Touring via Links, My Interlude from Tiresome NWO

This story from Blacklisted News;  Frankfurt Group, Europe’s hit squad
The Old Opera House in Frankfurt – once Germany’s most beautiful postwar ruin and now its most stunning recreation – has become a symbol of European rebirth. And it was here, last month, that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy met the EU’s bureaucratic elite in what would, in another era, be described as a putsch. They had grown tired of eurozone summits, with leaders flying here and there but getting nowhere. A smaller group needed to be formed, who would wield power firmly but informally. That evening, as they gathered to hear Claudio Abbado conduct the Mozart Orchestra of Bologna, a new EU hit squad was born.As Silvio Berlusconi has now found out, this so-called Frankfurt Group means business. Only a few months ago, it would have been unthinkable that the head of one European government would try to destabilise or depose another.

lead me to “image search” for the Opera House

which lead me to;

Maxted Travels with Modestine, Ian and Jill’s travels, here is a picture of “Modestine”

Since retiring at age 60, through Europe and other locations beginning in 2006. Their travels in a small traveling mobile shared in their travel blog have given me a mini vicarious vacation this morning. Many thanks to them for recording their sights and impressions.

There are numerous wonderful internet passages of live experiences such as these of ordinary middle class people able to chose their pathways in exploring the wide world, in acknowledgement of this wonder of the internet bringing a bit of far away places I’m grateful. It’s always funny where I can end up when I take a “link tour”.

I followed Ian and Jill’s tours in Frankfurt, then skipped over to their Myan tour of Guatemala, then continued over to Brighton Beach, then wound it all up at their most recent tour through Morroco. Quite entertaining, and now I go back to my real world a tiny bit better refreshed and holding a tiny “other” view of events that knit all the peoples of the world together.

To cap it all I was inspired to search for Myan rugs

from NOVICA Wool tapestry, ‘Zigzag Rainbow’
because of their gorgeous colors! How’s this for a whirlwind virtual vacation complete with souvenirs? 🙂


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