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Did Ya Know? Happiness is the new watchword

Happiness, it is always interesting to discover what the newest watchword is for the globalist push for all nations to join in the long term sustainable green economy global transition, there’s even a UN drafted Covenant that would supersede nations’ constitutions that includes Happiness as an avenue to convincing leaders of communities and cities regions and counties of the wisdom of their proposals.

International Covenant on
Environment and Development,    Fourth Edition 2010

To introduce you to the basics,

The UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy  Link to Michael Snyder article

Next here is a UN Press Release from their website that uses the new watchword Happiness as central to their push to tie our economies to every aspect of our human activities and interactions and our very ways of thinking and valuing our lives on planet earth.

2 April 2012 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the need for an economic paradigm that incorporates social and environmental progress in efforts to achieve sustainable development.

“Gross National Product (GDP) has long been the yardstick by which economies and politicians have been measured. Yet it fails to take into account the social and environmental costs of so-called progress,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his remarks at a high-level meeting at UN Headquarters in New York.

Convened by the Government of Bhutan, the meeting – “Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm” – brought together hundreds of representatives from governments, religious organizations, academia and civil society to discuss the issue…….

…………… The Secretary-General stressed that sustainable development is intricately linked to happiness and well-being, and underlined that the UN Sustainable Development Conference, also known as Rio+20, in Brazil in June, will need to provide an outcome that reflects this.

The quality they describe as Happiness is being used as a central theme. There is a Global Transition to a New Economy website and a map with cities all over the world participating. Mapping a Green and Fair World

Their watchwords and what they  “9 characteristics we envisage for the new economy

Citizens & Communities:  Our citizens will have an understanding of an economy that prioritizes human wellbeing within environmental limits, and will work together to build vibrant and resilient communities.

Currencies:   New ways of issuing and supplying money and other mediums of exchange will be created, to favor local economic and community development.

Enterprise & Ownership:  Goods and services will be produced in socially and environmentally responsible ways, including using innovative forms of capital ownership and new organizational arrangements.

Global Justice:  Social justice will be achieved, and quality of life will be improved for all, including for those currently living in poverty.

Local Economies:  Economies will emphasize local production for local need, thereby increasing their resilience and adaptability to external environmental, social and economic pressures.

The Commons:  New ways of protecting, allocating and restoring natural, cultural and other resources that collectively belong to all humans, now and in the future will be developed.

Models & Metrics:   We will have new ways of visioning, modeling and measuring the economy that take environmental limits and human wellbeing into account.

Governance:  Local, national, and international governments will be responsive to citizens’ needs, and will create the necessary framework for economies that deliver on human wellbeing within environmental limits.

Finance:   Capital will be made available to communities, enterprises, and individuals, allowing them to flourish while simultaneously creating wider positive social and environmental outcomes.

This a relatively new web site, not all the links lead anywhere at this posting, so I think it is a work in progress. It bears revisiting in future. At this time it is very interesting to see the framework of this newest phase of packaging the one world globalist vision for   Global Transition to a New Economy.  

Comments from an attendee on of the April 23-25, Stockholm+40  by Alan AtKisson author of books, Believing Cassandra and The Sustainability Transformation, can be found on his blog; Alan Atkisson .

The posts are quite informative to the mindset and plans to implementation.

In closing I just want to add that the whole concept of Happiness seems to be quite flexible in application to the way humans think and function.  I believe we need to add the word to our watched word list.


Agenda 21 Rio+20 Who’s Watching? Climate Depot, Marc Marano Knocking Down the Mythology

All is not lost. It is not too late. There are many men, women, and children who are exposing the Agenda 21. Yesterday I posted a flurry of Agenda 21 Rio+20 articles in effort to record and share the warp speed efforts for implementation of the globalist one worlders’ intrusions into the personal level of everybody in the entire world.  I wanted to show that it is our local governments that are being used to install the Agenda 21 goals and that just about every strange edict and regulation coming into our counties, cities, regions, and towns originate with this sustainable philosophy begun officially in Sweden in 1972 40 years ago at the first Earth Summit Sweden 1972.

Closing Public Lands to People

Map of 8000 Cities Worldwide Embracing Agenda 21 Edicts to Control Citizens

List of Participants in Stockholm+40 From All Over the World

Agenda 21 Regards Humans as Invasive Species

Rio+20 to Call For Trillions Per Year in Green Taxes

That’s right, this Earth Summit 2012 in Rio de Janeiro Rio+20 is the 4th Earth Summit. These ten year meetings have reached a crescendo of force to enslave the world through the evolving green movement that regards mankind as invasive species in need of eradication and elimination and culling down to a tiny fraction of the 7 billion people of today.

As Stockholm+40 demonstrates in it’s ongoing April 23-25 preparatory to Rio+20  meeting of hundreds of high officials from nations all over the world  it is clear to my mind that these are the people who disrespect life and have megalomaniac ideas of their own fitness to rule the masses of the earth and to take on the powers of God Almighty in choosing for all humanity who shall be allowed to live, who shall be allowed to reproduce, where we shall live, and how we shall conduct our lives. A few thousand people in their stewardship rolls of the nations of the world have plotted and conspired to change the very lifestyles of the 7 billion people. I say they are in need of being striped of their positions of power and prosecuted for their miscarriage of their duties to humanity as well as to the environment they have falsely claimed to worship for the past 40 years of the existence of Earth Summit and the past 20 years of Agenda 21 pushing into our homes and backyards with the audacity to claim their superiority over their fellow mankind.

“unique opportunity” to drive an expanding U.N. agenda for years ahead, Rio+20 Agenda: Trillions Per Year In Green Taxes

Rio+20 Agenda: Trillions Per Year In Green Taxes, Transfers And Price Hikes Friday, 20 April 2012 George Russell, Fox News

 The upcoming United Nations environmental conference on sustainable development will consider a breathtaking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement, according to stunning U.N. documents examined by Fox News.

