Theory of Relativity Still Unchallenged, Einstein, it seems, may roll back over in his grave, OOPS! CERN’s “bad connection”

Whew! Wipe the sweat off my unscientific-show-me-brow. Shouldn’t they have checked their “connections” before making the premature announcement that neutrinos could be faster than the speed of light? These physicists were pretty carried away with their suspicioned observations though I give them that it is understandably what they dream to discover the universe’s secrets being the whole purpose of CERN. And frankly if they don’t find out something(s), will they be able to indefinitely keep these billion dollar experiments financed.? I think not…..Black holes, quarks, neutrinos have such fascination, but where are we going with this research, to the moon, the stars, other solar systems?

Pardon my ignorant contentment with this beautiful blue ball called Earth. I could find other uses for all that brain power that might practically help mankind. Just saying and inquiring……

Neutrinos Not Faster Than Light


Hey, they’re only human, even though their brains are “bigger”. So here are

more interesting CERN links;

Einstein ring reveals dwarf dark-matter galaxy

CERN at age 50, (written 2004, in the Economist)

CERN in a Nutshell

WOW! CERN is the parent of the World Wide Web!

This organization bears a lot of study here is a rather creepy (to me) statue that represents “what it’s all about”????

Fritjofcapra Shiva

"Shiva's Cosmic Dance" at CERN


Shiva casting shadow



Many other resources for study of CERN

I think I’m so fascinated that I’ll research a little history too, imagine this, CERN was begun at the same time the European Union (secretly) came into being!



3 thoughts on “Theory of Relativity Still Unchallenged, Einstein, it seems, may roll back over in his grave, OOPS! CERN’s “bad connection”

  1. Hi Muse,

    I’ve been seeing the interconnectedness between science and the nwo also…a really good series on youtube explains it to the smaller brained people like us, he does an excellent job if you don’t mind his Irish brogue accent (I happen to love it)


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