Slick Hollywood KONY PsyOp Twists Peace into War Cry, That is So Sick!

100 Million views KONY How Did That Happen in a Few Days?

Getting folks on the peace wagon to raping another part of Africa, THINK please, how long will “good Christians” go along with the warmongers?

It appears that many are catching on, but those mega views of the propaganda KONA represent a massive attempt to continue the Plan to ravage the African continent yet further to enable the NWO.

I’ve read about and  loved the marvelous peoples of Africa and admired their continuance despite the modern puppet democracies and the colonial age abuses and now Bill Gates et al endeavoring to kill with vaccinations and sterilizations and GMO seeds.  Haiti the closest  people  the western hemisphere has to African roots rejected their Monsanto (Monsatan) seeds after the earthquake and burned them in massive bonfires recently, and many Kenyan parents have hidden their children from the vaccinations. It is Christian Ugandans who will die, just as it was Christian Ivory Coastians  last April who died in thousands when western backed forces ousted their duly elected leader who would not kowtow enough to colonial pillaging of their oil. Oil, oil, oil the west covets this and the gold, uranium, diamonds, and rich agricultural land. Such riches and such beauty never to be allowed to benefit their rightful citizens.

Hello! Hello! Hello! American citizens, especially those who claim Christ, wake up, stop being Idiots lead about by warmongering crooks and criminals who rob all of us and most of all take from the poorest even the little that they have. God is gonna judge us if we fall for the KONA, April 20, Hitler birthday “peace” initiative.  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”? I don’t know about that this time we may see a gathering out the tares from the wheat. I dunno……….Mass mind control……….Chills me to the bone……………

Previous Posts on the Injustices Put Upon Peoples of African Origin (Do your own research, you’ll be chilled too by how deep the genocide runs)       about toxic dumping in Africa


Hollywood hypnosis Ms Jolie spokesperson for CFR and UN called into accountability for her role in ravages against African peoples in Uganda. She is a psychic vampire, some  call her a useful idiot, but that would be the most generous thing you could with knowledge call her. The links in this last article alone will dispel any doubt that KONY 2012 is an assault upon the 3rd world peoples of Africa that would cause their blood to flow into the streets and fields that are coveted by the warmongering elite.

5 thoughts on “Slick Hollywood KONY PsyOp Twists Peace into War Cry, That is So Sick!

    1. Hi Ma,

      Pure insanity isn’t it? And so cruel hearted a position for “Christians” to support who’ll not vote for the only peace maker, Ron Paul, who is a baptist not a catholic or mormon, it just boggles the mind how brain dead most of them are and how easily soothed into acceptance of the horrors and blood that come from their flag waving “support of the troops”, PLEASE! while feeding their own children into the very mouth of Moloch! I feel like Jeremiah weeping for our heritage. 😦

  1. Hi Muse,

    Just catching up with you, I only saw this a couple of days ago on another blog which presented it in a pro-Kony 2012 perspective, so I did some looking, and came to a similar conclusion as you have here. I saw Ma’s comment about getting the anti-war people to call for war, but that part of it still kinda went over my head, my head is still reeling over all the stuff I’ve been looking at lately. Watching the clip you have up really makes that point clearer than the one that I picked which has some of the info that is in the one you have, but also shows Obama making an absurd comment about not violating the War Powers Resolution therefore he didn’t have to address any questions about violating the Constitution….sigh….both lies, yes he is violating the War Powers Resolution and yes he does need to address his violations regarding HIS OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (sorry for shouting, I got a little passionate).

    I’ll link your post with mine right now as well…my head hurts…

    1. Hi Susan!
      No need to say sorry about SHOUTING! LOL! But didn’t you know? GWBush tells us to get over it because as he sees it, “It’s just a g__ d___ piece of paper!” anyhow!

      My head hurts alot of the time too because I just happened to be born into a world that I thought made sense and the last 5 or 6 years I’ve surely found another dimension rules where clocks run backwards and black is white and up is surely down.
      But I ain’t a gonna let it get me down! Smile and know that God is watching and has the final word. 😀

  2. hi Susan

    my name is Emmanuel am from east Africa, in Nairobi-Kenya, i do live in the slum of Nairobi where i grew up, poverty have been part of me, for 26 years that i live on this cruel world that we live on. for me i don’t know any love only pain and sorrow that greedy politicians who are just there to misuse power that the common and ordinary man like me gave them through my vote. so i ask my self why should poor people/ vote


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