This is indeed breathtaking.

 That huge catalogue of taxes and spending is described optimistically as “targeted investments in human and social capital on top of investments in natural capital and green physical capital,” and is accompanied by the claim that it will all, in the long run, more than pay for itself.

But the whopping green “investment” list barely scratches the surface of the mammoth exercise in global social engineering that is envisaged in the U.N. documents, prepared by the Geneva-based United Nations Environmental Management Group (UNEMG), a consortium of 36 U.N. agencies, development banks and environmental bureaucracies, in advance of the Rio session.

An earlier version of the report was presented at a closed door session of the U.N.’s top bureaucrats during a Long Island retreat last October, where Rio was discussed as a “unique opportunity” to drive an expanding U.N. agenda for years ahead.

Under the ungainly title of Working Towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy, A United Nations System-Wide Perspective, the final version of the 204-page report is intended to “contribute” to preparations for the Rio + 20 summit, where one of the two themes is “the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication. ” (The other theme is “the institutional framework for sustainable development” –sometimes known as global environmental governance.)

But in fact, it also lays out new roles for private enterprise, national governments, and a bevy of socialist-style worker, trade and citizens’ organizations in creating a sweeping international social reorganization, all closely monitored by regulators and governments to maintain environmental “sustainability” and “human equity.”

“Transforming the global economy will require action locally (e.g., through land use planning), at the national level (e.g., through energy-use regulations) and at the international level (e.g., through technology diffusion),” the document says. It involves “profound changes in economic systems, in resource efficiency, in the composition of global demand, in production and consumption patterns and a major transformation in public policy-making.” It will also require “a serious rethinking of lifestyles in developed countries.”


Read the full report here;

204 page UN report Green Economy pdf



Stable Populations Rio+20 Agenda 21

Lest anyone think Agenda 21 Rio+20 Summit is just about CO2 emissions, climate change, and the natural biosphere check this out;

screenshot from "outreach"

Here stated in no uncertain terms is the attitude toward humans need to stop reproducing according to Rio+20 and Agenda 21;

Maurice Strong is quoted here

Isn’t it interesting that “The implications for Rio+20” include ending 40% of unintended pregnancies? How will that be accomplished? Could be a combination of Bill & Melinda Gates’ vaccination program and abortion, indeed to my mind that would be the majority ways as the discussions have already noted that birth control has not worked to limit populations in third world nations. Agenda 21 is seriously working today in approximately 8000 cities world wide upon this population limitation program and having a great deal of “success”, but now they are stepping up their efforts into break-neck speed as they feel their time is running out because resistance is growing against the Agenda.

List of Participants in Stockholm+40 going on today April 23 – 25 prep for Rio+20 Agenda 21

Stockholm+40 – Partnership Forum for Sustainable Development 23–25 april 2012

 Target groups
Stockholm+40 is intended for an international target
group consisting of central and local decision-makers,
young people, the business sector, civil society (especially
environment and development cooperation organisations)
and researchers

Final Goal:

Arrive at clear messages and recommendations
for sustainable innovations, sustainable production
and sustainable living that can be communicated
to decision-makers at Rio+20, to show how a
green economy can become a reality.

List of Participants in the conference Stockholm+40


Annus, Rita Secretary General Ministry for the Environment, Estonia
Ásgrímsson, Halldór Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers, Iceland
Auken, Ida Minister of the Evironment, Denmark
Ayitey, Sherry Minister of the Environment, Ghana
Björling, Ewa Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Carlsson, Gunilla Minister for International Development Cooperation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Chikwanda, Alexander Minister of Finance and National Planning, Zambia
Combari, Abdoulaye Vice Minister of Agriculture, Burkina Faso
Ek, Lena, Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Gashi, Dardan, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Kosovo
Gumbiner, Lawrence Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Environment, United States
Hatt, Anna-Karin Minister for Information Technology and Energy, Sweden
Jiabao, Wen Prime Minister of P.R. of China, China
Kamel, Moustafa Minister of State for Environemantal Affair, Egypt
Kosgei, Sally Minister For Agriculture, Kenya
Lejtreger, Raquel Secretary of State and Vice Minister of Housing, Land Planning and Environment
Mabudafhasi, Rejoyce Deputy Minister of Water & Environmental Affairs, South Africa
Mahmud, Hasan Minister of Environment and Forest, Bangladesh
McDougall, Daniel Assistant Deputy Minister of the Environment, Canada
Niinistö, Ville Minister of the Environment, Finland
Obeng, Paul Victor Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Ghana
Oberle, Bruno Maria State Secretary (Vice Minister) and Director, Swiss Federal Office for the
Environment, Switzerland
Ohlsson, Birgitta Consumer Minister, Sweden
Pearl, Frank Minister of environment & sustainable development, Colombia
Potocnik, Janez EU Commissioner for the Environment, Belgium
Reichle, Susan Assistant to the Administrator Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning, USAID, United States
Reinfeldt, Fredrik Prime Minister of Sweden, Sweden
Roosita, Hermien Executive Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia
Solhjell, Bård Vegar Minister of the Environment, Norway
Spelman, Caroline Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom
Teixeira, Izabella Minister of Environment, Brazil
Terada, Tatsushi Vice-Minister for Global Environment Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Japan
Specially Invited

