Past is Prologue, Some Still Remember, Yet Few Gain Wisdom

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German officials have raided the homes of six former SS soldiers suspected of taking part in the massacre of 642 French civilians in 1944, prosecutors said this week. But the investigation may not get far. Little evidence was found, and the suspects were either unfit for interrogation or denied the allegations.

Photo gallery; The German Europe

Obscuring the Past

Eurpoe Shudders at Germany’s New-Found Power

On & On & On Go The Stories of Power Struggles
as here demonstrated that the past 8 years & blood spilled in Afghanistan has been for naught but catastrophe.  
Photo gallery; Afghanistan prepares for civil war


from Latin prologus, from Greek prologos, from pro- ²
before in time or position; anterior; forward: prophase ; procephalic ; prognathous

[from Greek pro (prep) before (in time, position, rank, etc)]
+ logos discourse]  
from  Collins English Dictionary

Encyclopedia Britannica  


prefatory and supplementary pieces to a literary work, especially a verse drama. The ancient Greek prologos was of wider significance than the modern prologue, effectually taking the place of an explanatory first act. A character, often a deity, appeared on the empty stage to explain events prior to the action of the drama, which consisted mainly of a catastrophe.  

prologue   Also, pro·log.

1250–1300; Middle English prologe, prologue (< Old French prologue ) < Latin prōlogus < Greek prólogos. See pro-2 , -logue

Related forms
pro·logu·ist, pro·log·ist, noun
pro·logue·like, pro·log·like, adjective
un·pro·logued, adjective

5. preamble; beginning, opening; prelude.


“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy.” James Madison

The American Experiment is now under its greatest testing. Will The Republic stand? Will this “light upon a hill” be extinguished to bring Order Out of Chaos to serve a conterfeit light? Was it only always just a stepping stone to the endgame of the old “New World Order”? I think it was. There are double meanings in every official document, monument, and law that our founding fathers brought into existence. I hate to look upon these truths that are so painful to behold. It is certaintly not what I learned in my public schooling.

Popular information for the population and hidden in plain-sight-true-information for whomsoever has the key or the “eye” to see.

How ironic that without the unregulated freedom of the Internet World Wide Web there would be no reliable information about the events that affect the populace. Yet most people don’t even know where to research on the Internet. So the Ignorance of today IS Popular Information also known as the Main Stream Media + Entertainment and that works to keep the vast majority popularly informed of clanging pomp and circumstances and ignorant of the open workings of the shadow governing class.

Isn’t it marvelous that the need in Madison’s quotation has been fulfilled by these disingenuous Main Stream Media organs to disseminate popular information?

This is one example out of thousands of books that beg to be read but will probably not be by many because popular information crowds them out in this hurry to nowhere USA of the early 21st century.
Published November 1, 2006,
Tragedy & Farce, (How American media are failing our democracy), by the authors John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney.
Bill Moyers calls “the Paul Revere and Tom Paine of our time.”

“As this book makes clear, the problem is deeper than the administration or the right-wing echo chamber…the very structure of our conglomerated media system conspires against real journalism and, hence, against truth.”—Tim Robbins, from the Foreword

Thomas Frank called Tragedy & Farce “an appeal to reason in a dark time. ” Including the sharpest analysis of 2004 election coverage yet and the first detailed look at the burgeoning media reform movement, this book is both an exposé and a call to action. In it John Nichols and Robert McChesney—two of the country’s leading media analysts—argue that during the 2004 election and throughout the Iraq war and occupation, Americans have been starved of democracy’s oxygen: accurate information. More than anything John Kerry, George Bush, or even Karl Rove did, the media’s mis-coverage of the campaign and war decided the election. Most disturbingly, the flawed coverage reflects new, structural problems within U.S. journalism.

Tragedy and Farce dissects the media failures of recent years and show how they expose the decline in resources and standards for political journalism—as well as the methodical campaign by the political right to control the news cycle. In our highly concentrated media system it has become commercially and politically irrational to do the kind of journalism a self-governing society requires.


“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy.” James Madison


Despite knowledge though even the well informed will make the wrong choices without love of life. The past mistakes/sins of rebellion against loving God above all else and loving our neighbor as ourselves continue our miserable repetitions as a globe of people consigned to learn time and time again that;




Until the end of the age when God wraps it all up in holy justice. That is what to be fearful of, God alone. Just God. God.



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