Food & Farm Hero: John Kinsman Interview

To see this wonderful man’s story type the above title into Youtube.


3 thoughts on “Food & Farm Hero: John Kinsman Interview

  1. Great stuff, Musemater, I'm finding that I'm coming full circle, lol. When I was in the new age movement I was very liberal, politically speaking. When I became a Christian I swung completely to the other end (conservative, Rush Limbaugh supporter/listener) Now, I still retain some conservative values, but it is peppered with the Liberal values that speak on such things such as organic farming and doing things naturally without all the chemical poisons…I had to laugh when he talked about AFACT and what that stands for, ironic isn't it? It is true that these devils are making money by poisoning and robbing people, and that is indeed “a fact”, sigh.

    Thankfully, I know Jesus is greater than the devil, and devils, of this world. Thanks for that encouraging and informative clip…and the previous one too…I love that “education IS free…at the local library, duh!” so true! but it doesn't support “the system” to do it that way. Did you see the clip I had on Flutterbys about the young man in Africa who learned how to construct his own wind generators by going to his local library? Pretty cool! 🙂

  2. I titled it “Really Cool Video” (actually had forgotten to title it, but just did a few minutes ago) I had posted it on December 9, 2011. He is so humble, open, and honest, seems almost untouched by the horrid viciousness and callousness that I see in our society. Refreshing 🙂


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