Abraham, Reuben Professor Entrepreneurship, Indian School of Business
Appelby, Simon Global Citizenship and Policy, KPMG
Crutzen, Paul Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and researcher at the department of Atmospheric
Chemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Dias Diogo, Luisa Member of Parliament and former Prime Minister of Mozambique
Eklund, Klas Senior Economist, SEB; Member of the Swedish Governments Commission on the
Elkheshen, Kamal Vice President, African Development Bank
Ernkrans, Matilda Swedish Parliament, the Committee on Environment and Agriculture
Grynspan, Rebeca Associate Administrator, UNDP
Hogenboom, Michaela Major Group for Children and Youth, Co-Facilitor Green Economy
Holm, Göran CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden
Huang, Ming Right Livelihood Award winner and founder of Solar Valley in Dezhou, China
Jackson, Tim Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey
Kell, Georg Executive Head of the United Nations Global Compact
Kyte, Rachel Vice President of Sustainable Development at the World Bank
Marquard, Helen Executive Director, the SEED Initiative
MacNeill, Jim Secretary General of the World Commission on Environment and Development;
Formerly Director of Environment at OECD
Melford, Clare CEO, International Business Leaders Forum
Nilsson, Staffan President, European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Persson, Olof CEO, AB Volvo
Ramanathan, Veerabhadran Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California
Rockström, Johan Head of SEI and Stockholm Resilience Centre
Scanlon, John E. Secretary-General, CITES
Senapathy, Gopalakrishnan Executive Co-Chairman Infosys Technologies, Chair of Business Action for
Sustainable Development
Sha, Zukang Secretary-General of Rio+20; the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for
Economic and Social Affairs; Head of the United Nations Department of Economic
and Social Affairs
Steiner, Achim UNEP Executive Director
Strong, Maurice Senior Advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations;
Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment,
the Stockholm conference on sustainability in 1972
Thunell, Lars Executive Vice President and CEO of International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Upton, Simon Director Environmental division, OECD
Waughray, Dominic Senior Director, Head of Environmental Initiatives, World Economic Forum
Yumkella, Kandeh K. Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Zadek, Simon Sustainability advisor and author; Senior Visiting Fellow, Centre for International
Governance Innovation (CIGI); and Senior Fellow, Global Green Growth Institute.
Business/Private Sector

Abdelkader, Munira Naqaa Environmental Enterprise
Abrahamsson, Jan Ericsson Group
Akpofure, Imoni International Finance Corporation
Alfredson, Mats Hushållningssällskapet (The Rural Economy and Agri
Almström, Krister Senergen Energia Renovável Ltda.
Amador, Alexander Senergen Energia Renovável Ltda
Andersson, Renée Indiska Magasinet AB
Appelby, Simon KPMG International
AtKisson, Alan AtKisson Inc. / ISIS Academy GmbH
Bjers, Anders Innovation Pioneers International
Brännvall, Ruth Njord Consulting AB
Bäckstrand, Carl White arkitekter AB
NY_deltagarlista.indd 2 2012-04-20 09:34:26
Caperius, Gunnar Prime PR
Chakraborty, Protima Jute land
Chinien, Shirley African Development Bank
Cole, Scott EnviroEconomics Sweden Consultancy
Eikelenboom, Pedro IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative
Eisner, Simon Allwin AB
Eklund, Klas SEB
Elkheshen, Kamal African Development Bank
Embren, Kaj Respect
Eriksson, Elin Institute
Fischer, Tobias H&M
Gennvi Gustafsson, Matilda Ericsson ab
Gilbert, Laurent L´Oréal
Hagman, Sofia Trygg-Hansa
Hajee, Sameer Nuru Energy
Hellberg, Mårten OrganoClick AB
Helmersson, Helena H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB
Hertz, Cecilia Umbilical Design
Hjalmarsson, Gunilla Meta asset management
Holm, Sven-Thore Lundavision AB
Horkeby, Inge AB Volvo
Ihrén, Niclas Respect Sustainable Business
Jackson, Amanda Swedbank group
Jakobsson, Kim Ungdomar AB
Junge, Varena Applied-CSR (CSI Ltd.)
Kettis, Magdalena Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige AB
Krus, Rebecca Respect Sustainable Business
Leifsdotter, Linda Pricewaterhousecoopers
Lindvall, Erik Guringo
Lindvall, Kerstin ICA Sweden AB
Lundberg, Eskil Retired from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affair
Lundberg Markow, Carina FOLKSAM
Lundin, Jan Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation
Maaskant, Katarina IKEA
Mahendru, Vimal Indo Asian Electric Private Limited
Mandery, Hubert Cefic (European chemical Industry Council)
Molander, Helene Stockholm Transport
Mutale, Edith Embassy of the Republic of Zambia Stockholm
Mwangi, Anthony Sunland insurance Brokers ltd
Ndhlukula, Divine SECURICO
Niyigena, Alphonsine Rwanda Private Sector Federation
Oberle, Bruno Maria FOEN
Omukaga, Millicent NURU
Petrykowska, Liisa Ignitia Sweden
Repinski, Peter ÅF
Resvik, Birgitta Fortum Corporation
Rhodin, Jögen Ericsson
Richards, Paul PCR & Associates Limited
Rubaiza, Rhoda African Risk Capacity
Sajadi, Amir Hjärna.Hjärta.Cash
Smith, Maria ICA Sweden AB
Steinholtz, Daniel Allies
Stenmar, Karin Folksam & KPA Pension
Stigson, Björn World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Sundar, Nischint Ecology and Environment
Sundberg Victor Electrolux
Sunér Fleming, Maria Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Svensson, Ann-Lis Rio Monte
Sydstrand, Charlotta Swedbank
Szabo, István Nordic Gas Cleaning
Tengvard, Maria U&We
Törnblom, Jonas Envac AB
Török, Kaj Futerra Sustainability Communications
Walsh, Tom Renetech AB
Waughray, Dominic World Economic Forum
Westerholm, Lena ABB AB
Wikman, Erica Volvo Cars
von Schmalensee, Monica White arkitekter AB
Wälivaara, Christer LO-TCO Biståndsnämnd
Östberg, Karin H&M
Civil Society/NGO

