"The End is Near!" When Chocolate Is Now Under GMO Threat!

They are going too far! Now besides having to look out for bad ingredients and additives we have the very perfect comfort food of all time going GMO!



New initiatives seek to genetically modify 70% of the global cocoa supply, highlighting the necessity for consumers to select only high-quality organic chocolate products in order to avoid this threat.

Using genetically modified cocoa tree hybrids, scientists are already spreading the news about their new ‘tastier’ modified chocolate.

The campaign to use genetically modified cocoa tree hybrids is a product of a collaboration involving the USDA, Mars chocolate manufacturer, and even IBM.

The funding for the initiative comes from Mars, involving scientists based at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Department of Agriculture and Science in addition to the inclusion of researchers working at IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Center. End Excerpt.

NO THANK YOU! Now, Sleeping Citizens, will you ‘wake up and smell the’ chocolate?


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