On The Second Floor of the Tower of Babel: Remaking Human Bodies: What Can Man Do to Man?

God is Love

It requires belief in God to care about the consequences of actions and imaginations.

Question:  What limits are there in these experiments?

Answer:  Apparently there are none. Yet in fact if God exists, and I do believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth as The Way, The Truth, and The Light, to eternal life, then the sky and the stars and the universe do have a limit and a judgment day.

I like to repeat Malcolm’s warning in Jurassic Park, when he declared with much passion that the scientists who made the dinosaurs (in said book/movie) never questioned whether they SHOULD have brought them back from extinction just because they COULD.

We can do many things that we should refrain from. It is called beneficence vs malevolence.

Question:  What will stop man?

Answer:  The Creator, The Owner of the Vineyard



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