Abresparr, Salomon Fältbiologerna
Adessou, Kossivi Nevaeme Jeunes Volontaires pour lEnvironnement-Togo
Adetayo, Mosunmola Local Youth Assembly of Nigeria
Agarwal, Ravi Toxic Link Oluwatoyin
Adhikari, Rajendra Bahadur Rural Area Development Programme (RADP)
Agbarakwe, Esther Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition
Aguilar, Katrine Mae Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly
Ali, Suad Student
Asplund, Fredrik Apollo Solidarity is hip
Becerra, Maria International Forestry Students Association
Ceesay, Ibrahim African Youth Initiative on Climate Change(AYICC)
Changachirere, Glanis Institute for Young Women Development
Dahlin, Elisabeth Save the Children Sweden
Ddamulira, Robert World Wide Fund for Nature – Uganda Country Office
De Zoysa, Uchita Centre for Environment and Development
DeDonatis, Mariano CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Digangi, Joseph Ipen
Ditz, Daryl Center for International Environmental Law CIEL)
Dong, Yiruo Global Sustainable Leaders Forum
Duker, Emmanuel Network for African Youth For Development – Ghana
Edwards, Sue Institute for Sustainable Development
Elsässer, Gunilla WWF Sweden
Emfel, Magnus WWF Sweden
Emmelin, Anna Albaeco
Engelman, Robert Worldwatch Institute
Engfeldt, Lars-Göran Ret
Esenamanova, Nurgul Civic Environmental Foundation UNISON
Evaeus, Barbara WWF
Ezeilo, Michael-Donovan Culture Green
Fadaly, Elham UENP-TUNZA
Fasoranti, Oluseyi Taiwo Local Youth Assembly of Nigeria
Fathallah, Ahmad Nahwa Almuwatiniya
Fogelberg, Teresa Global Reporting Initiative
Fuller, Richard Blacksmith Institute
Gouveia Junior, Edgard Play The Call
Grape, Henrik Svenska kyrkan
Gustafsson, Lars WWF International
Gustafsson, Marcus Y-Climate Action KFUM Sverige
Hogenboom, Michaela Rio+Twenties
Husni, Mohamed British Council
Iso-Markku, Antti Finnish Youth Cooperation Allianssi
Jain, Shivani Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
Jonsson, Caroline Swedish Ecodemics, Lunds students for sustainability
Jin, Zhou College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan
K.C., Kamala Rural Area Development Programme (RADP)
Kamwendo, Doreen Organization
Karlsson, Mikael Swedish Society for Nature Conservation/EEB
Katungisa, Kenneth Uganda National Farmers Federation
Ketkar, Sharada Stree Mukti Sanghatana
Khan, Rana Bilal Ahmad Youth Parliament of Pakistan
Kpeluke, Rita Local Youth Assembly of Nigeria
König, Felix LSU – National Council of Swedish Youth Organization
Lakso, Johanna Power Shift Sverige
Larsson, Ewa Green women
Laurell, My FSC, Forest Stewardship Council
Lexén, Karin SIWI
Ljungman, Ankin Diakonia
Loftus, Saba Rio+twenties / International Youth Council
MacNeill, Jim International Institute for Sustainable Development
Maisonet-Guzman, Olimar SustainUS
Mak, Chamroeun Khmer Youth Association (KYA)
Marquez Anez, Dalia Fernanda Tunza strategy – UNEP and Venezuelan Youth Organization
Masologo, Damas Vi Agroforestry, Tanzania
McAlinden, Karl Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE)
McFann, Hudson SustainUS
Medina, Charito MASIPAG (Farmer-Scientist Partnership for Development)
Mezzour, Ryad CGEM
Mireku, Samuel Obeng The Institute of Economic Affairs Gambia
Motsau, Thakong Moses Bench Marks Foundation
Msiska, Kenneth The Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICT-rel
Ndungu, George Organisation of African Youth
Neelakantan, Shruti TUNZA, UNEP
Nfinn, Tcharbuahbokengo Federation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity
Nuttall, Nick United Nations Environment Programme
Nyoni, Stanley One Future-One Planet Project
Obeng, Letitia Retired Consultant
Pagotto, Isabella Global Reporting Initiative
Parihar, Gita Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern I
Pedersen, Bjarne Consumers International
Raworth, Kate Oxfam GB
Regner, Åsa RFSU
Repinski, Cecilia Gaia Values
Ribeiro, Daniel Justica Ambiental
Rogeman, Anneli Swedish Cooperative Centre
Pulford, Louise Social Innovation eXchange
Ryott, Anna SOS Children Villages
Salmi, Johanna LSU/Major group of children and youth
Sandahl, Johanna Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Sandberg, Kristina SIS, Swedish Standards Institute
Savic, Ivana Centre for the Rights of the Child and Development
Scarpelini, Joao Felipe Change Mob
Scharnik, Gilbert International Institute for the Development of Cit
Seng, Sintha The Bright Hope institute (BHI)
Situma, Anade United Nations Association of South Africa
Skånberg, Kristian TCO
Snis Sigtryggsson, Alva National Council of Swedish Youth

