Stable Populations Rio+20 Agenda 21

Lest anyone think Agenda 21 Rio+20 Summit is just about CO2 emissions, climate change, and the natural biosphere check this out;

screenshot from "outreach"

Here stated in no uncertain terms is the attitude toward humans need to stop reproducing according to Rio+20 and Agenda 21;

Maurice Strong is quoted here

Isn’t it interesting that “The implications for Rio+20” include ending 40% of unintended pregnancies? How will that be accomplished? Could be a combination of Bill & Melinda Gates’ vaccination program and abortion, indeed to my mind that would be the majority ways as the discussions have already noted that birth control has not worked to limit populations in third world nations. Agenda 21 is seriously working today in approximately 8000 cities world wide upon this population limitation program and having a great deal of “success”, but now they are stepping up their efforts into break-neck speed as they feel their time is running out because resistance is growing against the Agenda.


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