For Regina, I Remember and Thank God for Your Testimony

My dear friend Regina died of cancer about twelve years ago, she left a husband, siblings, her father, mother, and friends, but no children to remember or pass on her life’s experiences. I miss her and am reminded of her today as I read the current events stories of modern scientific programs around the world to feed and limit the global population. Those programs aren’t known by their original proud designation of Eugenics  which lost favor,

” After the world recoiled from Nazi atrocities, the American eugenics movement — its institutions and leading scientists — renamed and regrouped under the banner of an enlightened science called human genetics.”  

but there are many facets to the myths of overpopulation and limited resources that have been drilled into popular education and culture of the world.  The Edwin Black book  is the authoritative source that introduced me to this shameful assault upon mankind that began over one hundred fifty years ago and bloomed into full fury at Cold Springs Harbor, NY in research laboratories and ended up inspiring Hitler’s murderous acts in World War II.

My friend Regina was one of the last young women to be sterilized without knowledge or consent by governmental programed doctors in Birmingham, Alabama, in the early 1970s.

I knew nothing about eugenics until after her death. My husband and I met Regina and Jim  B. her huband when we were all of child bearing age in a Christian Sunday School class of about thirty couples. It was a unique place that afforded everyone in the class some degree of closeness because most were transplants from other states without benefit of extended families. As a consequence our class was a lively group discussion of Scripture and Biblical principles  with a very large portion of personal applications and sharing of the everyday events and challenges of young families with children.

We as young marrieds had long prayer requests with some very unguarded personal sharing of the details of our heart’s concerns.

Regina and Jim were in their late 20s and expressed the desire to adopt children. They told the tragic story of how she an unmarried young girl in her teens had been forced to have an abortion and had been further operated upon by the doctor in charge who sterilized her at the same time. Only afterwards was she told that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore.

Regina was a member of a large family who lived in Birmingham, Alabama, in a poor neighborhood. Her parents had divorced after having four children and they left the primary raising of them to the paternal grandparents who still had teenagers in their own household. Rather than elaborating further I think this is enough to say about their economics and familial situation. This isn’t a discursion that judges Regina’s background, economic class, education, or any other politically charged aspect of her situation. 

That Regina was born a free American but not allowed to be a whole person is the point.

It is important to me to embrace Regina’s and her husband’s plight of childlessness and unfulfilled potential as unfortunate unwilling victims of the eugenics program that is today largely unknown hidden in the dark annuls of statistical records, atrocious experiment to cleanse the “weak and infirm”  from our nation by the actions and legislation of elite minds of scientific, industrial, and political leaders whose own descendants continue to occupy these professions as the 1%.

This post was inspired by this story;

Update, January 12, 2012,
link to Alabama eugenics history;


 In 1901, Birmingham physician Richard Bankston told the Medical Association of the State of Alabama (MASA) that, “science may develop and cultivate the type best fitted to survive and perpetuate our kind.” Implicitly white, these fit people would be moral, healthy, productive citizens. Eugenics would improve Alabama society by preventing socially disruptive people from reproducing “their kind.” Doctor John E. Purdon argued that same year that sterilizing criminals offered, “the simplest and most perfect plan that can be adopted to secure the perfection of the race.” Such promises won over many Alabama physicians.

3 thoughts on “For Regina, I Remember and Thank God for Your Testimony

  1. That is sad, Muse, and probably happens more than we know, or realize. When I was young, I had 3 abortions and it is a horrible memory to carry around, but I wasn't sterilized, until later, at my own request, and all of these decisions that I made I had felt horrible about at the time, but did them anyway. Now they are painful memories. I recently found a blog that is for people that have had abortions. Most people won't admit to ever having one if they did, but millions of babies are killed every year, so, doing the math, that's alot of people that have put themselves and their children through this terrible crime. I'm thankful that Jesus is forgiving, but it still a pain in my conscience one that I'll have throughout my mortality, I think. I was afraid and made bad decisions based on fear and selfishness.

    How sad for your friend that she was forced to have this all pushed on her 😦

  2. Found a link you might find informative…he says alot of stuff I've heard you say, interesting about his views on antichrist…and legalism, and ecumenicalism, etc, it has a printable pdf version (which is what I did and took to work with me to read on my lunch break) 24 pages, but a quick read, he has a nice and easy writing style that I like.

    Anyway, hope you can check it out:

  3. Hi Susan, thank you for your comments, your courageous testimony will help many others. We all have our own load of oppressive faults and acts and thoughts that have been forgiven by our Heavenly Father because of our Lord and Saviour Jesus' blood covering our sins.

    I think our entire generation has been forced into making politically correct decisions to our hurt. So many damaged families, so much pressure to be socially responsible, as the ptb preach.

    My greatest ire is drawn froth from the insipid lukewarm mainline evangelical church leadership who are content to care for issues at the most surface level because of their 501c3 tax status and their personal holier than thou attitudes. They'd rather excommunicate sinners whose sins surface from their flocks than stand with them in repentance, healing,and confronting the institutional, educational, and political corrupted systems. Winking at sin in the church and allowing it as long as it is covered up. Hooo boy, I am ranting. It makes me so mad/sad to see the tares in charge of the reputation of the church.

    Now we're reaping what we've sowed and it is a fearful crop of consequences. My prayer is that more people from my generation will stop worrying about

    our own “rusty asses”;
    our retirement accounts,
    our medical care,
    our mobility,
    our comfort,

    and instead show our children and grandchildren, the ones who inherit the a sorry police state we've left them, that we can put their futures ahead of our “me generation” wants and needs. I also think we have just one more chance to vote for their future best instead of our self-centered concerns by voting for restoring our constitution.

    If we don't, God help them, and God will judge this USA as a nation for rejecting our progeny. (It may be too late, I know). Ninevah repented when Jonah brought the message to them.

    Yes, we have ultimate responsibility for our choices and Christ has compassion for all who are pressed and coerced into the wrong solutions. To be free from them we have to take His gift of cleansing because it isn't an automatic blanket. Then we can forgive ourselves as He forgives us. True freedom. Victory in Jesus!


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