Agenda 21 Rio+20 Who’s Watching? Climate Depot, Marc Marano Knocking Down the Mythology

All is not lost. It is not too late. There are many men, women, and children who are exposing the Agenda 21. Yesterday I posted a flurry of Agenda 21 Rio+20 articles in effort to record and share the warp speed efforts for implementation of the globalist one worlders’ intrusions into the personal level of everybody in the entire world.  I wanted to show that it is our local governments that are being used to install the Agenda 21 goals and that just about every strange edict and regulation coming into our counties, cities, regions, and towns originate with this sustainable philosophy begun officially in Sweden in 1972 40 years ago at the first Earth Summit Sweden 1972.

Closing Public Lands to People

Map of 8000 Cities Worldwide Embracing Agenda 21 Edicts to Control Citizens

List of Participants in Stockholm+40 From All Over the World

Agenda 21 Regards Humans as Invasive Species

Rio+20 to Call For Trillions Per Year in Green Taxes

That’s right, this Earth Summit 2012 in Rio de Janeiro Rio+20 is the 4th Earth Summit. These ten year meetings have reached a crescendo of force to enslave the world through the evolving green movement that regards mankind as invasive species in need of eradication and elimination and culling down to a tiny fraction of the 7 billion people of today.

As Stockholm+40 demonstrates in it’s ongoing April 23-25 preparatory to Rio+20  meeting of hundreds of high officials from nations all over the world  it is clear to my mind that these are the people who disrespect life and have megalomaniac ideas of their own fitness to rule the masses of the earth and to take on the powers of God Almighty in choosing for all humanity who shall be allowed to live, who shall be allowed to reproduce, where we shall live, and how we shall conduct our lives. A few thousand people in their stewardship rolls of the nations of the world have plotted and conspired to change the very lifestyles of the 7 billion people. I say they are in need of being striped of their positions of power and prosecuted for their miscarriage of their duties to humanity as well as to the environment they have falsely claimed to worship for the past 40 years of the existence of Earth Summit and the past 20 years of Agenda 21 pushing into our homes and backyards with the audacity to claim their superiority over their fellow mankind.



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