Follow the Money, World "Democracy", NOT, What Happened in Africa When Africans Started Banking Their Own Money

The Arab Spring, my left foot!

The long conflict in Libya has come to an end.  Regime change? Hardly. Rather, new puppet heads are being installed by the same puppeteers to be exploited more efficiently.   After the dust settles (and the impoverishment & setting back into the stoneage of the North Africans in Libya, Egypt, & Tunisia) the new heads will no doubt be more cooperative toward their NATO banker masters.

Old style African strongmen will not be tolerated. In the insane timeline of  (I hate to have to use their phraseology because I think they get a great big charge out of hearing us say it) “The New World Order”, the Age of Industry is over. Now they are on the move to eliminate a few billion useless eaters worldwide through wars, famines, and destruction to bring about their Order out of Chaos.

In the Satan possessed minds of the highest echelon of bankers and corporate holders of 80 % of the world’s riches Africa has run out of usefulness.  The sympathy angle that was used the last 50 or 60 years to elicit the churches of the world’s charity and that enabled the NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) to make sure true development was stymied in the vast majority of African nations and left the impression that the continent is incapable of running their own business. The ineptitude of those charitable missions combined with the underhanded corrupt European sponsored African leaderships of their nations has insured their downfall as independent peoples.

Talk about being set up to fail! Colonialism miraculously faded away in a quick series of withdrawals with absolutely no preparation of the peoples to self govern in the late 1950s and 1960s. The reasons given for this shedding of presence were that it was too expensive to maintain empire after the ravages of World War 2. But magnanimously the “compassionate” former colonial powers volunteered to help set up their new nations while they secured the natural resources and riches.

 It worked out very well for the ex rulers because they no longer pretended to be directly responsible for anything that occurred in Africa, they could be looked upon as benevolent givers of aid and education and financial management while they helped themselves to the choicest parts and left the undesirable problems on the plates of the newly empowered national heads.

It is well documented that the colonial age masters of Africa never really left off their domination, pillage, and raping of the Dark Continent. The history is voluminous.

The trouble began with the competition for the African wealth first by the USSR, and the rising Muslim nations, and with the entrance of China with their quest for oil, food, and fresh water. These are all in the public record. But now I will focus upon my main subject for this post of the Africans wanting to do their own banking.

Rothschilds Stage Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt To Kill Islamic Banks In Emerging North African Markets
PwP Exclusive ©Feb 9 2011
Background: Tunisia has undergone increasing economic liberalization over the last decade: In the 2010-2011 World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, it was ranked as the most competitive country in Africa, as well as the 32nd most economically competitive country globally. North Africa’s large Muslim populations are a vast business opportunity for Islamic banking and other businesses.

Jacob Rothschild, senior member of the British branch of the Rothschild dynasty

Contrary to popular belief, the world’s finances are controlled by privately-owned “central banks” masquerading as federal government banks in nearly every country in the world [The U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, ruled that The Federal Reserve (U.S.’ central bank) was privately owned in 680 F.2d 1239, LEWIS v. UNITED STATES of America, No. 80-5905].

Though it is a carefully guarded secret, the Rothschilds and their associates own most the shares in the central banks (Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence, Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing, House of Representatives, 1976, Charts 1-5) (Mullins, Eustice Secrets of the Federal Reserve 1983). With extremely little government input, the economies of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and Algeria are strictly controlled by the Rothschild’s central banks and their International Monetary Fund.


Islamic banks have been eating into Rothschild profits in the Middle East because: they don’t charge interest (Shariah Law), they are growing very rapidly among the world’s exploding Muslim populations, and (in these catastrophic economic times) they are more stable than western banks………………………………

………………………..Deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali’s son-in-law, Sakher El Materi, opened Tunisia’s first Islamic bank, Zitouna Bank, on May 26, 2010. Zitouna Bank is the first Islamic bank in the Maghreb region [North Africa]. The bank was a first step toward Ben Ali’s new program of extensive reforms, “Tunisia, a Pole for Banking Services and a Regional Financial Centre”, which would have undermined the power and the profits of the Central Bank of Tunisia (privately-owned by the Rothschilds and their associates)……………………..End Excerpt
link to February 2008 photo message board page of projects that reveals the high flown plans that were sold to the North African nations to excite them into trusting that they would be allowed to participate in the 21st century’s richest epoch. This was built up at the same time that the entire world was leveraged into over building projects and securitized  debt obligations which has today left the entire world in bankruptcy, and lead to the banker bailouts.

One of the posts said, “In 12 months a tsunami of new projects emerged. With an astronomical investments comming from the Emirates, Tunis will be within the next 20 years one of the biggest and important cities in all the mediterranean and african region as a business and financial platform .

Tunisia is small country with 10 million inhabitants well educated and very prosper ( average growth of 5.6 % per year for the last 20 years) .
Known as the Perl of The Maghreb and the Green State . Tunisia is renewing with her glorious past and with Carthage .

Stay Tuned , Tunis and Tunisia are back on the map of the NEW WORLD!
Last edited by Tounsi; February 14th, 2008

Just 2 examples of how unrealistic those hopes have proven to be here;
link that admits an 80% decrease of Spanish tourists to Tunisia this year.

and  Excerpt;
“The problems for hotels are numerous in Tunisia often built with advantages loans and to persons not in the hotel industry. The hotels are often built with too many rooms and said rooms end up being sold for next to nothing to tour companies which then results in the hotel having less money to renovate/train > standards go lower > less money > etc.

It is also important to remember that some of the hotels in Tunisia are/where owned by members of the departing regime (even Colonel Gadaffi had a couple) so bills never got paid, who was going to be brave enough to go chase the payment? This now leaves Tunisian hotels in a downward spiral over capacity, too expensive to buy for foreign investors, massive outstanding loans….and unpaid bills that are now getting enforced…….” End Excerpt

And finally here are a couple of links of the continuing deflation of the hopes of North African peoples being the free to enjoy their countries wealth and the manipulation from afar by the central bankers of the world.
Soros and U.S. Trained Activists in Libya Egypt Bahrain Syria Tunisia Etc To Kill Islamic Banking And Take Over Central Banks


4 thoughts on “Follow the Money, World "Democracy", NOT, What Happened in Africa When Africans Started Banking Their Own Money

  1. Yes, it is terrible what the Rothchilds have done in this world, if anyone group or family has “earned” hell, it would be them (I think) I think we cannot earn heaven or hell, but if anyone could I think they did, lol, if that makes sense, ha!

    I think there are people that were created for hell, and probably the Rothchilds (like Judas Escariot also was) are some of those that were specifically created to populate hell later…

  2. I am also wondering just why so many folks are unwilling to just look at anything for themselves! Surely the rat race of life is not that severe that they cannot look out for somebody else once in a while! Sheesh!

    Agree about those Rothchilds, is not one of them said to be (by some) the coming antichrist?

  3. Hmmm, not sure about the a/c there's alot of interesting contenders for that job, lol.

    What I had heard about the first Rothchild (he had changed his name to Rothchild because of the red shield with a star of David on it that he had on his sign on his shop) he was not a very nice man at all…more like a rat than a man. He reminded me of Mr. Scrooge prior to the 3 spirits visits, and his descendants have all followed his rat-like ways. Yuk!


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