Did Ya Know? Happiness is the new watchword

Happiness, it is always interesting to discover what the newest watchword is for the globalist push for all nations to join in the long term sustainable green economy global transition, there’s even a UN drafted Covenant that would supersede nations’ constitutions that includes Happiness as an avenue to convincing leaders of communities and cities regions and counties of the wisdom of their proposals.

International Covenant on
Environment and Development,    Fourth Edition 2010

To introduce you to the basics,

The UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy  Link to Michael Snyder article

Next here is a UN Press Release from their website that uses the new watchword Happiness as central to their push to tie our economies to every aspect of our human activities and interactions and our very ways of thinking and valuing our lives on planet earth.

2 April 2012 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the need for an economic paradigm that incorporates social and environmental progress in efforts to achieve sustainable development.

“Gross National Product (GDP) has long been the yardstick by which economies and politicians have been measured. Yet it fails to take into account the social and environmental costs of so-called progress,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his remarks at a high-level meeting at UN Headquarters in New York.

Convened by the Government of Bhutan, the meeting – “Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm” – brought together hundreds of representatives from governments, religious organizations, academia and civil society to discuss the issue…….

…………… The Secretary-General stressed that sustainable development is intricately linked to happiness and well-being, and underlined that the UN Sustainable Development Conference, also known as Rio+20, in Brazil in June, will need to provide an outcome that reflects this.

The quality they describe as Happiness is being used as a central theme. There is a Global Transition to a New Economy website and a map with cities all over the world participating. Mapping a Green and Fair World

Their watchwords and what they  “9 characteristics we envisage for the new economy

Citizens & Communities:  Our citizens will have an understanding of an economy that prioritizes human wellbeing within environmental limits, and will work together to build vibrant and resilient communities.

Currencies:   New ways of issuing and supplying money and other mediums of exchange will be created, to favor local economic and community development.

Enterprise & Ownership:  Goods and services will be produced in socially and environmentally responsible ways, including using innovative forms of capital ownership and new organizational arrangements.

Global Justice:  Social justice will be achieved, and quality of life will be improved for all, including for those currently living in poverty.

Local Economies:  Economies will emphasize local production for local need, thereby increasing their resilience and adaptability to external environmental, social and economic pressures.

The Commons:  New ways of protecting, allocating and restoring natural, cultural and other resources that collectively belong to all humans, now and in the future will be developed.

Models & Metrics:   We will have new ways of visioning, modeling and measuring the economy that take environmental limits and human wellbeing into account.

Governance:  Local, national, and international governments will be responsive to citizens’ needs, and will create the necessary framework for economies that deliver on human wellbeing within environmental limits.

Finance:   Capital will be made available to communities, enterprises, and individuals, allowing them to flourish while simultaneously creating wider positive social and environmental outcomes.

This a relatively new web site, not all the links lead anywhere at this posting, so I think it is a work in progress. It bears revisiting in future. At this time it is very interesting to see the framework of this newest phase of packaging the one world globalist vision for   Global Transition to a New Economy.  

Comments from an attendee on of the April 23-25, Stockholm+40  by Alan AtKisson author of books, Believing Cassandra and The Sustainability Transformation, can be found on his blog; Alan Atkisson .

The posts are quite informative to the mindset and plans to implementation.

In closing I just want to add that the whole concept of Happiness seems to be quite flexible in application to the way humans think and function.  I believe we need to add the word to our watched word list.


3 thoughts on “Did Ya Know? Happiness is the new watchword

  1. Interesting “watchword” Muse. I wonder how their “happiness” compares with “the joy of the Lord”….? It seems their “world” is very “Orwellian”, in that whatever word they use, the opposite is the actual truth, so in this case “happiness” actually translates to be:

    1. Hi Susan, That’s a good observation, lately I’ve been seeing a pattern in their propaganda that reminds me of all the Utopian literature too and how it always ends in MISERY for them.


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