Soete, Mathieu AEGEE / European Students Forum
Stampar, Christopher Millennium Institute
Strandberg, Ludvig Rosendalsgymnasiet
Svahn, Olle LSU
Svarfvar, Sofia Church of Sweden International Dep.
Svensén, Ann RFSU
Tham, Lena WWF
Timmer, Vanessa One Earth
Tsygankov, Yan Russian Cleaner Production and Sustainable Development
Ugbomor, Joy Isioma Local Youth Assembly of Nigeria
Wang, Zekai Youthink Center
Wanjuki, Grace African Youth Initiative on Climate Change
Vattuone, Maria Florencia Young Masters Programme
Widen, Sofia Annika Y-Climate Action YMCA YWCA Sweden
Vinyard, Rachael Blacksmith Institute
Wirtén, Håkan WWF Sweden
Wojewoda, Nicolò Peace Child International
Xu, Haofeng Young Masters Program
Zucchero, Yusuf IMI italian high school (Istanbul)
Özturk, Ahmet Eren Regional Environmental Center
Policy/Public Agency

Aaltonen, Carina The Åland Government
Aarø-Hansen, Mikkel Danish Ministry of the Environment
Adlercreutz, Susanne Ministry of Enterprise, Sweden
Aguinaga Blanco, Silvia Ministerio de Vivineda, Ordenamiento Territorial
Ahlberger, Hélène UNHCR
Ahlden, Louise Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Ahlner, Eva Swedish EPA
Ahlsson, Gustav Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Al Qassimi, Najla UAE
Alcamo, Joseph UNEP
Allabadi, Fadel Amman Chamber of Industry
Alterå, Ola UNIDO
Alvarez-Rivero, Birgitte UN-DESA
Andenæs, Hæge Ministry of Environment in Norway
Andersson, Ingela Swedish Chemicals Agency
Ásgrímsson, Halldór Nordic Council of Ministers
Awiti, Katja Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Axelsson, Marita Ministry of Justice, Consumer Policy Division
Bajarunas, Eitvydas Embassy of Lithuania
Barton, Maria Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Bartolo, Andrew UNEP
Begum, Taslima Ministry of Secondary and Higher education
Bentouati, Abdesselem Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment
Berggren, Stefan Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Berisha, Florim Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Bjerrum, Anders Danish Ministry of the Environment
Blomquist, Gunilla Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Bojic, Mara Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fun
Boa Alvarado, Maria del Refugio TUNZA-UNEP
Borgstam, Johan Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Bratthall, Erik Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Brogren, Charlotte VINNOVA
Broman, Charlotta Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Broman, Mattias Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Bruckner, Camilla UNDP Nordic Office
Brzezinski, Mark US Embassy Stockholm, Department of State
Buddeke, Giulietta Federal Office for the Environment
Castillo Velasquez, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Cerqueira, Marília Marreco Ministry of Environment of Brazil
Chepkwoni, Chebii Ministry of Agriculture
Chikwanda, Alexander Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Chiu, Teresa Environment Bureau, Hong Kong SAR
Choy, Linda Hong Kong SAR Government
Churie Kallhauge, Angela Swedish Energy Agency
Coimbra, Fernando Ministry of Environment of Brazil
Combari, Abdoulaye Ministry of Agriculture
Cromnier, Nina Swedish Chemical Agency
Cvetkovic, Jelena Serbian Chemicals Agency
De Bruijn, Dirk C. Ministry of Infrastucture and Environment
Delvin, Maria Swedish Chemicals Agency
Dismorr, Ann Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Drancolli, Kaltrina Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Drayton, Alison UNDP
Dyer, Rachel U.S. Embassy Stockholm
Eitrem, Gunilla Södertörn region
Ekman, Mikael Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Emilsson, Daniel Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Eriksson, Martin Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Falkenmark, Malin Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
Flanking, Anders Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Fretheim, Atle Norwegian Ministry of the Environment
Fujiwara, Masaya Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Garancs, Dainis Embassy of Latvia
Gashi, Dardan Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Gesteby Tsokas, Johanna Ministry of the the Environment
Grabauskas, Tomas Embassy of Lithuania
Granath, Berith United Nations Association of Sweden
Gromov, Allan Ministry of the Environment
Guelman, Zulma Embassy of Uruguay
Guilamo, Åsa Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Guk, Kim Song Ministry of Higher Education
Gumbiner, Lawrence U.S. Department of State
Göransson, Ola Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Hagen Olesen, Henrik Danish Ministry of the Environment
Hagman, Rebecka Botkyrka municipality
Hallerby, Karin Tillväxtverket
Hanna, Jill DG Environment European Commission
Hansen, Björn European Commission
Harlin, Joakim UNDP
Hasani, Gezime Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Hashemi, Masoud Ministry for Foreign Affairs , Sweden
Hasselsten, Ingrid Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Hébert, Patrick Embassy of Canada, Sweden
Hedlund, Catarina Ministry for Foreign Affairs Sweden
Hedström, Anna-Karin Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Heikkilä, Maija Ministry of Environment
Hellquist, Hanna Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Henzschel, Thomas German Embassy Stockholm
Hicks, Cheryl CSCP
Hjalmarsson, Dan Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis
Hlengwa, Amanda UNEP
Hojem, Petter Commission on the Future of Sweden, Prime Minister
Holmgren, Torgny Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Horn af Rantzien, Mia Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
NY_deltagarlista.indd 7 2012-04-20 09:34:26
Hädicke, Grit German Embassy
Häggmark, Jenny Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Höglund, Hans Swedish National Commission for UNESCO
Ishigaki, Chihiro Ministry of the Environment
Johansson, Karin Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Johansson, Marcus Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Johansson, Mattias Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Johnson Latham, Gerd Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Jonzon, Dag Sida Partnership Forum
Kabiri, Poya Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Kaadan, M. Ihsan United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Kalashnyk, Leonid Naturvårdsverket
Kalima, Josephine Government Chemist lab Agency, Ministry of Health
Kamel, Moustafa Ministry of State for Environemantal Affairs
Karliansyah, Mohammad Rizali Ministry of Environment Indonesia
Kasten, Tim UNEP
Katenda, Luyando Unicef
Khaffaf, Evin Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Khan, SM Munjurul Hannan Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of
Kilonzo, Timothy Wambua Municipal Council of Machakos
Kirkconnell, Laura U.S. Embassy Stockholm
Kivelä, Pirkko Ministry of the Environment
Kosgei, Sally Ministry of Agriculture
Krause, Martin UNDP
Laska, Sophal Cambodia
Larsson, Andreas Tillväxtanalys
Leicht, Alexander UNESCO
Leideman, Christina The Swedish Delegation for Sustainable Cities
Lejtreger, Raquel Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment
Lemoine, Karolina Ministry of Environment, Sweden
Levay, Charlotta Commission on the Future of Sweden
Lidbaum, Elisabeth Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication, Sweden
Lindberg, Emma Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Lindblom, Annika Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Lissinger Peitz, Johanna Swedish Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Lorensson, Monica UNDP
Lugris, Fernando Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay
Luzar, Jeffrey Department of State
Mabudafhasi, Rejoyce Ministry Water & Environmental Affairs
Maeda, Reynald United Nations Association of Tanzania
Magnusson, Magnus UN Capital Development Fund
Mahmud, Hasan Ministry of Environment and Forests
Mahraz, Fatah Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Malesiu, Muhamet Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Manika, Maija Embassy of Latvia
Marasha, Mandisa Dona Embassy of South Africa
Maricle, Genevieve USAID
Martins Camargo, Leda Lúcia Ministry of Environment of Brazil
Mbelengwa, Peter Ministry Water and Environmental Affairs
Macartney, Kenneth Embassy of Canada, Sweden
McDougall, Daniel Environment Canada
Mejia Marulanda, Victoriana Embassy of Colombia in Sweden
Melin, Albena Sida
Miyazawa, Ikuho Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Moreno, Pedro Manuel United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Mwangi, Eunice Rachel Wagaki UN Convention to Combat Desertification
Mwanjala, Winnie Kenyan Embassy
Muhindi, Purity Kenyan Embassy
Nahem, Joachim UNDP
Nanjakululu, Johnson Wechuli Ministry of Higher Education,
Neale, William European Commission
Neira, Maria World Health Organization
Nekham, Axel Tillväxtverket
Nkoya M. Maxwell Republic of Zambia
Nkulukusa, Felix Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Nylund, Karin Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Nylykke, Per Danish Ministry of the Environment
Nzioka, Nicholas Kitavi Municipal Council of Machakos
Obeng, Paul Victor National developement planning committee(ndpc)
Onkundi, Charles Government training Institute EMBU
Palguna, Ade Ministry of Environment
Paramitha, Gracia Ministry of Environment
Paredes, Gustavo Embassy of Colombia-Sweden
Plan, Kristy U.S. Embassy Stockholm
Pålsson, Kristin Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Rahunen, Mia Nordic Council of Ministers
Reichle, Susan USAID
Reinhard, Ylva Sw. Environmental Protection Agency
Rembe, Annika Swedish Institute
Ri, Yong Ho Ministry of Higher Education
Riby, Anna Tillväxtverket
Rios Gonzalez, Luis Estuardo Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Rivera Galvis, Angela Patricia Colombia
Rosing, Annika Nordic Council of Ministers
Rydstedt, Bengt SIS, Swedish Standards Institute
Sai, Thou Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Salim, Md. Ministry of Environment and Forests
Sand, Turid Ministry of Environment in Norway
Sani, Rasio Ridho Ministry of Environment
Schreier, Marian United Nations Association Konstanz e.V./Major Gro
Selloum, Nawal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Srivastava, Amit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Sibanda, Zibusiso IFC
Sobenes García, Marcia Roxana Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Sopheaktry, Sam Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Stanley-Owusu, Claude National developement planning committee(ndpc)
Stanley-Owusu, John National developement planning commission(ndpc)
Ström, Jakob Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Suprunenko, Stanislav The European Bank for Reconstruction and Developme
Svensson, Lisa Emelia Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Taketani, Masashi Ministry of the Environment
Taxén, Oskar Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Terada, Tatsushi Ministry of the Environment
Thomér, Anna Carin Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Thyrring, Marianne Danish Ministry of the Evironment
Tilly, Ulrike Embassy of Austria
Tshangela, Martina Mapula Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs
Turesson, Anders Ministry of Environment, Sweden
Tyrkko, Klaus United Nations Development Programme
Uosukainen, Jukka Ministry of the Environment
Uddin, Helal Ministry of Education
Westman, Ulrik Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Widell, Per-Anders Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden
Wuilmart, Carolina Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Van der Meijden, Sofie Ministry for the Environment, Sweden
Van der Veer, Madeleine Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Viatte, Loïc Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Vind, Christian Danish Ministry of the Environment
Vuso, Nosizwe Ministry of Water and Environmental Affairs
Yang, Violet Hye Won Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Yanyun, Yang UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for SD
Yau, Edward Hong Kong SAR Government
Zacarias, Adriana United Nations Environment Programme
Zhou, Zhenxu CEEC, Ministry of Environmental protection
Zhu, Juwang United Nations
Ågren, Helen Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
Ågren, Maria Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Åkerblom, Johan Sida
Örn, Peter The Swedish Delegation for Sustainable Cities

