Scientific Technology Hidden in Plain Sight, Far Down the Rabbit Hole

Documented by ABC MSNBC LATimes & more reports on Scientific Tech Blimps dating back to 1970s

Regulate sugar, take aspertame, etc. Not plesant, but hey hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich won’t save you. WAKE UP ALREADY! Life is not a movie, but truth is stranger than fiction.


Video named;  Reign of The Luciferian Psychopaths 2/3
From: TheAlexJonesChannel | Feb 2, 2012

These blimps reported by ABC and MSNBC are NOT aliens! Hello!  2004 MSNBC report on Homeland Security launching these blimps. The unmitigated ignorance of the public is amazing! Robots, Secret Space program, Soldiers microchipped, research photo of 1974 Florida Palmento Bug also known as Florida Cockroach with transister.  Drones automated control killing.  The 7 major grains are infected with genetic modified crops. Aldus Huxley UNESCO speech 1962 savoring the technological total control over humanity.

Just to introduce the subjects of “Modern Life”.



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