Newt Gingrich: Let the Record Show His Recorded Agenda

Uploaded by PatriotReview on Dec 19, 2011

This link below is a one-hour mashup of videos showing Newt Gingrich’s anti-conservative behaviour over the years.

I have broken it into separate videos AS WELL AS having this one long one. Check my channel for individual videos of each part. I’ll put some of them in as video replies.


Covers the following …

– Tolerance of abortion
– Soft on illegal immigration
– Freddie Mac
– Global Warming Taxes
– NAFTA Pusher
– Mexican Bailout
– Healthcare, Clinton get together, Mandate
– Internationalist, UN, National-Building, IMF, WTO
– Moderate, Progressive, Wilsonian
– His love for Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Woodrow Wilson
– Clinton Suck Up
– Ethics Violations
– Scozzafava
– Education Tour with Al Sharpton
– Ryan Budget
– Tiffanys
– Serial Adultery
– Alvin & Heidi Toffler Connection
– Other Misc

I thought putting everything in one video might be easier for some people.

This was sort of rushed so please tell me about any mistakes i’ve made.


Let Mr. Gingrich speak for himself. Hear his true desires spoken plainly and concisely. Spanning decades this compilation shows in his own speeches and interviews the clear globalist agenda playing out and Newt Gingrich’s major part in bringing us to our present bankrupt state of national crumbling.


2 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich: Let the Record Show His Recorded Agenda

  1. Yes, Ma, very interesting and long but I found it turned over several very helpful pieces of the nwo puzzle, now the 1000 others are making quite a bit more sense. Especially his mentor Toffler's book which I just “happened” upon in my secondhand bookstore, no accidents remember, The Third Wave.

    What makes folks tick makes for fascinating study! I'll write more on it when I fit a few more pieces together.


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