Robert Gellately’s Backing Hitler, 1 in 7 Citizens “Saw Something and Said Something” to German Stasi

I own this book. My review

If you want to have a stake in your future or understand how people can allow despots to rule take time to read Gellately’s from-the-German-archives-public-records that show 1 in 7 German citizens were the eyes and ears for the Stasi informing upon their neighbors as well as their own family members. “See something, say something.”?

Today the stage is set for the United States of America to indulge in the same types of monstrosities of WWII despite our politicians, pastors, and self-righteous citizens protestations.

Evil doesn’t rule in a vacuum, it has to be invited to take over the heart through greed, revenge, jealousy, fear, selfishness, and hate.

This book is a short concise and easy to read 264 pages plus 78 pages of notes on sources. It should be read by every adult and high school student to be informed as to how and why the world allowed the Hitler Nazi regime and why we must indeed never forget the despotic nature possible in man and his affairs when the darkest traits are allowed to rule  by the abrogation of personal responsibility.  Not to be left in the dust of history this is a possible future to be miserably repeated in every generation if the warning is not taken.       materread

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Florida State University Faculty by Name/Robert-Gellately

Professor Robert Gellately;

Research Interests:
Modern European History, Germany, Russia, Holocaust and Comparative Genocide

His book, Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 (Oxford University Press, 2001), aroused international attention. That study has since been published in German, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Italian, French, Japanese and Portuguese. A special paperback edition was published and distributed by Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education for use as a textbook.

Gellately edited The Nuremberg Interviews: An American Psychiatrist’s Conversations with the Defendants and Witnesses at the Nuremberg Trials (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004). The book has thus far appeared in more than a dozen foreign languages and was the basis of a docudrama broadcast on French television in 2006.

Professor Gellately has co-edited several volumes of essays, including one with Russian specialist, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Accusatory Practices: Denunciation in Modern European History, 1789-1989 (Chicago University Press, 1997). With FSU colleague Nathan Stoltzfus he co-edited a collection called Social Outsiders in Nazi Germany (Princeton University Press, 2001) – which was translated into Turkish. And together with Ben Kiernan, Director of the Genocide Studies program at Yale, he co-edited The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2003). The latter work has since appeared in Italian.

“In this original and outstanding book, Gellately uses a wealth of new source materials, including the daily press, to examine the public face of the Nazi ‘law and order’ dictatorship, in the process contributing much to our understanding of the extent to which it basked in social consensus…. This is a genuinely important book which deserves the widest possible readership.”–Michael Burleigh, Washington and Lee University

“Superbly researched and convincingly argued, this path breaking study demonstrates that most Germans supported Hitler throughout the Nazi regime…. A crucial contribution to our understanding of the relationship between consent and coercion in modern dictatorship.”–Omer Bartov, Brown University


2 thoughts on “Robert Gellately’s Backing Hitler, 1 in 7 Citizens “Saw Something and Said Something” to German Stasi

  1. Hi Muse,

    I hear ya on this, it’s easy to get sucked into this if you have resentment or anger toward someone(s)…the devil is sure clever, isn’t he? He knows how to sucker us into his little game, where we all become his victims, through snagging us by our hatreds, our angers, our fears….all of these exhibit a lack of trusting in God. If we are hateful and angry (I am often guilty) then he has an in, to get us to want revenge… er…I mean justice…yeah, that’s the word! but the wisdom of this world is foolishness, and if we think we can get justice here we are just fooling ourselves…because there will always be a backlash, a consequence that we didn’t think about when we made that deal with the devil…yes, it was him all along, just like when he took Jesus and tried to tempt Him with all the “goodies” of this world…he did it then, and he’s still doing that now…and lots of people fall for it.

    But Jesus still offers repentance, and hope, but the hope will be for the next world. This one is pretty much trashed.

    1. Hi Susan,

      I keep getting closer (only closer not by any means attaining) to getting an understanding of this love God or love the world choice everyone of us has, just living 58 years helps, especially when I look into the mirror and see the testimony that indeed my time here has flown and, “Who IS that in that looking glass???”

      It is so ironic that God’s creation along with we made in His image have been on the downgrade at hyper drive speed while those who love the world so greedily that they’d foolishly think that they can destroy it to “create” a “better one”!!!! by denying God and turning upon their neighbor whom Jesus told us to love as ourselves! That is whacked, sad, and horribly true.

      Gellately really does a good job putting it on paper for whomsoever will learn from history.

      Sometimes I just want to scream, “Just look where these things lead and go back, don’t repeat the same old sins!” But you’re right Susan, it is always the same story, mankind falls, and God offers redemption which some will believe and it is they that we pray for until our little “vapors” go to meet Him.


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