Florida Residents Can Buy EPA Licensed Antibiotics for Palm Tree Treatment, Planthoppers Killing Palm Trees

I love Florida, lived there half my life, miss it terribly, wonder what’s to become of it now that the American dream of retirement in the Florida sun is shrinking due to our economic nightmares. And now here is a blow to the head of all who have experienced the sounds and sights of palm trees swaying in the gulf breeze. http://www.theledger.com/article/20110828/NEWS/110829387?p=all&tc=pgall

Killer Insects
Planthoppers Carry Disease Affecting Lakeland Trees
By John Chambliss
Published: Sunday, August 28, 2011

 LAKELAND | A tiny insect that may have caught a ride to Central Florida from Texas is killing thousands of palm trees in the area. A disease carried in the vomit of planthopper insects is what kills the palms. So far, what’s called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline has impacted about 20 percent of the 7,826 palms owned by the city of Lakeland. The city’s palms are worth about $7 million.

The planthopper, about the size of the head of a pin, first pierces a leaf on a palm and then vomits, spreading the disease. Enzymes in the vomit breakdown the cells in the leaf so the insect can suck them up for nutrition.

The palm decline is caused by a phytoplasma, a small bacteria.

 Above article states that treatment (which does not cure) is costly,

It costs $4 for the antibiotic to treat a tree, on top of $10 for the labor, Dick said, and a tree must be treated three times a year. The antibiotic used on the palms is oxytetracycline, a drug used to treat infections in humans. It can be found at http://www.palmtreesaver.com.

 When you go to that website you find a beautiful webpage with photography of majestic palms that has this;

 How do I protect my disease susceptible palms?

Is it expensive?

Do I need a special license?

Protecting your palms is easy through the preventative injection of OTC (oxytetracycline hydrochloride) Tree Injection Formula into the trunk of the palm 3-4 times annually. It is affordable for homeowners and profitable for Commercial Arborists and Nurseries. The Tree Saver Injection Formula and patented Tree Saver Injection System has proven to be an extremely effective measure in preventing LY and TPPD and is occasionally successful in achieving remission of a palm already infected. This program was originally developed through research performed by the University of Florida.

Saving palms is inexpensive. Once some of the basic supplies are acquired, it cost roughly $7.00 per tree per year to protect it from phyotoplasma disease.

A special license is not needed to use our products! Tree Saver®operates under a Federal EPA License and a State of Florida Special Local Needs License. All commercial and residential users fall under this license and do not need any additional licensing to inject palm trees when using the Tree Saver Injection Formula and System.

Federal: EPA Est. No. 61205-FL-001

State: EPA SLN No. FL 930008

SOOOOOOOO! Am I being overly suspicious in asking whether this could be another plague to Florida that originated in the minds of greedy over intellectualized government, university, and corporate individuals? I don’t know, it could be……………………….If not there still is reason to have the doubts about any new disease or pest outbreak for man, beast, or plant as this article from 2007 documents; http://www.infowars.com/articles/military/big_profits_in_biowarfarre_research.htm

The Big Profits in Biowarfare Research
Corporate America’s Deadliest Secret

SHERWOOD ROSS | June 25, 2007

A number of major pharmaceutical corporations and biotech firms are concealing the nature of the biological warfare research work they are doing for the U.S. government.

Since their funding comes from the National Institutes of Health, the recipients are obligated under NIH guidelines to make their activities public. Not disclosing their ops raises the suspicion they may be engaged in forbidden kinds of germ warfare research. 

According to the Sunshine Project, a nonprofit arms control watchdog operating out of Austin, Texas, among corporations holding back information about their activities are:

Abbott Laboratories, BASF Plant Science, Bristol-Myers Squibb, DuPont Central Research and Development, Eli Lilly Corp., Embrex, GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffman-LaRoche, Merck & Co., Monsanto, Pfizer Inc., Schering-Plough Research Institute, and Syngenta Corp. of Switzerland. In case you didn’t know it, the White House since 9/11 has called for spending $44- billion on biological warfare research, a sum unprecedented in world history, and an obliging Congress has authorized it.

Thus, some of the deadliest pathogens known to humankind are being rekindled in hundreds of labs in pharmaceutical houses, university biology departments, and on military bases.

An international convention the U.S. signed forbids it to stockpile, manufacture or use biological weapons. But if the U.S. won’t say what’s going down in those laboratories other countries are going to assume the worst and a biowarfare arms race will be on, if it isn’t already.

Sunshine says failure to disclose operations also puts corporate employees involved in this work at risk. Only 8,500, or 16%, of the 52,000 workers employed at the top 20 U.S. biotech firms work at an NIH guidelines-compliant company, Sunshine says.

Francis Boyle, an international law authority at the University of Illinois, Champaign, says pursuant to national strategy directives adopted by Bush in 2002, the Pentagon “is now gearing up to fight and win’ biological warfare without prior public knowledge and review.” Boyle said the Pentagon’s Chemical and Biological Defense Program was revised in 2003 to endorse “first-use” strike in war. Boyle said the program includes Red Teaming, which he described as “plotting, planning, and scheming how to use biowarfare.”

Besides the big pharmaceutical houses, the biowarfare buildup is getting an enthusiastic response from academia, which sees new funds flowing from Washington’s horn of plenty. “American universities have a long history of willingly permitting their research agenda, researchers, institutes and laboratories to be co-opted, corrupted, and perverted by the Pentagon and the CIA,” Boyle says. 

Here is a website;  http://www.aaalac.org/accreditedorgs/aaalaclistall.cfm It lists 800 research labs in 34 countries.

AND; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosafety_level

AND;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agricultural_Research_Service

My point is that an awful lot of intellectuals, universities, governmental departments, and corporations who directly profit from scientific research, experimentation, and ultimately their salaries and the sales of products and pharmaceuticals equals to multi-billion $ industry. Yes, there will be corruption in any field that large, but most involved will be compartmentalized from the larger implications of their work and will for the most part be innocent of the effects upon the wider world.

So we move up to the financiers and examine their agendas to find out why and what are their goals. Watching ENDGAME again, if you haven’t yet is a good starting place.  The work of these intellectuals affects all aspects of our modern lives, even the trees we sit under.

2 thoughts on “Florida Residents Can Buy EPA Licensed Antibiotics for Palm Tree Treatment, Planthoppers Killing Palm Trees

  1. Hi Musemater,

    I've noticed alot of pines and cedar types of trees dying here in Michigan, and also in Ontario, Canada. I think it is also caused by an insect of some sort. We are seeing many plagues these days.

  2. Hi Susan, Yes, we have same here in the mid south, and also I've seen a lot of oaks dying too.:(

    Plagues, pestilences, pollutions, sheesh! Can't help but question, “Are we there yet, Heavenly Father?”


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