Abd-Elall, Sadiq Technische Universität Berlin
Abu Hanieh, Ahmed Birzeit University – Palestine
Akenji, Lewis IGES
Amir, Rashid Royal Institute of Technology- KTH
Anderson, Jesse Uppsala Center for Sustainable Development
Anjos Luis, António Catholic University of Mozambique
Atkisson, Kristina Karolinska Institute
Baljir, Bolortuya Mongolian State University of Education
Baquete, Aguiar M. Faculty of Education, Eduardo Mondlane University
Belliethathan, Satishkumar Horn of Africa – Reg Env Centre/Network, Environme
Bergman, Åke Stockholm University
Borkar, Manoj Ramakant Carmel College of Art
Bradley, Karin KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Brown, Larissa London School of Economics
Bäckstrand, Karin Lunds university
Chen, En Tse Formosan Society for Indigenous Sustainability
De Lorenzo, Mauro New York University
Dhakhwa, Timila The International Youth Initiative Program
Dogsronjav, Narangerel Agency of TVET of the Government of Mongolia
Drakenberg, Olof GMV, University of Gothenburg
Ebaid Nassr, Sohag University
Ekbom, Anders University of Gothenburg
Elvira, Sagyntay Kyzy Issykyl State University
Engström Stenson, Daniel FORES
Ercan, Mine KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Farahbakhsh, Neda Swedish Secretariat for Envi. Earth System Science
Farazee, Asif KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Feldman, Jonathan Stockholm University
Gaffney, Owen International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
Geleg, Tsagaach National University of Mongolia
Goncalves, André Luiz Instituto Federal Catarinense
Gulati, Supriya The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Ihre, Emma
Gårdfeldt, Katarina Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV
Hardorp, Onja YIP Youth Initiative Program
Holmberg, John Chalmers University of Technology
Hult, Anna KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Jacobsson, Torvald IIIEE, Lund University
Johansson, Roger Eko-Media
Kalygulova, Sabyrkul OSH state University
Kariaga, Patricia Masinde Mulro University of Sceince and technology
Kjellén, Bo Stockholm Environment Institute
Khaled, MD University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC)
Kim, Misol Uppsala University
Knöppel, Elisabeth IIIEE at Lund university
Krajnik, Peter University of Ljubljana
Kuylenstierna, Johan Stockholm Environment Institute
Lenglet, Frans SWEDESD/Gotland University
Léopold, Mbereyaho Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Li, Meixuan Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development
Liljelund, Lars-Erik Mistra
Lindahl, Theres Södertörns Miljö och Utvecklingsförening (SMUF)
Lindroth, Kim The International Youth Initiative Program
Minsky, Kyla River East Colligate
Mittmann, Louisa YIP – International Youth Initiative
Mostafa Mahmoud, Mansoura University,
Munthe, John IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Nordahl, Lars Den Globala Skolan
Olsen, Simon Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Okeiga, Nemwek Isaac Obi Moi University
Parekh, Ashish Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Ramanathan, Veerabhadran Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University
Rebelo, Alanna Stellenbosch University
Rhode, Clint Stellenbosch University
Rockström, Johan Stockholm Resilience Centre
Rodriguez Osuna, Andrea CEMUS Uppsala University
Rudbäck, Louise Young Masters Programme
Salem, Boshra University of Alexandria
Seitzinger, Sybil International Geosphere-Biosphere Program
Sereneo, Marie Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development
Sharaf Abdelgalil, Mona Faculty of Specific Education
Shaza Gamal, Ismail Faculty of Tourism
Storm, Gertjan University of Maastricht
Sweet, Susanne Stockholm School of Economics, Sustainability Research
Söderbaum, Peter Mälardalen University, Västerås
Thoresen, Victoria W. PERL, Hedmark University College
Tukahabwa, Dorothy Kigali Institute of Education
Wardrope, Alexa Young Masters Programme
Watt, Robert Stockholm Environment Institute
Wijkman, Anders Stockholm Environment Institute
Williams, Helén Karlstad University
Wilson, Mark Uppsala University
Yu, Shuo Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Developmen
Zeng, Weijia Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development
Ådahl, Martin Fores
Östman, Leif Uppsala University & The Swedish national commission
Other Participants

