UN Agenda 21 Rio + 20 Summit, Locking People Off Public Lands

Agenda 21 is on schedule and at work in a community (perhaps yours?). If land use restrictions and use of public lands are making you change your plans for the summer recreational season you can thank the United Nations Agenda 21 Summit in Rio do Janeiro 1992 and our then serving president George H. W. Bush’s signing us onto it’s unratified treaty.  That means nobody voted for it, not private citizens and not congressmen or senators, NOBODY. But everybody is under Agenda 21.  Below are screenshots, click to enlarge.

Agenda 21 Cities in USA, go to website to see if you are included

Take a look at Europe’s participation.

Pretty much all of Europe is in Agenda 21 compliance

These maps and the rest of the world’s signing onto UN Agenda 21 Rio +20 Conference scheduled 58 days from today.

World Map of 7751 Cities Working for Sustainability


All the World is the goal of Agenda 21 Rio + 20 Summit


Start here for links to 177 pages of Agenda 21 projects in your local city and county in the USA

Each of the 177 web pages has 20 published articles of the efforts to install Agenda 21 in your community.


BUT here is the true story of Agenda 21

Agenda 21 Coming to a Town Near You with Your Permission


UN Report for Rio+20 Outlines Top-down “Green” World Order


What are the UN’s Agenda 21 and ICLEI?


I want to live and I want my children and grandchildren to live free and healthy and to be free from Agenda 21. This is the opportunity to take back our world from these geneticists and humanity haters who make these nefarious plans to sustain and vision their Agenda 21 through the Rio + 20 Summit.  It can be defeated if only people all over the world will wake up and say to them, “No, no, no, and no!”







3 thoughts on “UN Agenda 21 Rio + 20 Summit, Locking People Off Public Lands

    1. Rosa, I’m glad to have been a small help to you! I bought your wonderful book, “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21” Thank you for writing it and all your work on these most important issues!


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