Factory Farm Shrimp  Also Receiving Antibiotics

There’s another reason I’ve been off shrimp and shellfish since BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve always heard that “bottom feeding” things like catfish, crabs, and shrimp were maybe eating things I would otherwise not want to consume (albeit that I do love their tastes)


This one surely doesn’t make me want any of them, it is about

“Shrimp farms in South and Southeast Asia are essentially factory farms, with all that implies — including antibiotic overuse.”

Pig MRSA Came From Humans, Evolved Via Farm Drugs

SHEESH! what can we eat? Surely we don’t want any of that “test tube beef”, iiiiiiiiiick!


2 thoughts on “Inquiries into Food Stuffs Etc.

  1. I don’t eat shrimp or fish since I’m the only one who likes it and it’s too expensive here in beef and pork country.

    iiick indeed! on the test tube beef

    1. Hi Ma!

      It is strange how all the simple things became so complicated by the modern industrial world…..and how expensive it is to just eat plain good meat! God’s bounty and man’s greed.:(

      We eat a lot of deer meat in stews and soups with whatever veggies on hand. We have so many deer here we have shared quite a lot of peas and okra with them from our garden, and they say we have about 4 times more deer here than people. Anyhow the meat is very clean and fine and pure protein, and not worried about the Bambi effect, hey they are just another cattle, free range at that. The biggest roadway danger around here is deer, I rarely travel without spotting one, so in no way is eating venison harming the population. Deer tracks, deer tracks….and they do live a great free life before they cross in front of our hunters’ bow and arrows.

      I also get free range chicken and eggs locally and what a difference their color and firm texture of meat is marvelous. The eggs are yellow orange!


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