Get Answers on the Issues, Ron Paul’s Positions

Here is a place to easily find for sharing all the answers people want about Ron Paul. Bookmark it for future.

As the presidential race heats up more and more word is getting through the main stream media strainer, but the heat will be turned up to discredit the only choice for constitutional reparation, Ron Paul is the ONLY simple clear speaking limited government choice. Muddy water will be flung at him, but I think it’s just that, not even mud, but a weak thin solution at that.

 Here’s one video link to start;
The foreign policy and support the troops angle is well answered in this video which gives a very good mini history of the 1953 onward history of our connections with Iraq, oil, and origins of today’s conflicts.


2 thoughts on “Get Answers on the Issues, Ron Paul’s Positions

  1. That was a very interesting video about our foreign policy. I would like to pass it along to some people for sure..when the time it right.

    I also watched the “One Hundred Million Dollar Penny” video in the list you linked to.

    Great bookmark, thanks!

  2. Hi Ma, glad you like the link, I thought it was more user friendly and good go to for quick updates instead of having to wade through a lot of others, there are sooo many you can get lost.


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