Future Hope Reminder

If the world continues (I think it will!) we have many wonders to behold and our children will witness things that will make our last 100 years seem primitive indeed!

Time Passageway Books and Corridor in a Frank Lloyd Wright House 



 “a future of urbanization only makes sense if humanity is frozen technologically and that advances in transportation, energy production, manufacturing, and information technology cease to be made……………..”


” Cities are not “the best cure for our planet’s growing pains.” To find the real cure, a proper diagnosis must first be made. These growing pains are not due to “overpopulation……….”


” It is entirely possible that if we took more control over our own destiny, instead of having it dictated to us by a self-serving political clique, we could not only marshal our resources toward more inspiring pursuits, but improve our access and use of available resources in ways we never imagined………..”


” We must not only recognize the faults within this current paradigm, we must reject it and replace it entirely. We can do so in a measured sensible way and we can start today by how we choose to spend our time, money, energy, and attention. Whether you excel in technology, agriculture, art, or even martial pursuits, there are local people with whom you can connect with and begin building the world you want to live in.”

Read the rest of this thoughtful article here.

4 thoughts on “Future Hope Reminder

  1. Hi Ma, Just trying to keep it in mind, great truths that we do count, we are valued, and what we do matters.

    I hope to be positive with my eyes open and unafraid. 🙂

  2. No matter how bad things get (I personally believe it will continue to get worse by leaps and bounds) Romans 8:28 is there to remind me that God still has it under His perfect control….even though it often doesn't look like it.

    It's all going to accomplish the purposes He has already put in place since the beginning of time, and it will prove how Good and Perfect He truly is. They can kill our bodies (flesh, so what?) but they cannot kill our souls, Jesus keeps our souls protected, but our fleshy mortal bodies He doesn't really care that much about, it's just a shell. 🙂

  3. Ah yes, Susan, as I get older & therefore not as convinced of the value of the earth house I live in, I see the protective comfort Jesus enraps us with and I feel warmed and able to face the rest of my journey.

    Eyes open means to me not falling under the illusions of the corrupt world system that wants us to forget tomorrow even exists, but we have eternity to hope for and we couldn't live in the now and hold onto anything but Jesus to have the true eternal joys of being in His presence. FREE! WHEE!!!!


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