Ain’t That a Series of Kicks in the Head!

We Used to Have 307 Kinds of Corn (now just 12!)



Is Vermont’s Governor Surrendering to Monsanto?



Roundup Herbicide Linked To Parkinson’s-Related Brain Damage



Monsanto taking over global agriculture (RT video)






2 thoughts on “Ain’t That a Series of Kicks in the Head!

  1. I see such a decline in health of many people around me. My mom now has peripheral neurapathy and possibly lupus. Two of my uncles have Parkinson’s and a frend of mine who is a little younger than me has MS.

    WHAT is going on?

    1. Hi Ma, sad to say all the “modern” ingredients are doing their work, it is so common to hear these personal reports close to us as a cascading waterfall of disease and sicknesses rushing from the years of “scientific progress”. 😦

      My hope is in the wondrous power of God to overcome these in time and built-in-to-us adaptations for life. As long as He wills the present state to continue these houses of clay will not be utterly destroyed.

      Monsanto’s roundup is creating super bugs and weeds and who knows what else! Evidence that man is ignorant of long term consequences. Hello! I guess our guts are having to develop resistance too!

      I pray for your loved ones and mine and all the innocents being harmed that miracles of healing and protection will rise up and defeat these Frankenstein experiments of the corporate world. Eventually they will be.


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