Ron Paul Wins Ohio Straw Poll With 53% Of The Vote!

How are you gonna spin this main stream media?

Oh, I forgot,(tongue in cheek here), if the news is opposite to your agenda it just doesn’t MEAN anything!
How convenient for the talking heads to be reassured that “Ron Paul can’t win.”

But, Uh Oh! it’s getting harder and harder to ignore and make light of this man!

I’m out, folks I’m supporting Ron Paul for 2012!


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul Wins Ohio Straw Poll With 53% Of The Vote!

  1. I'm with you Mater. I wish more people would start catching on to his wisdom. I supported him the last election, too. Of the rest of the candidates. I think Michelle Bachmann speaks with a lot of knowledge, too; however I have heard she is part of the dominion theology group. I thought Gov. Perry might be a good candidate, but he has been disappointing, and I won't vote for Mitt Romney. I pray Jesus comes prior to any new elections.


  2. Hi Kim, it's amazing how blatantly even our “conservatives” are trying to ignore Paul's voice. He's the only one who is consistently speaks clearly about all the issues, without hesitation he fields all questions.

    I'm awaiting Jesus also, but I've got a feeling we're gonna have to just shine our candlelights and be His witnesses as long as He tarries. There are a lot of folks coming into the kingdom of God who
    are learning that He is The Way, The Truth, and The Light to eternal life.:)

    I'm not counting on any election saving us, but just as long as we have this mission I want to make my little corner a lighthouse for Him. Jesus will be done in everything, I pray.

    Let's shine!:)

  3. Hi Muse,

    I think you are right about Ron Paul, he seems to be the only straight talking guy in the bunch…although they will spin him to be a lunatic of course, because he isn't a lying SOB like the rest. But it is also true that God truly has all of it under His ultimate control and nothing happens that surprises or fools Him, and He sees it ALL, so in the end I'm not a bit concerned. We must be faithful and watch and see what He will do, and what He will do sometimes makes alot of people upset…it is painful to set a broken bone back in place, and same with a broken world, it will be a painful adjustment when He sets it all straight.


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