Washington Journal: Monday, December 19 | C-SPAN

Washington Journal: Monday, December 19 C-SPAN

VIP, See this above linked video, 43 minutes long explains in plain speaking:   Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law School, Law Professor

Topic: His Washington Post story “Are You Being Watched? It’s your fault,” Turley discusses the issues of surveillance and privacy and whether we are losing our privacy protections.

Update; if you can’t find video on above link; This video is also embedded at this link on Washingtonsblog;  http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/12/constitutional-expert-president-obama-says-that-he-can-kill-you-on-his-own-discretion-he-can-jail-you-indefinitely-on-his-own-discretion.html


2 thoughts on “Washington Journal: Monday, December 19 | C-SPAN

  1. Hi Musemater,

    For some reason I couldn't find the link to a video, but found the link to his article…which included this excerpt:

    “As warrantless surveillance rises, our expectations fall, allowing such surveillance to become more common. The result is a move toward limitless police powers. Those declining expectations are at the heart of the Obama administration’s argument in Jones, where it insists that the government is free to track citizens without warrants because citizens expect to be monitored.”

    Although I do agree with that statement and that we should not be nonchalant and complacent, but alert and at the ready always eyes wide open and also in prayer to our Heavenly Father about everything that we see going on, I also see this as inevitable, and that it is all going according to God's plan because it will all culminate in reaching a climax (or should I say “an all time low point”?) of complete depravity, which can only then be answered by Jesus Himself coming with the hosts of heaven to do away with all the wickedness once and for all.

    Oh happy day!

    Thanks for visiting my little blogs 🙂 I answered your last comment about the atheists hijacking Christmas….I think that in Jesus there are situations that He allows having your cake and eating it too. Jesus was with people when they celebrated, they celebrated Passover, which celebrated His death….Christmas remembers and celebrates His birth. His birth has nothing much to do with chocolates and spiced hot apple cider…but His birth was a wonderful thing and worth remembering with the things that cheer us with those happy thoughts…what a dark place this world will be when the atheists succeed in extinguishing all twinkle lights. But in the end Jesus will have the victory, and the atheists will have to see where they were absolutely wrong.

    Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill toward men!

  2. Hi Susan, happy day to you!

    It is great to be alive and becoming aware of the invisible battle ongoing over the souls of the saints and the ultimate putting down of the evils in the universe. Jesus Christ our avenger paid it all and will finish it all.

    My life being a vapor now past half spent is all the space on terra firma I have, but thank Him, eternal life awaits and in the meanwhile we have “miles to go before we sleep.”:)


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