10 Years of Painful Awakening from American Dream to Shame to Repentance?

I don’t often find agreement with anything in the New York Times, but this extremely short succinct article by Paul Krugman is a beginning place for all Americans who are tired and confused about the last 10 years of decline in our once free and wonderful nation of opportunities. The title; “The Years of Shame”, http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/11/the-years-of-shame/?smid=tw-NytimesKrugman&seid=auto   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This I write today for myself, so I won’t forget. I suppose and I pray that millions of Americans are examining the past 10 years today on this infamous anniversary. 

It was shortly after I voted for G. W. Bush the second time that I began to be uneasy about the distance I saw developing between the patriotic flag-waving-we’re-all-in-this-together USA citizens and the federal governmental policies and illogical solutions to justice, security, and peace (non existent for we were told that we have to be on alert, to trust no one, and to keep watching the colored terror alert level in perpetuity). I saw a callousness that dismayed and puzzled me in our second termed  president and his cabinet ministers and our senators and congressmen. I began to see their true colors.

They became distant and inaccessible, secretive, arrogant, and wiser than we about how we should change our country from the freedom loving open society I grew up in to a suspicious fearful guilty until found innocent one. We were forced to accept without knowing what was contained in it the “Patriot Act”, which effectively put us under marshal law and into a police state of shadowy rules and policies.  We accepted Guantanamo prison and watched skinny foreign men dressed (or not dressed) in orange suits living in cages with attack dogs and chains and torture.

We accepted torture. I learned in 6th grade social studies class about how inhumane and wrong the communists had been to use torture upon our soldiers, I had watched numerous movies that showed how horrible and evil the Japanese, Nazis, and Vietnamese  had in wars brutalized and mained and killed. I slowly awoke to the abject wickedness that our country’s leaders were willing to perform upon human beings. I could not reconcile learning the Geneva convention, the US Constitution,  nor the Holy Bible to these atrocities.

Dear Heavenly Father, today I pray for the awakening of the church of true believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth who call themselves conservatives who support the US government and the military to whom they have sent many sons and daughters in pride of defending this Christian nation to open their eyes to all the questions that have never been allowed to have open aired examination in our public court system and our seats of governing concerning the last 10 years of shame and decline and greed and brutality and vengeance upon whole nations who have never been judged or convicted.

Ten years is a fatiguing long time to be bludgeoned with the cry of “trust no one”.  Our church bodies who have held onto the republican party as if it was the holy grail are in confusion and are trying to correct the lurching federal government’s driving our dignity and honor into the ground with too many wars, kinetic actions, and bombings with depleted uranium (derived from plutonium enriched nuclear waste) weapons which remain in the soil and environment for centuries upon the children, wives, and old people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, amounting to at last count death tolls nearing 1.5 million.

But I think the true church needs to repent and let go of all partiality to worldly power parties and remember that friendship with the world is enmity toward God.  Stop thinking that voting in the right persons will heal our nation, no one will save America from her sins, only God will save any of us in the here and hereafter by the blood of His Only Begotten Son.

Stop compromising. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils, as best as we can we should lessen government’s powers to a minimum and leave morality to God’s authority. Stop voting for jobs. Stop voting for economic prosperity. Stop taking justice out of the hands of God, He said, “Vengeance is mine, I will recompense.” Pray for forgiveness for the “war against terror”. Pray for mercy and grace, repair and mend, become the Christian nation in every individual believer’s heart, be a citizen of an heavenly city ruled by Truth and Justice which begins at the house of God.



END THE WARS! Bring home the troops to rebuild and repair our own borders, bridges, and crumbling infrastructure for a start, then value people before power and wealth, and slash the federal government’s influence over all but the minimum written into the constitution at the beginning of the American experiment.


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