US Constitution Trashed by Those Tares Who Claim the Name of Jesus (they’ll have anyone but Ron Paul as their King, “No thank, you very much Founding Fathers!)

Our US Constitution gave us liberty as no constitution of man has ever before given to the common person.

It is therefore tragic that the vast majority of those who call themselves Christian Americans have no understanding or respect for that precious document that as they can pull out of context and parrot selected portions of with no comprehension at all.

Now these stubbornly refuse the safeguards of liberty and grind them underfoot in supporting candidates who cry, “WAR! VENGEANCE!  TERROR! FEAR YOUR NEIGHBOR! TATTLETALE UPON YOUR FELLOW SHOPPER! GIVE UP YOUR LIBERTY FOR SECURITY!”

They remind me of no people more than the Israelites who clamored to exchange God’s rule over them for that  rule of man through a king who would please their imaginations of strength and manly glory. What a road to perdition they set off upon with Saul their hero who stood head and shoulders above them.  So much for the power of man’s arm, Saul’s reign ended in his ignominious suicide upon his own sword.

If taken to it’s furthest application, the rejection of liberty (which exists as an ideal concept in that trampled US Constitution)  in man’s government here on earth will lead to the necessary establishment of the beliefs of one or other group of peoples.

As a Christian it is tempting to attempt to institute Christianity (which incidentally has no law only grace) as the bar of all law in the United States of America.

The folly of this is the violation of God’s order of the church age in which “whomsoever believeth” SUBMITS BY GRACE given to Him by God to the commands of Christ.

That leaves all others under forced obedience to LAW without belief.

Christ fulfills the LAW but He never took away the liberty to reject His Propitiation. Jesus gave clear warnings of the consequences of rejecting so great a sacrifice, but He chose not to force anyone to believe.

Another folly is to attempt to institute Levitical Judaic law so as to leave the New Covenant of Jesus out of man’s government, thereby placing man under that set of laws that our Saviour fulfilled and replaced with His Propitiation.

In what way is that Christian?

Rather government without Christ is government without Christs’ commandments and specifically his two greatest;

 Matthew 22:37-40

King James Version (KJV)

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

True Christians and Tares,  every one of us is responsible and accountable to these two greatest commandments. Know the Word.



Here are some of the tares that have grown thick amidst the Church.

Blackwater’s Afghan HQ Is Really Called ‘Camp Integrity’ By Spencer Ackerman

………… the world’s most infamous security company will retain its big compound in the capital city of Kabul.

Academi, once known as Blackwater, operates a 435,600 square-foot “forward operating base” — which is what the U.S. military calls its warzone outposts — called Camp Integrity. Among other things, it’s a hub for information about the sprawling campaign against Afghan narcotics. ……………”

On my reading list find out who these folks are and how they claim to be Christians on Crusade.
Materreads is currently reading:
Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army
by Jeremy Scahill            Goodreads Reader Reviews 



Do we even think voting counts? Not really, but I’m stubborn and I’ll vote if I want to, while I have more than one choice on the ballot. (Shades of Stalin’s elections where you voted by compulsion and for the only choice Stalin himself!)  So you can rant at me and tell me, “You’re wasting your vote, fool, Paul doesn’t have a chance, can’t be elected, blah, blah, blah!”, but my little squeaky voice states my opinion while it expires…….and here’s a great article to back it up for thinking about it all;

A Biblical Case for Ron Paul on Four Issues of Importance to Christians by Michael Eversden


In this article, I have not discussed the fact that Ron Paul is the only evangelical Christian in this race (Santorum and Gingrich are Catholics and Romney is a Mormon). Nor have I discussed Ron Paul’s high moral character (e.g., honest, consistent, married to the same wife for 55 years vs. Gingrich’s three wives and alleged open-marriage proposal, etc.). Much more could be said on those issues. However, on the four issues I have identified, which are or should be of great importance to Christians, there is only one man among the four remaining contenders whose approach approximates the Biblical approach – Ron Paul. The other three candidates will grow government, will launch more murderous wars, will ignore or be ineffective in dealing with the abortion issue, will continue the expansion of the government’s involvement in education, and will do nothing about the monetary system that is systematically robbing you of purchasing power and giving it to investment banks. I therefore urge my Christian brothers to abandon Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich and support Ron Paul. Oh, and by the way, he can beat Obama.

March 6, 2012

Michael Eversden  is a follower of Christ, a devoted husband, a homeschooling father, and a passionate defender of liberty.




Here is a disgusting Tare’s opinion on Dr. Paul, makes me wonder what’s biting Mr. Bauer or why his drawers are in a wad over the very thought of having to follow a Constitutionally bound president.


Includes a television commercial paid for by the “Emergency Committee for Israel” in which Mr. Gary Bauer spends a minute or so defaming Dr. Paul

 After listening to Mr. Bauer, I think FOX television would be missing a bet if it did not create a program called “Lets Kill U.S. Kids and Bankrupt America.” The show could feature Bauer, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, and John Bolton explaining why America needs more and more wars and why the president is above the Constitution and can legally take the country to war without a declaration of war by Congress.