Bohman, Kerstin
Lobna Abdel-Mohsen
Fengting, Li
Flening, Birgit Director Sustainability
Fumo, Egidio Domingos Delegate
Kronlid, David
Lotz-Sisitka, Heila
MacDougal, Dan
Montaus, Floor
Asmaa Abdel-Moneim
Neeser, Marie
Qi, Zhanf
Qing, Tian
Rashid, Saif Jita
Sandra Michael
Zacco, Mia

Working day and night for 40 years towards global sustainablilty and one world governing by the elite “stakeholders”. No country allowed sovereignty to object if at all possible. It’s for the common good and all that you know.

UN Agenda 21 Rio + 20 Summit, Locking People Off Public Lands

Agenda 21 is on schedule and at work in a community (perhaps yours?). If land use restrictions and use of public lands are making you change your plans for the summer recreational season you can thank the United Nations Agenda 21 Summit in Rio do Janeiro 1992 and our then serving president George H. W. Bush’s signing us onto it’s unratified treaty.  That means nobody voted for it, not private citizens and not congressmen or senators, NOBODY. But everybody is under Agenda 21.  Below are screenshots, click to enlarge.

Agenda 21 Cities in USA, go to website to see if you are included

Take a look at Europe’s participation.

Pretty much all of Europe is in Agenda 21 compliance

These maps and the rest of the world’s signing onto UN Agenda 21 Rio +20 Conference scheduled 58 days from today.

World Map of 7751 Cities Working for Sustainability


All the World is the goal of Agenda 21 Rio + 20 Summit


Start here for links to 177 pages of Agenda 21 projects in your local city and county in the USA

Each of the 177 web pages has 20 published articles of the efforts to install Agenda 21 in your community.


BUT here is the true story of Agenda 21

Agenda 21 Coming to a Town Near You with Your Permission


UN Report for Rio+20 Outlines Top-down “Green” World Order


What are the UN’s Agenda 21 and ICLEI?


I want to live and I want my children and grandchildren to live free and healthy and to be free from Agenda 21. This is the opportunity to take back our world from these geneticists and humanity haters who make these nefarious plans to sustain and vision their Agenda 21 through the Rio + 20 Summit.  It can be defeated if only people all over the world will wake up and say to them, “No, no, no, and no!”






