistic” postulation on how power and policy is distributed and implemented. Remember, this is a “postulation,” and there is plenty of room for debate.

#1. The Bilderberg Group is a yearly meeting between the world’s most powerful leaders and policy makers, along with executives from the largest companies on earth. They make decisions at these yearly meetings, which are then passed onto either #2. the already existing cogs of world government, the WTO, UN, or World Bank – or onto #3. & #4., regional think tank groups chock-full of elitists and policy wonks. Here they work out the details for implementation as well as how politicians will sell these policies to the public.

#5. Here we have the government – who sells the policy to the public as well as making it “legitimate” via law. We also have corporations that are used either to exploit the policy or at times help implement it. These corporations generally have members of the elitists and think tanks sitting on their boards of directors.

#6. Recruitment. Corporations, media groups, the military, and universities are a buffer zone between the people and the elitists. They draw from the masses into their lowest ranks many people to serve their designs. They also serve as mouth pieces for the elitists, justifying and legimizing the policy being handed down. Talented individuals are often cultivated or co-opted by the elite as they rise up through the levels of this machine and approach the levers of power. By the time they reach real power, the establishment has enough dirt on them, enough leverage over them, to keep them in line and policy on course…………….”

World Government?

Tony Cartalucci wordpress blog

Tony Cartalucci blogspot blog



Sadly  you’ll probably waste your money if you sacrifice and spend your money on the “quality” private higher learning institution, Liberty University in Virginia, that the Falwells, Sr. and Jr.,  value “traditional” political values of the false right left paradigm and ignore the only constitutional candidate running for president. The commencement speech of the presumptive candidate of the right Mitt Romney serves to rubber stamp the evangelicals into line with the Republican party machine despite the facts of Ron Paul actually being revealed as the winner of 5 states’ delegates to the convention in Tampa. So what’s that about?


Well, as I’ve “been there, done that”,  having left the corporate Southern Baptist membership after 25 years of wondering why their direction never quite took America into a “Moral Majority” I got wise 5 years ago and learned the true history that is never taught in their private schools. The Internet is the true source for history and anyone may at this time learn the things they were denied by their public and or private schools.


It is tragic that the vehicle most respected by the evangelical “christian” world, Liberty University, (it is a mockery for it to claim the word “liberty” in their name), loves power and influence enough to vote for the “lesser of two evils” yet again while the actual member of their Southern Baptist membership who upholds the United States Constitution, Ron Paul, does not even register upon their brains as still in the race for president. Liberty University’s leadership has sold their inheritance for a pot of stew just like Esau in the Old Testament.


The point is not that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and not a Christian, but that Falwell and company reject Ron Paul the only candidate with a care for freedom and liberty.


Use the opportunity to learn from the Internet while you still can.