Paul Joseph Watson Reports Social Networks Being Monitored, Questions Intimidation

Intimidation Heavily Weighs Upon Social Media

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the ptb are very, very worried about you and me communicating and sharing information. The “parchment” is nowhere to be seen in these actions to shut up we the people. These edicts come down to us with no authority other than their capricious will to dominate us with their politically correct propaganda.

As long as we have the power to communicate, we must not be cowed and quelled into silence. Speak now, share now, they can’t long suppress the truth, it will come out, it will come out, it will come out!

If embeded video below (it is not a copyrighted one so it by rights should play, it is getting harder to share youtube videos) will not play just copy & paste this link to article.

Paul Joseph Watson asks why three seperate branches of the federal government are rushing to monitor social media 24/7.



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