Agenda 21 Beach Use Limits NC and Miami

I’ve been aware as a Florida beach community resident for many years that the environmentalists are taking the joy out of living near nature by ever increasing restrictions upon public lands. Agenda 21 originated in 1992 Earth Summit in Rio is hard at work in every community in America as evidenced in land use for the greater good of not humanity, but rather for THE ENVIRONMENT of which by implication humanity is the enemy.

Agenda 21 Wants People OFF the Beach!


Summertime Blues


 Planning a vacation this summer to Miami’s Biscayne Bay for a little fishing?

Think again, because the National Park Service wants to set aside a large swath of the pristine area as a marine reserve zone, so you might have to leave the fishing poles at home. And the boat.

Perhaps horseback riding is more your speed and the family plans to ride through California’s Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Parks? Sorry, but all of the permits were pulled for those activities this summer.

Or maybe you just want to lounge on the soft sands of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and read a novel, fly a kite with the kids, toss a Frisbee to the dog, and watch dad catch some fish?

No, no, no and no.

Beachcombers along specific stretches of those legendary shores are seeing signs telling them to leave their kites and pets at home, and to watch where they step.

“Leave no footprints behind. Walk in water where footprints wash away,” read the signs posted in February by federal officials.

Beaches that once welcomed fisherman to drive up to the water’s edge are also off-limits to the vehicles, and so is fishing.

These vacation destinations are all national parks that once encouraged such recreational uses and enjoyment but their new “no trespassing” attitudes have angered the local communities, and some in Congress as well.

In March, Rep. Walter Jones (R–N.C.) challenged the restrictions imposed by the beach signs, which were the result of battles with environmentalists to protect certain species.

The park service that operates the Cape Hatteras National Seashore pledged to replace them, and the new signs will read: “Walk near water’s edge. Stay below high tide line.”


Oddly, humans the highest developed form of life are the lowest priority for Agenda 21. It is doubly strange to think of all the public lands that have accumulated to we the people, in our local, state, and national park systems as being closed to us. We have gladly given over these lands to be a trust for all to enjoy and now Agenda 21 comes along and tells us that we are not trusted to use them! I can only conclude that signifies humankind is being regarded by Agenda 21 as an invasive species to be controlled.



Brave New World of Drones Takes Off on the Home Front, WSJ Story & Video


Wall Street Journal article and video, Federal Aviation Administration gears up to advance the widespread use of the drones

 “Many drones are designed to carry surveillance equipment, including video cameras, infrared thermal imagers, radar and wireless network ‘sniffers,’ ” the representatives wrote in their letter to Michael Huerta. Now that the FAA, under pressure from lawmakers and businesses, is pushing to increase the use of drones, it has “the responsibility to ensure that the privacy of individuals is protected and that the public is fully informed about who is using drones in public airspace and why,” they wrote.

The FAA declined to comment.

As part of the push to increase uses of civilian drones, nearly 50 companies are developing some 150 different systems, ranging from miniature models to those with wingspans comparable to airliners.


Ryan Calo, who conducts research into privacy and robotics at Stanford Law School, said the domestic use of drones will likely grow as more machines are brought back from war and as prices fall.

“The very same drone that was staking out a nest of insurgents and possibly shooting them could be deployed in New York for surveillance” after removal of weaponry, Mr. Calo said. He said the use of drones could spark a wider debate about privacy because people aren’t accustomed to such technology. “If you bring back a tank from Afghanistan, you don’t expect it to show up in a park,” he said.

Nah! they couldn’t possibly use them in the “homeland” the same way as they were and ARE being used in our far flung military operations, could they?

Uh, hummmm, do ya think?  

Pause a moment and imagine and count the ways drones could be used and keep in mind that what can be done will be done,

and indeed probably by the time we read about it in the popular press, it has been done on a small scale and is being readied for everyday use.

Saturday rambling.

OK, everybody, “Hold onto your butts.”  as Samuel L. Jackson’s character said in Jurassic Park.


” Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
-Ian Malcom

Let’s hope the dinosaurs don’t eat the customers in this brave new world of drones. But probably? It’ll be a mixed bag and surely won’t be boring to live with them al Blade Runner, et al. Yes, the movies coming to life……………

Well, pilgrims, what did you expect, we’ve been preped all our lives for these things, now I guess we’re supposed to just

“Move along, nothing to see here.”…….RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRip! I’m outta here, it’s Saturday! I’m gonna watch a movie! Maybe two………………or just pieces of my favorites on the tube, u that is. 😀

“What? You’re still here? It’s over! Go home…………..go.”

Weather Predictions and Forecasts

Just thinking of how nice the past few months have been weather wise where I am and got curious about this year’s Hurricane Predictions. Habit to wonder from living in Florida a quarter century leads me to inquiry. It must be nice to be paid to make these inquiries and set the odds for the market speculators who will win or loose according to the weather.  😀


7th December 2011 by Professor Mark Saunders and Dr Adam Lea Dept. of Space and Climate Physics, UCL (University College London), UK


December 21, 2011 — In its first tropical forecast for 2012, WSI (Weather Services International)


(as of 4 April 2012) By Philip J. Klotzbach1 and William M. Gray Colorado State U

  Why issue extended-range forecasts for seasonal hurricane activity?
We are frequently asked this question. Our answer is that it is possible to say something about the probability of the coming year’s hurricane activity which is superior to climatology. The Atlantic basin has the largest year-to-year variability of any of the global tropical cyclone basins. People are curious to know how active the upcoming season is likely to be, particularly if you can show hindcast skill improvement over climatology for many past years.
Everyone should realize that it is impossible to precisely predict this season’s hurricane activity in early April. There is, however, much curiosity…………….