Two or three episodes of such a show would demonstrate the obvious to all Americans; that is, Dr. Paul is both the defender of the U.S. Constitution and the only Republican presidential candidate who champions America’s interests first, last, and always. Needless to say, it would also expose Mr. Bauer’s ignorance of the Lord’s prohibition against lying.

March 21, 2012

Michael Scheuer  is the author of Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq and Imperial Hubris and Through Our Enemies’ Eyes. He recently resigned after 22 years at the CIA. He served as chief of the CIA’s bin Laden unit.



I’m nearly done with this long opinion and leave you with one more pleading article.

War, Social Values, and Ron Paul by Jon Basil Utley

Is supporting war more important for evangelicals than their social values? Isn’t Ron Paul a social conservative? He opposes abortion, gay marriage and promiscuous sex, he has never been divorced and certainly supports family values, but he believes in limited government. Two of his brothers are ministers. Why then are evangelical leaders now opting for Santorum, and before him Gingrich? The one big area of disagreement with Ron Paul is war; foreign wars and the domestic one against drugs. For this they oppose him. Santorum supports unending war in Afghanistan, backing Israel without limit and a new war against Iran.

Earlier there was a major far leftist candidate who supported all the issues that evangelicals oppose, and was a vocal proponent for expanding Israeli settlements on the West Bank and promoting the war on Iraq. He was overjoyed when open homosexuality became allowed in the military, he supports abortion, gay marriage and the leftist agenda for big, intrusive government; power to labor unions as well as expanded, unconstitutional police powers within the U.S. Evangelicals adore him and went all out to support him 2006, when he lost his primary race and ran as an independent for the Senate. He is Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.

All this shows how evangelical leaders put support for wars ahead of their social values. Their support includes every new law giving Washington ever greater police powers over American citizens, such as the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and the recent National Defense Authorization Act which tear asunder much of the Bill of Rights. Most also supported torture of prisoners of war (with the notable exception of Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship). All this comes with their “social values.”

They loved George Bush. They were major supporters of the two wars against Iraq and the occupation of Afghanistan. Fear and ignorance of the outside world joins together with a belief that God uniquely favors America. Mostly poorer Southerners they also have strong affinity for the American military and its industrial complex. In addition, author Chris Hedges has written about how they are joined by many Northern blue collar families hurting from new technology, globalization, and poor schools in seeing government as out to undermine their communities and social values. Their solace is to hope for Armageddon.



The Ron Paul File

For those Christians who can still read and have more attention than a gnat and for ANYONE who would enjoy liberty you COULD dip into some of the still available public records on the efforts of a gentleman from Texas who stands and lives for liberty, God help you if you are afraid of that!


6 thoughts on “US Constitution Trashed by Those Tares Who Claim the Name of Jesus (they’ll have anyone but Ron Paul as their King, “No thank, you very much Founding Fathers!)

  1. The one big area of disagreement with Ron Paul is war

    THAT is the reservation I have heard from those who would otherwise consider him. Also on abortion and gay marriage, I have heard that he is “soft” on those issues? What are the specifics on that if you know?

    1. Ma, I hear that all the time and I’m blue in the face telling “good” Christian folks to “READ” and “watch videos of Paul’s stands on these most important issues.
      I find that there is no excuse for them because they have computers. They can read. BUT they would rather listen to others give them their unsubstantiated charges against Ron Paul that are easily disproved if they’d just do their own thinking. 😦

      I believe I just gave the link for every question in this post. 😀

      Now it’s up to each person to stop being lazy and take responsibility. I wager most will still want to be “enlightened” in two sentences or less and that they have the attention of a gnat even if they feigned to “really”try to hear from the horse’s mouth.

      I’m about ready to “shake the dust off” here and quit even caring about these either willfully ignorant or woefully compliant followers-of other people whom they think are “smarter” than themselves-Christians or plain old Tares…………..Time is clocking along, how long do they think God will let them coast along?

      1. Good on you! Ma! But I wasn’t meaning YOU! Even though you do sometimes remind me of my daughters who think I “know it all” and having them come to me with their questions is flattering, but as you know getting it first hand yourself is the only way to really know. 😀

  2. but as you know getting it first hand yourself is the only way to really know.


    I have been looking over The Ron Paul files link and one in particular caught my attention. Why Evangelicals don’t want Ron Paul, because they WANT Armageddon….O U C H! There is so much truth to that it is scary. And when you mentioned this before about warmongering, it hit me and really made me start thinking.

    I’m afraid I’ve got a big ol’ can o worms opened up in my little end times mind that I have to deal with now

    1. “I’m afraid I’ve got a big ol’ can o worms opened up in my little end times mind that I have to deal with now”

      I’m there with you, Ma, watching is a way of life in the Kingdom of God, we’re just living out our little span upon this earthly prelude to eternity, I have to remind myself.

      My hope is to have my lamp full of oil because I surely get weary like the 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom in the parable and I take a wink quite frequently! So I have to be constantly filling up with the Spirit of God through reading the Word to be able to “watch” even while I do rest in waiting as they did.

      That parable of Jesus’ gives me comfort and assurance that He carries us all the way if we only believe, since our efforts are indeed inadequate to the job.

      The oil is “believe” the evidence is loving him obeying his commands as result of that. Believe. Sharing that with our life lived each day as if it was the last before entering into our rest of eternal life with the Saviour. No fear in any other than God.


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